Strongest Commander of Interstellar Chapter 485

directly attack the root of the problem?

Lin Fan’s statement really surprised everyone.

After all, what is the strength of a Rank 2 Insect King? No one has ever seen it, so sending the fleet directly out to directly attack the root of the problem is it a bit too risky?

However, there are also sensible people, such as Li Cangqiong, Fujiwara Ayako, or Mu.

They know very well that if the First Rank Insect King can really defeat the Federation fleet, then why doesn’t he send out, but simply let the ordinary insect swarm use as cannon fodder to drag him?

Furthermore, if the First Rank Insect King is really stronger than the battle strength of the Federation fleet, then even if it is on the defensive line, can it be beaten?

Actually, the reason is very simple, but most people are more likely to fall into thinking traps.

After looking around, Lin Fan once again sighed in his heart. Sure enough, apart from these three people, although the others have little tactical problems, they are always behind them at the strategic level. One chip.

Obviously Li Cangqiong, Fujiwara Ayako, and Mu can be handsome, while the others can only be generals. Perhaps the cluster commander is the end of their military career.

“Regardless of whether the other party is waiting for the Insect King, or some other bad idea, there is only one thing we have to do, and that is…”

“Before its preparations are completed, completely kill it in the cradle!”

“Therefore, I decided to extract a Federation galaxy cluster from the Weta defense line and use the hyperspace engine The advantage of, go directly to the insect race army, go to its rear, find the First Rank Insect King, and then…”

Draw a Federation galaxy cluster, which has an impact on Weta’s defense line ?

There must be, after all, the Federation has 20% of the troops here.

However, this influence is within the controllable range, and it will not cause the entire defense line to be unable to prevent the insect race from approaching due to the reduction in force.

“Li Cangqiong!”


When Lin Fan called out his name, Li Cangqiong immediately stood up.

“Lead your first group to cooperate with the re-deployment of the staff, withdraw the fleet from the Weta defense line in turn, and set off after three days to the rear of the insect race!”

“In this battle, I will let Li Lizi follow your ship and provide you with technical support. Is there any problem?”

In fact, Lin Fan did not intend to let Li Lizi follow the ship. After all, she is Li Cangqiong. My daughter, for such a dangerous task, you let the father go, and you let your daughter go with you. It’s really unreasonable.

However, there is one thing Lin Fan did not say here. The task at this time is not just to find the First Rank Insect King and kill it. In fact, there is another purpose, that is to continue searching for the secret. The trace of mastermind, and the one who can perform this task is really Li Lizi.

Therefore, even if I am a little sorry for Li Cangqiong, Lin Fan will still issue this order.

“No problem, Marshal!”

Without any hesitation, in Li Cangqiong’s view, Lin Fan would never let Li Lizi go with him if he had a choice.

This is not because Li Lizi is her daughter, but because Li Lizi is currently one of the two strategic scientists in the Federation. However, Lin Fan still issued such an order.

Then, there must be a reason Li Lizi must go for this mission, but Lin Fan didn’t say it clearly.

For this, Li Cangqiong will definitely not have any dissatisfaction, on the contrary, he has some expectations. After all, the opportunity of father and daughter to work together is difficult to meet.

As for the danger…

On the one hand, Li Cangqiong believes that Lin Fan will not send himself to perform tasks that are uncertain. On the other hand, Li Cangqiong also believes in his own abilities. , This is also the self-confidence that a general must have!

Furthermore, even if there is any accident, I will desperately not to send Li Lizi away safely.

Not only because Li Lizi is a valuable strategic scientist of the Federation, but also because this is her own daughter!

Three days later.

In the garrison base camp behind the Weta defense line.

A huge fleet has been lined up in the sky in a neat array, which looks very spectacular!

One of the huge Titan Grade battleships is obviously the flagship of this fleet. The word “Rain Dragon” is printed on the hull shell, which is Li Cangqiong’s Rain Dragon.

In the bridge, everyone in the command team and the staff team is busy, making final preparations for the fleet’s attack.

“Commander, all fleets are ready and ready to go at any time.”

“The whole army is going!”

“Yes, commander!”


More than 50,000 light years away.

“Heniye, get ready. The vanguard of Amir and Gayasi will arrive in three months, and Alia will also arrive in half a year!”

Just as Heinier commanded the insect race of the entire galaxy group, as cannon fodder, it continued to converge towards the Weta defense line, and Albana became the emperor Insect Empress from within the spiritual network, with a more majestic voice.

My heart trembled, and I was shocked by what Alba said.

The other two princes and Alia, the queen of insect race, are all going to gather together, and are they still here?

Heniye is different from Alba. The young man did not participate in the previous Holy War, and he still didn’t understand the meaning of the worm king and all the princes coming together.

However, this does not affect the shock from the heart because of this lineup.

After all, he is such a nobody, how can he have the chance to see so many great characters at the same time?

“Yes, my emperor!”

Hainee even trembled in her voice.

“Well, in addition, if you continue to follow the current strategy, I will continue to isolate the space and try to cultivate the Imperial Family guard as much as possible before they come. Unless Alia arrives, otherwise Don’t disturb me!”

“Yes, I understand, Emperor!”

What do you mean except Alia here, don’t disturb it?

Obviously, Alba’s words meant to give the other two grand princes a slap in the face.

After all, the three insects used to be grand dukes, and Alba was still the youngest and weakest one, and now, he has evolved into the insect emperor, and is not of the same class as them.

Therefore, it is necessary to correct the cognition of the two grand princes first. For this reason, it is necessary to dismount the power!

What about the Grand Duke, I have to wait patiently when I come, until I am free and I want to meet you!

After explaining the matter, Alba cut off the connection to the spiritual network again, and Heiniye continued to command.

Through the sense sharing of the insect race on the front line, Heinier looked at the defenders on the Vita line. These days, it always feels something is wrong, but it has not been able to tell what it is.

Suddenly, as if divine light flashed, Heiniye finally thought about what it was that made him feel that there was a problem these days.


By the way, it is the quantity!

The number of human battleships is obviously missing!

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