Strongest Commander of Interstellar Chapter 486

Gal Galaxy, Tara Star Domain.

In the bridge of the Rain Dragon Titan Grade battleship, Li Cangqiong is looking at the data fed back by the space radar in front of him, browsing tightly frowns.

Yes, there is a problem!

In Li Cangqiong’s plan, it is to take advantage of Federation’s space radar technology to find some areas where there is no insect race to settle down.

After all, the insect races in the entire galaxy are flocking to the Weta defense line, and in this case, it is not difficult to find some such insect-free areas.

It should have been like this originally, but now the situation has deviated…

Within the range of 5 light-years from the 3D radar, those who were originally insect-free Insect race is constantly deploying Battle Insects nearby to fill in the areas of, even if only a few insects are placed in these areas…

Don’t look at just losing so many Battle Insects to those areas , If Li Cangqiong’s fleet went to that side, it would be useless to destroy these Battle Insects immediately, and it would be discovered.

This deployment is almost like knowing one’s own plan, and deliberately made targeted tactics, it is very headache!

And in fact it is true.

When Heinier discovered that the human fleet on the Vita line was suddenly reduced by 20%, he took this matter very seriously.

Speaking of which, if these fleets belong to the Three-Eyed Empire, Heiniye is probably disinclined to pay attention to, but if it is a human fleet, there is no way to ignore it.

A whole billion human battleship, this is enough to threaten the Insect King behind the entire insect race!

Therefore, there is also the current deployment of Heniye, which is equivalent to launching an alternative monitoring network throughout the Gal galaxy.

I have to say that Heiniye’s hand was almost seven inches above Li Cangqiong.

If the traces of the fleet are discovered, then the entire battle plan will go bankrupt. If you want to track down and kill Alba, you can only be wishful thinking!

After all, as long as Alba feels a crisis, he can leave the Gal galaxy at any time and run to other galaxies in the Myers galaxy group. At that time, finding it again is as difficult as finding a needle in a haystack. .

Therefore, Li Cangqiong must hit with one hit, and the premise of wanting to hit with one hit is a covert action. Before he makes a shot, he must not be discovered.

“Help me connect to the marshal.”

“Yes, commander!”

Looking at the space radar, there are several Battle Insects facing towards you When I move, I’m afraid that in one day’s time, my position will be within the perception range of these Battle Insects.

There is no time to hesitate. Although I don’t know whether that method will work, it’s better than waiting for the plan to fail.

It’s just that if you want to use that method, you must find the marshal to cooperate!

“Li Cangqiong, what’s the problem?”

The communication was connected, and Lin Fan’s silhouette appeared in the bridge.

“Marshal, it’s like this…”

Soon, Li Cangqiong explained the situation.

The correspondence of the insect race did not surprise Lin Fan. After all, I had never thought of keeping it secret before, but the reaction speed was indeed a bit fast.

I thought it would be able to delay a half a month for ten days, but I didn’t expect to react in just a few days and made targeted deployments.

However, this is not an unsolvable problem. At least Lin Fan has three solutions.

“I know the situation, do you have a solution?”

“There is, but the marshal needs to cooperate.”

” Oh, this is interesting, you brat say, how do you want me to cooperate?”

Lin Fan asked with interest.

Li Cangqiong’s request really surprised him. He thought it should be different from his own methods. After all, the methods he thought of did not require the defenders of the Weta defense line. Cooperate!

“I hope that the Marshal can use space illusion technology on the line of defense, and create the illusion of three battleships entering hyperspace and leaving every day!”

“It turned out to be like this, I am It’s very interesting to prepare to play psychological warfare with insect race!”

After listening, Lin Fan immediately understood what Li Cangqiong wanted to do.

In his opinion, this idea is really interesting. Once it succeeds, the effect may be surprisingly good.

But again, the probability of failure will be slightly higher than those of Lin Fan’s own thoughts.

In short, it is very valuable to give it a try.

“Hehe, I know I can’t hide it from the marshal!”

“Okay, you brat don’t shoot flattery, I agree to your request, you can start in an hour at most , Prepare yourself!”

“Yes, Marshal!”


Tens of thousands of kilometers away, there is a Heniye, who was commanding the insect race in the entire Gal galaxy without a trace, and constantly filling in the blind spots of monitoring, was suddenly stunned.

Through the sensory sharing of the frontline insect race in the mental network, it found that the human fleets that suddenly disappeared have appeared again!

Is it still a 5 billion battleship, is it because I think too much?

At this moment, Heiniye was a little suspicious of herself.

Okay, but even if I really think too much, the work these days is not completely for nothing. At least relying on a large number of ethnic groups, a monitoring network with almost no dead ends has been set up in the Gal system. Isn’t it?

Thinking about this, Heiniye’s heart suddenly feels a lot easier.


At this moment, a swirling hyperspace window was opened in the defending array of the Weta line of defense, and a Federation battleship quickly drilled Into which disappeared.

And this scene also fell into Heiniye’s eyes.

“This is?”

Hyniye, the hyperspace window, is no stranger. After all, when humans came to the Weta defense line before, they arrived from the hyperspace through the hyperspace window. , And Heiniye also read this scene from some Battle Insects before.

It’s just that Heiniye doesn’t understand where this battleship is going and what it is going to do when it suddenly opens a hyperspace window.

However, one thing is certain, that is, the place where this spaceship goes is definitely not behind the Weta defensive line, but the Worm War Zone outside the Weta defensive line!

Because, when this battleship opened the hyperspace window and left, its bow was facing the direction occupied by the insect race.

In short, although Heiniye was a little concerned, she didn’t pay much attention. After all, it was just a spaceship.

However, when most of the day passed, the same thing happened twice again. A total of three Federation battleships left the Weta defense line through the hyperspace window, and their destinations were all towards the insect. race away from the occupation zone!


In Tara Star Domain.

“Commander, those insects are getting closer and closer. According to estimates, one hour later, they find that our probability will be as high as 99.2%!”

“It’s okay, Now that the conditions are ripe, the fleet is ordered to act in accordance with the No. 1 plan!”

“Yes, commander!”

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