Strongest Commander of Interstellar Chapter 487

Weta’s defense line is still fighting fiercely, but the federation and the three-eyed empire’s coalition forces have firmly guarded the defense line, making the insect race still unable to make an inch.

And 20,000 light-years away, there is a void completely different from the Vita line of defense.

It’s empty and quiet here!

In the entire starry sky, there are only a few very ordinary Battle Insects wandering here.

Suddenly, a vortex-shaped hyperspace window was opened in the sky without warning. It was only 2AU away from the wandering Battle Insects!

Of course, this movement was immediately caught by these Battle Insects!


Fifty thousand light-years away from the Weta Line of Defense, Heiniye is passing through the Battle Insect, which is spread over the entire galaxy, and is investigating the galaxy’s In every corner, I want to find out those few human battleships that have disappeared.

Maybe it doesn’t care about one ship, but the second and third ships are like this, but it can’t keep calm anymore.

Intuition tells it that there must be a problem!

The problem is that even though the entire galaxy has been covered with surveillance networks, I still haven’t found where these battleships have gone!

Could it be that it flew out of the galaxy and went to other galaxies?

Think about it, there is a certain probability, after all, humans obviously have the technology of this crossing galaxy!


“Found it?”

As Heiniye kept thinking, suddenly, he received from the spiritual network of the insect race Here comes a piece of information.

This message is sent by the wandering Battle Insects, and the content is the human battleship that suddenly appeared!

“I thought you ran out of the Gal galaxy, where was it?”

I immediately forcibly shared the senses of those Battle Insects through the mental network.

“Sure enough, it’s a human battleship!”

When Heiniye saw the emblem on the shell of the battleship, he immediately confirmed it. This is One of the three battleships that disappeared from the Vita line before!

But the confirmation is confirmed, the question is, what exactly is this battleship going to do?

“Well, do you feel being investigated?”

Heinee, who is connected to all the senses of Battle Insect, suddenly felt a sense of being watched, and immediately understood it. , This is the human battleship scanning the surrounding void.

And those Battle Insects have obviously been discovered!


Well, there is no more then.

After discovering the Battle Insect, the battleship directly looked towards the location of the Battle Insect and launched an attack.

Under the intense spatial tearing, Battle Insect had no resistance and was torn to pieces in an instant, and Heiniye’s spiritual connection was also disconnected…


was suddenly attacked and killed all of the Battle Insects. This didn’t feel anything to Heinier. On the contrary, it believed that this was a very normal reaction mode of the opponent after discovering the Battle Insect.

Although I lost the Battle Insect, I can no longer see what the hell is happening in that battleship.

However, Heiniye already had a certain amount of speculation in her heart.

This…should be scouting?

After all, after the other party came here, he didn’t do anything, just repeatedly scanning the surrounding area.


“Come again?”

At this time, Heinier received information from the spiritual network again. Only Battle Insect, in another piece of Star Domain, found another human battleship!

As before, I quickly intervened in the senses of those Battle Insects and confirmed that the battleship is also a human battleship.

And, like the previous ship, this ship is also undergoing an all-round scan!

As a result, naturally, just as before, a few Battle Insects were discovered without any accident.

However, just when Heiniye was ready to kill the Battle Insect and disconnect the sensory connection, the human battleship did not launch an attack, but directly opened a hyperspace window. ..

Slid away!

It’s just hell!

Time…not even enough for Heniye to think further, there is information coming from the spiritual network of the insect race…

The third human battleship appears. Up!

But this time, the human battleship does not use omnidirectional scanning, but only scans the front of the battleship, and the few Battle Insects are located behind the battleship.

I didn’t seem to be aware of the existence of Battle Insect. The battleship proceeded at sub-light speed while continuing to scan the front, and after more than ten minutes, it left through the hyperspace window!

So far, all three human battleships have appeared, and each of them behaves differently. The only similarity is that the latest operations of these battleships after they appeared are all scanning and checking. Explore!

“It turned out to be like this!”

After thinking about it for a while, Hai Niye suddenly realized.

Just like the three Insect Kings will make different choices after encountering enemies.

After all, the thinking logic of each individual is different, and the choice is different, it is logical!

That’s right, it must be so!

Humans just sent a few reconnaissance ships to take a look at the deployment of troops behind us, but unfortunately, they have just set up a galaxy monitoring network without dead ends!

And the three human battleships reacted differently after encountering the Battle Insect for surveillance!

Hainiye said that he has seen the truth.

In an instant, something called a sense of accomplishment flooded its heart, making it extremely comfortable all over the body.

However, he didn’t know…


On the first human battleship, that is, a few Battle Insects In the destroyed Star Domain, a fleet of one billion battleships arrived here through hyperspace navigation!

“How about Lizi, what do you find?”

In the bridge of the Rain Dragon battleship, Li Cangqiong came to Li Lizi and asked.

Li Lizi, who is constantly operating on a console, shook the head.

“It’s okay, take your time!”


On the entire console, complex data streams keep flashing, and Li Lizi’s eyes As the data stream continues to rotate, a large amount of information is being repeatedly read and written in its brain.

Finally, after maintaining such a high-intensity work for more than ten minutes, Li Lizi finally stopped, her face full of exhaustion, making Li Cangqiong standing by her heartache.

“Let’s go, we should go to the next place!”

“Well, you go to your room and rest for a while, and I will call you when I get there! Adjutant, send Li The group leader is going to rest!”

“Yes, commander!”

Without giving Li Lizi any chance to speak, Li Cangqiong directly sent him off the bridge and let himself The adjutant watched her back to guard and rest!

Showing a little helplessness, Li Lizi finally said nothing, and after nodded towards Li Cangqiong, she walked out with his adjutant.

“The staff, continue to plan the next hyperspace voyage according to the first plan!”

“Yes, commander!”

After one minute, in In front of the fleet, the lonely battleship, that was the battleship that first killed several Battle Insects, suddenly opened a hyperspace window…

Leaves again!

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