Strongest Commander of Interstellar Chapter 488

In the blink of an eye, more than three months passed.

During these three months, the so-called human reconnaissance battleship continued to appear throughout the Gal galaxy.

Of course, every appearance was discovered “very in time” by the insect race.

Same as before, some battleships immediately destroyed the insect race after they discovered it, some fled immediately, and some very accidentally did not find the insect race and sailed under the trail of the insect race. It’s been a long time.

In the beginning, Heiniye was very concerned about the battleship situation, but the time remains the same, it is no longer interested, just to send a few more to the area where the Battle Insect was wiped out. , Filling the vacancy in the surveillance network is over.


At a distance of 80,000 light-years from the Weta line of defense, in the starry sky, two insects the size of a planet are lying in the void Among.

“Emil, this Alba is a bit too much!”

“The two of us are Insect Kings who are also grand duchess. We have been here for several days. It doesn’t even show up!”

“Even Queen Alia has never left us so cold, right?”

Garcia said loudly to Emir through the spiritual network, A look full of resentment.

Think about your grand daddy insect race, when has he been treated like this?

Even Queen Alia, never left herself in the cold and ignored her!

“Speak carefully, Garcia, don’t call the emperor’s name directly!”


I thought it was Emir Garcia, who would stand on his side and echo a few sentences, was stunned in an instant.

What is this respectful appearance?

The Emil in memory, but he wants more face than himself, okay?

“Garcia, don’t you understand?”

“What do you understand?”

“Haven’t you reconsidered why Alia Will the queen launch the second insect race Holy War for my emperor Alba at all costs?”


Although Garcia is notoriously grumpy, But it does not mean it is stupid.

After all, anyway, this is a First Rank Insect King. The level of wisdom is already at the top of the pyramid of the insect race. It is only because of his extremely irritable personality that he does not like to think more. .

But at this moment, under the reminder of Emil, Garcia immediately thought of the crux of the problem.

Yes, why did the queen launch the second insect race Holy War for Alba at all costs?

Be aware that in the first insect race Holy War, the number of Insect Kings was ten times as many as it is now. Even the First Rank Insect Kings had more than ten!

But this is the case. Insect King, who still lost 80%, won the war.

No, the claim of winning the war is somewhat incorrect. If it weren’t for the fact that the Saint-Ville Empire suddenly disappeared when it was about to win the victory, then the insect race would probably no longer exist.

And now, there has been another civilization equal to the Saint Dimension Empire, and the power of the insect race has not even recovered from the peak period of Sancheng.

In this case, Queen Alia should try to avoid fighting against this powerful civilization.

Because, there is almost no hope of victory!

But why, Queen Alia is so desperate for Alba, so she wants to launch the second insect race Holy War?

Like a mystery that cannot be seen or exported, Garcia can’t understand at all, what exactly is Alia for…

“I have a guess!”

Just as Garcia was thinking hard, Emil spoke!

“Have you ever considered a question, Queen Alia is different from all our Insect Kings, she is the only female in the entire insect race!”

” And Alba is the first male insect emperor to appear since the birth of the insect race!”

In the spiritual network, Emile said deeply.

This shocked Garcia. Six eyes that were the size of a War Star stared round.

“You said…”

“Yes, that’s what I meant, so don’t show disrespect to my emperor, otherwise Empress Alia will never Protect you, maybe even take your flag for Alba!”


At this moment, Garcia finally understands why Emil behaved like this Respectful?

The key to the original problem is here…


Just when Garcia closed his mouth and dared not complain anymore , Just over 10,000 light-years away from them.

Li Lizi is on the bridge of the Rain Dragon, repeating what she has done dozens of times during this period, searching all the abnormal spots nearby, and looking for the traces of the First Rank Insect King!


“This is?”

Quickly looking at the data stream flashing in front of me, suddenly, Li Lizi discovered Completely different data.

“Lizi, did you find it?”

Li Cangqiong, who had been standing next to Li Lizi, was very keenly aware of Li Lizi’s variety.

“I don’t know yet, but I did find something, what exactly is it, wait for me to analyze the data carefully!”


Continue to operate Using the virtual interface, the abnormal part of the data stream is extracted one after another and analyzed.

Soon ten minutes passed, and as time passed by, Li Lizi’s eyes became brighter and brighter!

“It has been determined that at a distance of 17,000 light years from us, there are two huge bio-energy reactions, the wavelength of which is similar to the third-order Insect King, but the intensity is the difference between Heaven and Earth!”

“If the biological energy response of the third-order Insect King is like a pond, then this reaction is like a river, even if it is not the First Rank Insect King, it is at least Rank 2 Insect King, and still Two!”

Stopping the movement in her hand, Li Lizi said as if talking to herself.


Li Cangqiong was taken aback for a moment, which was a little different from what he had expected.

After all, humans have captured a Tier 4 Insect King alive before, and obtained a lot of key information from it, and one of them is about the First Rank Insect King!

In the entire insect race group, there are only three First Rank Insect Kings. Just like the three kings, they all have their own territory and will not appear together!

Are these two just Rank 2 Insect Kings?

You must know that once you attack, you will completely expose your army. If it is really just two Rank 2 Insect Kings, wouldn’t it beat the grass to scare the snake?

“Record the location first, do not rush to act, we will continue to investigate according to the original plan!”

“Yes, commander!”

Slightly After thinking about it, Li Cangqiong immediately made a decision and ordered to his adjutant.

Anyway, most of the galaxy has been explored, and the entire galaxy can be explored in at most one month. There is no need to be reckless at this time.

Wait 1 month later, I really can’t detect other targets, and it’s not too late to go back and work on them.

At this time, Emil and Garcia don’t know yet…

They just got away very lucky!

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