Strongest Commander of Interstellar Chapter 497

in the sky, there are no multi-colored energy beams and energy bombs, not to mention the brutal physical projectiles!

The war of level 6 civilization, from a distance, it does not look like a war.

The only thing that can be seen is the huge insect nest passageway. One by one, energy clusters with white radiance flashing up everywhere, and then all kinds of natural phenomena in space are brought forth!

There are distortions, tears, ruptures…

And as long as the insect race Battle Insect is shrouded in it, there will only be one ending!

However, although Federation’s firepower is unmatched, the number of battleships is still too small!

Be aware that the entire fleet is now deployed in a 360-degree spherical defensive circle, which can attack the battleship at the entrance of the insect nest at the same time, even less than 10% of the cluster.

In addition, this insect nest channel is really too big, even if the fleet has been fully fired and attacked without interruption, it still cannot completely suppress the insect race!

In fact, as long as the defensive circle is abandoned and other fleets are mobilized to attack together, then it should not be difficult to completely suppress the insect race.

However, Li Cangqiong did not dare to do this!

Who knows if the insect race will open a sneak attack Rain Dragon behind itself after it has removed the defensive circle?

Moreover, I still have a killing move. It’s useless, isn’t it?

Just when Li Cangqiong was thinking about when to use the zero-point missile.

In the insect nest channel, Emil and Garcia are connected to the Battle Insect on the front line through the spiritual network of the insect race. They are constantly trembling while watching the pictures on the battlefield.

This kind of attack scene completely evokes the terrifying memory that they have sealed themselves for countless years.

That was the memory of the first Holy War. The humans in front of us used many of the same attack methods as the Saint Dimension Empire.


Such enemies, just our two First Rank Insect Kings, are basically impossible to win!

“Trash, give me a sense of clarity, the other party only has 1 billion battleships!”

Looking at the shameless appearance of the two First Rank Insect Kings, Alba is directly on the spiritual network Shouted!

Don’t I know that the opponent is so powerful that it can even rival the Saint-Ville Empire?

First Rank Insect King cannot defeat this civilization, don’t I know?

But the other party is just a billion battleship. When it’s not a Holy War, the Saint-Ville Empire’s battleship is hundreds of billions or even trillions of ships. What are you afraid of? Just use the amount to pile up. Just die them!

Have you not seen that the insect swarm has been pressed out a little bit?

After being drunk by Alba, the two insects finally became more sober.

Yes, the opponent is just a billion battleship, even if it is two insects, there is a certain chance!

The trembling stopped, stabilized the mind, and the two insects commanded again!

“This is decent!”

Seeing that Emil and Garcia are back to normal, Alba is also relaxed.

If these two guys can’t recover, they won’t be able to fight this battle. After all, they don’t have soldiers in their hands now!

“Heiniye, how long will I be there?”

The frontal battlefield was handed over to Emile and Garcia, and Alba connected to Heiniye through the spiritual network.

“My emperor, it will take about ten minutes to arrive!”


Li Cangqiong has killing move, Alba also has killing move!

Now, it depends on whose killing move is sharper!

On the battlefield, the insect race side is still tragic, but it looks tragic, but this loss is in the eyes of the two Insect Kings. The loss nowadays can’t even be compared to the root of the hair!

Finally, five minutes after the start of the war, due to insufficient firepower, it was no longer possible to suppress the insect race until it rushed to the passageway. A large number of insect races broke out of the firepower range and dispersed towards all around. Come, open like a net, and cover the defensive circle arranged by Li Cangqiong!

“The staff, immediately calculate, to re-press the insect race back into the passageway, several zero-point missiles need to be used, and where they need to be dropped!”

“Yes, command Official!”

Li Cangqiong no longer wants to wait anymore. Only by suppressing the insect race at the entrance of the passage can the limited firepower be used most effectively to give it the most damage, and once it is rushed out and spread With the same firepower, the damage is not so obvious.

Looking at his daughter who was quickly operating something in front of the console, Li Cangqiong’s right hand clenched a fist and ordered.

“Commander, the calculations have been completed. The President needs to use 8 zero-point missiles to re-suppress the insect race back to the passageway and eliminate 99% of the insect race that has spread. This is the best plan! “

“Okay, follow this plan to execute immediately!”

“Yes, commander!”

next moment, in the inner defensive circle, 8 pieces The large missile was suddenly launched from the Rain Dragon, and after flying over 1 million kilometers, it activated its own miniaturized hyperspace engine, opened a hyperspace window and quickly got into it!

“The zero-point missile will arrive in 1 second…The zero-point missile has reached the specified coordinates and is detonating!”

Insect nest passageway, the dazzling white energy of the incomparable gigantic of the eight regiment The group, instantly appeared in the void, swallowed almost all the insect race, and turned into nothingness!

When the light gradually dissipated, the area that was originally packed with Battle Insect was now empty, and only a small part of Battle Insect, who was lucky enough to be located between several killing areas, escaped.

Of course, although they escaped a catastrophe, they were all seriously injured because they enjoyed a shock wave at close range. The dying ones have completely lost their ability to move!

“The target has been destroyed, and the attack effect is estimated to be 99.93%!”

“Okay, continue to concentrate all firepower at the exit of the passage!”

“Yes, Commander!”


In the insert nest passage, Emil and Garcia were completely stunned.

This thing…isn’t it the super weapon used by the Saint-Ville Empire in the latter part of the war!

With this kind of weapon, is it impossible to rely on quantity to suppress it?

“My emperor Alba…”

“I know what you are going to say, don’t worry, I have other arrangements. You can just let Battle Insect keep attacking!”

” p>

Emil just wanted to say something when Alba interrupted him!

“Also, let your First Rank guard bugs be prepared, and cooperate with them in five minutes!”

“Yes, my emperor!”

What can Emile say, even if Alba is really going to let his guard worms do cannon fodder, he can only do it, is it possible that he can resist?

I hope Alba really has any plans!

On the battlefield, the process at the beginning of the battle was once again restored.

The Federation fleet uses powerful firepower to continuously block the exit of the insect nest passage.

Insect race is like a sea of ​​worms rushing out toward the passageway, fierce and unafraid of death.

With the passing of insect race time, this war has been unconsciously fought for more than ten minutes.

And Li Cangqiong also used seven zero-point missiles for the second time, and pressed the sea of ​​insects that had rushed out a little back into the passage again.

“Here, Emil and Garcia, immediately dispatch the king Insect Guard team!”


The latest release will be made in Alba At the same time as the order, a new insect nest channel is located on the other side of the Federation fleet defensive circle…

was opened! ! !

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