Strongest Commander of Interstellar Chapter 498

Time back to ten minutes ago!

In the Rain Dragon, protected by two layers of defensive circles, Li Lizi is widening her beautiful eyes, her face is incredible!

“This remaining energy… is actually alive!”

Speaking of which, since the Federation walked out of the Solar System and came into contact with other civilizations, it has been recorded in the database There are no 10 million civilizations in China, but 8 million.

However, this is the first time I have seen this kind of pure energy lifeform that only existed in human science fiction works. It is no wonder Li Lizi is so surprised.

“But, what should I do to communicate with him?”

Looking at the observation image provided by the Rain Dragon, the group was floating not far away from the ship. The dim energy body, even Li Lizi was a little stuck.

But when Li Lizi got stuck, the white energy body suddenly disappeared!

“If you want to communicate, you just need to do this!”

The white energy group suddenly appeared inside the bridge without warning, and slowly turned into a human form.

If Faen was here, he would definitely recognize him. Who else could he be if this is not Lin Hong?

The man looked at the girl in front of him with a kind smile.

The girl stood up and looked towards the man. The difference is that the girl’s eyes were full of curiosity.


It was supposed to be a very harmonious scene, but it was interrupted by a sudden shocking loudly.

Lin Hong who suddenly appeared was not the only one who saw Li Lizi. Li Cangqiong, who had been paying attention to her daughter, also saw it. He immediately drew out his portable gun and pointed it at Lin Hong and shouted loudly. Guard.

Suddenly, the entire bridge was in chaos. Everyone found out that there was one more person on the bridge.

The speed of the guards was very fast. In just a few seconds, a team of twelve guards on the bridge surrounded Lin Hong and raised their weapons one after another. Immediately fired and killed the situation.

“Let’s put down your weapons, these are useless to me!”

“Also, I am not malicious, this little girl has been trying to communicate with me, right? “

Lin Hong still has a smile on his face, not caring that many are aiming at his deadly weapon.

However, even though he said so, Li Cangqiong and the guards did not dare to relax in any way!

“Let’s put down the weapon, do you think the weapon in your hand will have any effect on a lifeform of pure energy form?”

“If he wants to do anything, we don’t have any Stop it!”

It was Li Lizi who spoke. Although he didn’t know much about Lin Hong’s existence, at least, he knew more than Li Cangqiong and the others.

A lifeform of pure energy form, what is the difference between the weapons in your hands and the Fire Burning Stick? No, it’s not as useful as the Fire Burning Stick yet!

“Well, those things are not threatening to you anyway, they just hold them if they like to lift them, and you just don’t see them!”

After talking for a long time, I saw Li Cangqiong and the others still did not put down their weapons, Li Lizi also sighed to Lin Hong.

“It’s okay, I don’t mind!”

“Actually, this is not my ontology now, but a small part separated from my ontology, just for. .. have a chat with you!”

As Lin Hong said, he really didn’t care about the weapons in Li Cangqiong and the others. It’s like an adult sees a few children holding toy guns. For the same reason, in Lin Hong’s view, these weapons are no different from toy guns, and there is no lethal ability at all.

“Please wait a moment, I want to add someone to this conversation, don’t you mind?”

“Lin Fan, right, not at all, speaking of which, I am also very curious about him!”

This time, it was Li Lizi’s turn to be surprised. This person actually knew the marshal!

And I don’t know why, I always feel that he and the marshal and the president have some similarities between the eyebrows. Is it my own illusion?

Well, now is not a good time to investigate these problems, Li Lizi turned her head and looked towards her father.

Li Cangqiong, who was still holding the gun, naturally understood what his daughter meant. After all, he had also heard the conversation just now.

“Adjutant, connection marshal!”

“Yes, commander!”

It didn’t take a long time. It took less than ten seconds. The communication with Lin Fan has been connected.

When Lin Fan’s silhouette appeared inside the bridge, he was a little confused.

In front of him, Li Lizi was standing face to face with a strange man, while Li Cangqiong and more than a dozen guards around him looked vigilant and pointed their guns at the man!

“Who can explain to me what is going on here first?”

“Marshal, it is like this…”

Li Cangqiong on the side After hearing Lin Fan’s words, immediately used the most concise and clear words to tell the story again!

“Let’s put down the weapon in the sky!”


“No, but this is an order!”

“Yes, Marshal!”

Looking at the crowd put down their weapons, Lin Fan looked towards Lin Hong again.

“Alphat civilization, the only 12th Rank civilization in the universe, commonly known as the ultra-restricted civilization?”

“Do you really know us?”

Lin Fan didn’t know that the mission of Ipnos could not be completed due to the interference of the ultra-restricted civilization. At that time, the system “very kindly” gave Lin Fan some information about the Alphat civilization for free, so that Lin Fan was the first Have a preliminary understanding of the ultra-restricted civilization once.

However, Lin Hong didn’t have any unexpected expressions, as if he had known this a long time ago.

However, Lin Fan is not surprised. Other people around just fry the pan directly, and every one of his chins is almost falling to the ground!

What did I hear?

Level 12 civilization, there is only one ultra-limited civilization in the universe!

Federation is only level 6 civilization. Okay, what the hell is this 12th Rank civilization?

“Lin Fan, speaking of which I am also very interested in you, after all, you should have died long ago!”

“I’m alive again, this is really I’m sorry!”

“It’s okay, I’m glad you came back to life and brought a brand new opportunity to mankind!”

“Well, although I don’t know why you I am happy about this, but I still thank you!”

After the words were over, the two of them were silent for a second, and both smiled.

A group of people haven’t come back to his senses from the shock about the transcendent civilization just now. The dialogue between Lin Hong and Lin Fan made everyone more suspicious of their IQ.

What are these two people talking about? Why do you feel that you don’t understand at all?

“Well, I don’t have much time left. Before my last energy has dissipated, it’s time to talk about business!”

Lin Hong feels that it has gradually Some unsustainable figures…

I also put a smile away and said with a serious face.

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