Strongest Commander of Interstellar Chapter 499

When it comes to business, Lin Fan is also serious.

After all, it was for this that I personally came to this Gal galaxy!

"Lin Fan, do you know what Divine Grade civilization is?"

Lin Fan shook the head, he really doesn’t know this. Among the information currently notified by the system, only The 12th Rank civilization level, and the highest is the ultra-restricted civilization. As for the Divine Grade civilization, this is the first time I have heard of the term.

"That's OK, let’s start from the beginning!"

"First of all, what you need to know is that the universe we live in is not unique, but in countless universes A very unremarkable existence."

"And what surrounds the countless universes is a huge black cavity. As for what is outside the black cavity, I don't know, maybe no one knows simply!"

"Secondly, there are also wars between these countless universes. In fact, this is the same as the relationship between galaxies and galaxies. In order to obtain more resources, the daily wars between the universes are wars. !"

"And we are lucky to be on the edge of the black cavity, according to your human words, it is the suburbs!"

"And therefore, since the Alphat civilization In the recorded hundreds of millions of years, our universe has not been invaded by the outer universe!"

"It’s just that this kind of good luck seems to be coming to an end!"

"Just Not far from our universe, a universe called black glow gave birth to a Divine Grade civilization. Then they launched a war and continuously invaded the surrounding universe. Now, they have controlled more than 30 universes. We also have only one cosmic barrier left!"

"Do you know what this means?"

absolute silence, in the entire bridge, except for Lin Fan Besides, everyone was stunned.

For them, the impact is too big.

We are still fighting a galaxy war, so you told us that the war between the universes is going on. This it too fast?

"If it cannot be resisted, then all civilizations in this universe will be slaughtered to death, right?"

"Yes, so, hundreds of thousands of years ago, we The Supreme Council of Alphat Civilization began a god-making project, which is to create a Divine Grade civilization for the universe that can withstand the black glow universe!"

"And humans, that is, you, This is our last hope!"


Hearing this, everyone took a sigh of relief. This guy is saying that he wants to make humans Divine Grade civilization?

Wait, this guy is talking about creation, right? Human beings were created by this Alphat civilization?

Li Cangqiong looked towards Lin Fan and looked towards his daughter Li Lizi, and found that they were completely different from the others in the bridge...

Other people, including Both of them were shocked, and the two of them might be a little surprised, but there was absolutely no shocked expression.

What does this mean?

It means that Lin Fan and Li Lizi have known some, maybe not all, but they must know some!

At this moment, Li Cangqiong finally understood why Lin Fan would give his daughter that kind of authorization, and why in the combat meeting, Li Lizi would say that more content could not be told to them without permission !

It turns out that the whole thing is like this...

"But I have a question, if you want to give birth to a Divine Grade civilization, why don’t you choose to promote yourself, but It must be achieved through humans?"

Just as Li Cangqiong's brain was spinning fast, Lin Fan spoke and asked a very direct question.

Yes, the universe needs a Divine Grade civilization, but as the most powerful Alphat civilization in the universe, why not try to get promoted by yourself, but it takes such a long time to choose one without guarantee The way?

"Because, we can't be promoted to Divine Grade civilization anymore!"

"Why is this?"

Lin Fan doesn't understand it, why just Can't be promoted, is there any special racial restrictions for promotion to Divine Grade civilization?

"This one needs to explain what Divine Grade civilization is!"

"Maybe you just listen to the name, you will think that Divine Grade civilization is the first one hidden behind the super civilization. Thirteenth-level civilization, however, is not like this!"

"The so-called Divine Grade civilization, you can also understand it as another form of ultra-limit civilization!"

" When a civilization becomes the super civilization of Rank 11, there are two ways to continue to be promoted. One is to allow the entire civilization to undergo the ultimate evolution, that is, to evolve into a pure energy body like our Alphat civilization, and the other One is to master all the secrets of the universe, that is, to take this path of science and technology to the extreme!"

"Obviously, our Alphat civilization made the wrong choice and evolved into a pure energy body. It was discovered that the mystery of the entire universe closed the door to us at the moment when we became an ultra-restricted civilization, that is, from that time, our technology can no longer make any progress!"

" Therefore, the Alphat civilization can no longer become the Divine Grade civilization!"

Speaking of this, Lin Hong's face showed a little bit of pain.

"I understand this, but why don’t you try to support the Rank 11 super civilization in the universe? Tell them that it’s okay not to choose race evolution, or there is no Rank 11 in the universe today. Civilization?"

"What you said, we have tried it, but unfortunately, the two super civilization races in the universe now have limited innate talent. Not surprisingly, super civilization is their limit. Now!"

At this time, Lin Hong's body became a little distorted!

"Sorry, I don’t have much time. I have two or three minutes at most. If you have any questions, please ask as soon as possible!"

I feel what I have left. Lin Hong said the energy that was about to dissipate.

"Okay, I have two more questions at the end. The first one is, who is the Alphat who has been blocking us before?"

"That guy is called Farn, Once the chief scientist of the Alphat civilization, he was later exiled for violating the iron law of civilization. The previous energy collision happened to me to stop him. Now, he has been dragged into the outer dimension by my body. , At least three to five thousand years, there is no way to make trouble!"

"And your body?"

"Yes, so if we can meet again next time, At least three to five thousand years later!"

"many thanks!"

"No, there is not much time, you should hurry up and ask the next question!"

Lin Hong shook the head, looked at Lin Fan and said.

"Okay, then I want to know, what is the relationship between humans and the Alphat civilization?"

"I knew it, you would ask this!"

Lin Hong smiled.

However, this smile makes Lin Fan feel very weird!

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