Strongest Commander of Interstellar Chapter 500

When Lin Fan asked the second question, everyone in the main bridge of the Rain Dragon looked over.

After all, everyone has been listening for so long and want to know the answer!

“The relationship between the Alphat civilization and humans? This is a bit complicated to explain. Unfortunately, time is running out. I can only pick the important ones!”

Raised his right hand.

Looking at the shape of his hand that was gradually unable to maintain his hand, Lin Hong, who had already begun to energize two fingers, frowned slightly.

“In fact, human beings are Alphat people, they are only the Alphat people of Ancient Era!”

“We have modified the genes of the Ancient Times Alphat people many times, And after planting many life seeds in the galaxy group where the Milky Way is located, I finally discovered…”

“No matter if we improve, always…”

“Perhaps, some aspects are better than the Alphat, but the limit of the race innate talent is still incomparable to the original version, which is the natural evolution of the Alphat!”

“So, Angel Race, Elf Race, and now Three-Eyes Race, these are indeed the races of the same root with different branches of your humans, but they have been genetically strengthened!”

“And humans… are the orthodox Alphat, Ancient Era!”

“This is why I say that humans are the last hope of the universe. At present, only humans have access to Opportunity for Divine Grade civilization!”

“Well, originally I wanted to tell you a few more things, but it seems that time is no longer allowed…”

Quick and simple After explaining it, Lin Hong smiled bitterly at his right hand, which had been completely energized and gradually dissipated.

“Finally, let me tell you one more thing. Your time is running out. According to our estimates, the black glow universe will be in 10,000 years at most…”

And at this moment, Lin Hong hadn’t finished speaking, and his whole body could no longer be maintained, and it suddenly dispersed into a very dim energy, and it continued to dissipate.

After only a few seconds, he was completely gone!

Li Lizi was shocked on her face, she immediately turned to the console and started to operate quickly!

“There is no trace, I can’t find it anymore!”

A few minutes later, Li Lizi stopped her movements and said dejectedly.

“It’s okay, as he said, this is just a part of his deliberately left behind, can it be understood as a trace of his ontology, right?”

“And his ontology is still alive, In the place he called the outer dimension space!” Li Lizi nodded, after listening to Lin Fan’s words, she also remembered what Lin Hong said before.

The contact at this time is of far-reaching significance to Lin Fan.

Although there are many more questions that have not been answered clearly due to time issues, several important points can already be drawn out of the answers so far!

First of all, humans were not created by higher civilizations. According to Lin Hong, humans are actually Alphat before the ultimate evolution.

Civilizations like Alphat want to resurrect a group of people through ancient genes. It’s simply nothing.

After all, let alone the Alphat civilization, even humans already have the ability to resurrect ancient creatures through fossils, right?

Secondly, according to Lin Hong’s words, until now, he is watching humans.

But now, in order to help mankind solve the trouble of Faen, Lin Hong has dragged him into the so-called outer dimension, and he will not be able to get out for at least three to five thousand years.

So, in the future, if there are people with advanced civilizations looking for trouble, mankind can only rely on itself!

The last and most important thing is the black glow universe. As Lin Hong said, human time is running out…

Time is pressing, even if It was Lin Fan who also felt the deep pressure.

Don’t look at the Federation’s only a hundred years from the third level civilization to the current level 7 civilization, but the more time it takes, the more time it takes.

Let’s talk about the level 6 to level 7 civilization. Up to now, it has been there in 50 years, and it has not been completely breakthrough. This is still on the premise that Lin Fan is opened, and the eighth level after that, What about the ninth level civilization or even the final Divine Grade civilization?

Seriously, ten thousand years have seen a lot, but when it comes to the promotion of a civilization, this time is really pitiful.

It seems that you have to speed up the pace of the federation and get more system points.

Thinking of this, Lin Fan also made up his mind.

For Lin Fan, as long as the system points are enough, it is not a problem to burst a Divine Grade civilization directly.

And how do system points come from?

War, constant war!

Sites, more sites, more resources!

“Commander, 1AU from the third Legion, a new insect nest channel has appeared!”


I was meditating in Lin Fan At that time, the command team’s voice came from the bridge, and Li Cangqiong immediately turned his head and looked towards the tactical image.

In the image frame, in the middle is a sphere composed of countless blue light spots, which is the defensive circle arranged by the cluster.

On one side of the defensive circle, there is a huge The red light group and countless red light spots are the first insect nest channel, and the Battle Insect that constantly gushes from it, and appears on the other side of the defensive circle…

Another red light cluster, although not as big as the first one, is definitely much larger than the previous one in the Milky Way!

“Let the third Legion immediately…”

“Wait a minute!”

Just when Li Cangqiong was preparing to order combat missions, Lin Fan Ended the state of contemplation and interrupted the process.

“Li Cangqiong, stop all combat missions, maintain the defensive circle and move away from the insect nest channel. When the number of insect races is large enough, use all the remaining zero-point missiles to clear the field at one time, and Return to the Vita line of defense!”

“Yes, Marshal!”

Although Li Cangqiong is completely confused, what Lin Fan is doing with this move does not mean that he Will ask questions!

In fact, let alone Li Cangqiong, no one can understand what Lin Fan is going to do!

When the new order was issued, the well-trained Federation fleet immediately took action, without any compromise!

The entire cluster maintains a spherical defensive circle. All fleets and all battleships have maintained a consistent pace and started to move!

In the new insect nest channel, a large number of insect races began to appear constantly. This is a huge insect, and its bio-energy is almost comparable to the third-order Insect King.

However, this kind of insect that looks threatening has never been seen by the Federation. Even in the data given by the Three Eyes Empire, there is no match!

Of course, all of this doesn’t matter. The appearance of the insects that I haven’t seen appeared in Li Cangqiong’s expectation, so I just opened fire!

“Command the naval gun fire angle to cover the fleet in the insect nest channel, and fire at full force!”

“Yes, commander!”

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