Strongest Commander of Interstellar Chapter 502

Although the attack has stopped, the bridge of the Rain Dragon is extremely busy, especially the staff.

Several staff officers are constantly adjusting the strike plan in accordance with the latest situation, and strive to maximize the results.

“The radar team, have you found traces of the Insect King?”

“No, Commander!”

Li Cangqiong is a little disappointed, this insect is really Be cautious, the Insect King has been here, and none of them have come out!

“Commander, you have reached the ideal state of strike, you can start!”

On the staff side, the chief of staff looked at the strike model in front of him, and suddenly his eyes lit up and turned towards Li Cangqiong’s direction report.

“Well, let’s start, transfer the strike plan to the tactical team!”

“Yes, commander!”

The entire command team is like one A precision instrument started to work.

“Zero missiles have all been unlocked…”

“The strike plan has been entered…The preparations for the launch of the zero missiles are ready!”

“Launch The transfer of power to the commander… has completed the transfer process!”

Suddenly, the entire bridge fell silent, and in front of Li Cangqiong, a virtual red button appeared, and Li Cangqiong had already lifted it. The right hand is about to press.

“Commander, found the trail of Insect King, 1, 2, 3…8, 9! There are 9 Insect Kings in total, and one of them is marked as one of the second target!”

The sudden report made Li Cangqiong’s eyes twitch fiercely, his hands tremble suddenly, and he stopped the car abruptly, only 1 cm away from the launch button!

Fortunately…I haven’t pressed it yet.

Looking at his right hand, which is still a little away from the launch button, Li Cangqiong was finally relaxed and almost missed a wave of opportunities to harvest Insect King in large quantities.

Be aware that in the staff’s strike plan, the side close to the entrance of the insect nest is not within the strike range.

After all, in order to maximize the results of the war, the targets selected by the staff are all areas that have gathered intact and crowded together with a large number of insect swarms.

If I pressed it down just now, I would have missed the opportunity to kill the nine Insect Kings perfectly!

“The staff team immediately re-planned the strike plan, and be sure to kill the 9 Insect Kings at once!”

“Yes, commander!”

However, just as Li Cangqiong gave the latest order, there was another person on the bridge frowning at the waterfall-like data flow in front of him.

While everyone was busy with the new strike plan, Li Lizi noticed a difference.

Nine Insect Kings…Among them, there are 3 fifth-order Insect Kings, 4 fourth-order Insect Kings 2 and third-order Insect Kings 2, and there is no detailed information in the remaining two databases. , After all, even with the information given by the Three-Eyed Empire, the Federation only has Insect King data from Tier 3 to Tier 5.

The most important thing is that the biological energy contained in one of the two Insect Kings is much stronger than the third-order Insect King, and the other one is positioned by Li Cangqiong. One of the number two targets is even more powerful!

Then, here comes the problem.

If judged according to normal logic, the two Insect Kings should be Rank 2 Insect King and First Rank Insect King respectively.

But if the second goal is First Rank Insect King, what is the first goal?

Could it be…

“Commander, I have important information to report!”

Thinking of this, Li Lizi no longer hesitated and turned to Li Cangqiong Said.


“You say it!”

At this point in time, what Li Lizi is going to say is definitely not simple, she knows her daughter very well Li Cangqiong of Li Cangqiong naturally understands.

It looks like something must have been discovered!

“It’s like this, just the nine Insect Kings that appeared just now, according to…”

Li Lizi is talking, Li Cangqiong is listening, but as time goes by , Li Cangqiong’s face slowly became serious.

If Li Lizi’s inferences are all correct, do you have to wait a little longer?

Waiting for the appearance of the No. 1 target?

“Commander, the new strike plan has been planned, is it implemented?”


Looking at Li Cangqiong, who was thinking, did not respond, the Chief of Staff asked again.

“Execute immediately!”

Li Cangqiong stopped thinking and said directly.

Although Li Cangqiong does not understand a Rank 2 Insect King and the emperor, he knows that all Insect Kings have the ability to open the insect nest channel!

At this time, there are already nine Insect Kings appearing here. If you hesitate, you may not have waited for the target of the suspected Insect King. Instead, you may have lost this excellent opportunity to strike. It’s not worth the loss!

“Yes, commander!”

When the order was formally issued, all members of the command team in the entire bridge became busy again.

After one minute, the familiar, red virtual launch button appeared again in front of Li Cangqiong.

This time, no one interrupted him, the right hand just pressed it down so smoothly!


At the same time, on the side of the entrance of the insect nest.

“It’s still more comfortable outside, the insect nest channel is too depressing!”

I flew out of the insect nest channel and came to Garcia outside, feeling some of this familiar space environment Later, I couldn’t help thinking so.

Although the insert nest channel is a good thing, Garcia always feels uncomfortable staying inside!

“Oh, the human beings are still retreating, Vaal, in a moment you will open the insect nest channel with me and directly intercept the human retreat route!”

Nothing else Insect King, just talked to the Rank 2 Insect King Val not far away. After all, the third to fifth Insect King alone is not enough to open the insect nest channel by relying on its own energy. It must rely on massive resources.

But now, on this battlefield, there is obviously no time for them to prepare resources.

“Yes, Lord!”

Just as the two insects were about to mobilize the energy in their bodies and opened the insect nest channel, a dazzling white radiance lit up from a distance.

“This is…not good!”

Maybe Vaal and other Insect Kings don’t know what this white radiance represents, but the first experience in the insect race How could Garcia of the Holy War not know!

Awakened by the dusty memory again, Garcia turned and looked towards the insect nest. There was no insect race in the distance and fleeing wildly. He knew better than anyone, once this kind of attack fell here, it would What kind of result…

Wacker and other Insect Kings not far away were dumbfounded when they saw Garcia turned and escaped. What is the situation?

However, where the same wave of attacks would leave him so much time.

Just as Garcia had just turned around and hadn’t flew far, a small hyperspace window suddenly opened in front of him!

Immediately, a large missile flew out of it and detonated directly after leaving the hyperspace completely!


Only in time to leave an extremely unwilling word in the spiritual network, Garcia’s huge body has been completely swallowed by the white light ball Went in.

Of course, eight other Insect Kings were also swallowed.

“Report to the commander that all zero-point missiles have successfully detonated at the predetermined coordinates, and the mission achievement rate is 100%!”

“Very good, notify all Legion, start the hyperspace engine, target, The base camp of the Vita line of defense!”

“Yes, commander!”

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