Strongest Commander of Interstellar Chapter 503

“Is this…the thing used by the Saint-Ville Empire?”

In the insert nest channel, through those outside the channel that are not covered by zero-point missiles In Battle Insect, Emil naturally saw what happened, and the whole insect body trembled.

For the scene before me, as the First Rank Insect King who had survived the first Holy War like Garcia, he naturally recognized what it was.

A simple wave of attacks was directly a lore. Garcia and the few Insect Kings he brought out of the passage were all instantly ruined, and even a wreckage could not be left!

The huge sea of ​​insects formed by countless insect swarms outside the passage lost its trace in just an instant, leaving only a few sporadic Battle Insects that were not affected, and escaped…

It’s as if this sea of ​​worms never existed before.

“Damn it, Alba should have known that humans have such weapons and deliberately let Garcia go out…”

Speaking of Emil and Garcia, they The relationship between them has always been quite good. After all, they are the only two First Rank Insect Kings who survived the first insect race Holy War. This is a very iron comradeship!

Now that Emil saw Garcia’s tragic death, Alba did not show any surprises at this weapon, so he had guessed that it had already known that humans possessed this weapon deliberately. Did not say!

What do you think of our First Rank Insect King?

However, although Emil hated it to the extreme, he did not reveal anything.

It is very clear that once you put your emotions on the surface, then you will definitely follow in Garcia’s footsteps.

The difference is that Garcia was killed by humans, and he would be killed by Alba!

“en? The humans have retreated?”

“Emil, you go out and command the subsequent swarms. Use the coordinates I gave you as the center point, and arrange a large enough The Safety Sector is coming out!”

Just as the Emir tried to control his emotions, the human fleet sailed away using hyperspace. Alba, who saw this scene, was happy at first, but then started again. Hesitated.

After all, the scene where Garcia was done has just happened, and Alba does not want to think about it.

However, Alba soon had an idea. Garcia was dead right, but isn’t there another Emir here?

What a good pair of decoys to add cannon fodder. If humans have any tricks, I believe that there will be a First Rank Insect King appearing, it will inevitably not help!

However, this command made Emil cold all over, but…

“Yes, my emperor, I will go now!”

On the surface still maintaining respect and obedience, Emil immediately started to act.

Although Alba knew that Alba was using himself as a bait to roll landmines, but Emil had no choice but to brace oneself.

Moreover, there is no trace of dissatisfaction.

Nowadays, we can only hope that human beings will really retreat, rather than having any new tricks!

With such thoughts, Emil came outside the insect nest channel…

Of course, what it worried about would not happen, because the Federation fleet is indeed Leaving, and no traps were planted.

One hour passed quickly, until Emir frightened and commanded countless swarms of insects and arranged a defensive circle with a diameter of 10AU. Then Alba flew safely from the insect nest channel. Exit, and fly quickly toward the location where the special energy was first sensed!

It’s just that its behavior is destined to be futile. The energy left by Lin Hong himself is very weak, and now it has all really dissipated, leaving no trace of it.

So no matter how Alba finds it, it is doomed to be in vain.

As time goes by, Alba has been furious.

“By the way, humans, humans must have stolen that energy just now, it must be like this!”

“This is an opportunity for me to evolve again, damn it! Humans!”


At the same time, the base camp of the Weta defense line, inside the main ship bridge of the Darkstar.

To be honest, Lin Fan is a bit tangled now.

Now the evacuation of the Three Eyes Empire will be completed in at most one month.

So by then, should I lead my army back to the Large Magellanic Cloud, or continue to stay here to collect points?

Yes, it’s the scoring. Since Lin Fan obtained some information from Lin Hong, he now has an even more urgent need for system points.

As Lin Hong said, human time is running out!

The most important thing is that, obviously, the Myers galaxy group today is definitely a holy land, that is, it will not affect the Federation, and it can have a continuous source of points.

After all, the reproductive capacity of the insect race is really not covered. Look at the Weta defense line. In the past few months, the artillery fire has not stopped for even a short while!

During this period of time, Lin Fan’s system points have been increasing crazily every moment, and there is no meaning to stop at all.

If at the current rate, Lin Fan will have enough points to redeem all the key technologies of the breakthrough seven levels of civilization in another three months at most.

Such temptation is not uncommon.

Furthermore, Lin Fan also only considers system points. You must know that the phrase “fighting enemies abroad” applies even if it is now in the age of galaxies.

If you withdraw yourself, who can guarantee that the insect race will not chase into the local group of galaxies where the Milky Way is located?

At that time, the Federation will not only need to defend one line of defense like it is now, but the entire galaxy group will have to defend 50 galaxies at the same time, countless lines of defense!

For the current military strength of the Federation, if it reaches that point, it will be absolutely catastrophic.

Even if the insect race can be defeated in the end, the Federation’s own losses will definitely be very heavy!

Therefore, to fend off the enemy abroad, it is very necessary to limit the war with the insect race to the Gal galaxy.

Only, there is another thing that makes Lin Fan hesitant, that is, the entire insect race seems to be converging towards the Myers galaxy, and even the insect king has appeared!

Don’t ask how Lin Fan knew that the first target was the insect king. At the moment when the second target, Garcia was killed by Li Cangqiong, Lin Fan received the system hint and obtained a A lot of kill points!

After all, the source system of every point is recorded!

So, as Li Lizi inferred, since the No. 2 target is the First Rank Insect King, what about the No. 1 target, which is at least hundreds of times stronger than the No. 2 target?

Naturally, it can only be the king of insects!

Speaking of the worm king, its battle strength and the insect race units that can be cultivated, so far, the Federation is still unknown.

The lack of intelligence is precisely why Lin Fan hesitated whether to start a thorough battle with the insect race in the Myers galaxy group. After all, this is a tactical taboo!

In the past, Lin Fan might evacuate without the slightest hesitation, and wait until the Federation is officially promoted to the seventh level of civilization or after finding out the details of the insect emperor, but now…

Same sentence, human time…

It’s running out!

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