Strongest Commander of Interstellar Chapter 505

The so-called fearless fleet is actually not a popular federation organization.

After all, it really needs to be calculated by the number of battleships. This fleet has a total of 10 billion battleships, which is equal to the ten fleet clusters in the Federation’s formal organization!

This is a top-secret fleet. Its battleship is manufactured without using the Federation’s battleship factory, and even the crew is not a member of the Federation with a record!

It can be said that, apart from the fleet commander, no clues can be found in the Federation from people to ships.

This is why, most of the federation executives do not know that there is such a fleet.

In fact, if you really want to check, you can still find some clues. After all, the predecessor of the fearless fleet still has some records in Federation.

Its predecessor was the First Fleet Cluster of the Large Magellanic Cloud, once stationed in Losart, one of the most secret areas of the Federation.

“Are you going to use the fearless fleet?”

Lin Zhen glanced at his son and asked in a puzzled way.

After all, this is the fleet that is one of the trump cards of the Federation. Is it too early to use it now?

In Lin Zhen’s view, the regular army of the Federation fleet is enough to deal with the insect race in the Gal galaxy, and there should be no need to dispatch a fearless fleet.

“Sure, although from the current Weta line of defense, there is no need to use the fearless fleet, but the Peak battle strength of the insect race has not yet appeared. I have to take certain precautions. If we continue With the current configuration, it is impossible to guarantee that the Queen of the Upper Insect will still have the crushing battle strength!”

“And once the battle strength cannot be crushed, it will inevitably cause a large number of Federation soldiers casualties.”

“Therefore, in the absence of information on the insect race Peak battle strength, it is the safest way to go all out!”

Lin Fan nodded explained.

“I support Marshal Lin Fan. In the absence of intelligence on the insect race, I should send the strongest force just in case. You must know that the lion fights the rabbit with all their strength. Any rival in love is possible. Cause serious consequences!”

“Federation is currently…cannot afford to lose!”

As Sanders said, maybe it’s okay for other civilizations to lose billions of battleships, but If the Federation takes a wrong step, let alone the loss of billions of battleships, even the loss of hundreds of millions of battleships will be a huge blow to the Federation.

Who makes the Federation still sparsely populated compared to other civilizations?

It can only be said that the population growth rate of Federation really cannot keep up with the rate of civilization promotion.

Although the Three-Eyes civilization has been integrated now, and because human genes are dominant for Three-Eyes Race, Angel Race or Elf Race, most of the next generation after integration All have been assimilated into Human Race, but that is also a matter of many generations later.

As far as today is concerned, the number of Human Races is still pitifully small, just worth 200 billion yuan. Even within the Federation, Human Races have become a minority race.

According to the latest statistics, after Three-Eyes Race was merged into Federation, the population of Human Race is already less than 1% of Federation’s population!

If it weren’t for genes to dominate and slowly assimilate the other three races, what the Federation said would not allow those three races to merge in.

Federation can’t afford to lose at the moment, it has directly hit the weakness of all the bigwigs, and they nodded in agreement.

It’s just that they are still very curious, what exactly is the origin of this fearless fleet, which Sanders called the strongest force?

Actually, even Sander only knows the existence of the fearless fleet, and knows that the battleship of this fleet uses far more technology than the conventional fleet of the current Federation.

However, he didn’t know how these battleships were built and where the soldiers came from.

“Okay, just do what you said!”

After all, he is not a professional in this area. Lin Zhen immediately chose to listen to the opinions of professionals. Since Lin Fan and Sang Des, the two former marshals and the current marshal said so, so let’s do it, Lin Zhen wouldn’t do stupid things like laymen commanding insiders.


The Large Magellanic Cloud, Federation Zero War Zone.

This is a War Zone that does not exist on the Federation’s paper. Even all the star systems in the zone where it resides have been erased from the Federation’s official star chart.

The entire Zero War Zone is built around Losart, radiating thousands of star systems around it, and has its own independent battleship production base.

In addition to transporting supplies and resources, it is completely disconnected from the outside world.

In the sky, a huge fleet is undergoing offensive and defensive drills, and its battleship is significantly different from the Federation’s conventional fleet.

The biggest difference seen by naked eye is that even the largest battleship here is only the size of the destroyer of the Federation, while the other battleships are even equivalent to frigates.

Since the Federation became a level four civilization, there has never been such a small battleship built, all of which are at least a general battleship in the shape of a battleship.

If you want to underestimate these battleships because of their size, you will definitely suffer.

These battleships can be said to have fully reached the late stage of the seventh level of civilization and even Peak technology. After all, whether it is the battleship production line or the battleship blueprint, even the corresponding staff are all exchanged. From Lin Fan’s system.

This is why Lin Fan and Lin Zhen want to position the fearless fleet as the top secret of the Federation.

On the one hand, this kind of thing is too shocking. On the other hand, too many things here will disrupt the normal scientific research system of the Federation. After all, the production system here comes from the system, and there are even many key components. It is a finished product that is directly exchanged in the system and does not have a complete technical system.

Therefore, it is undoubtedly the best choice to completely isolate it from the Federation fleet and hide it as one of the strongest cards.

Today, what is undergoing exercises is a squadron of the fearless fleet.

Although it is a squadron, you have to calculate by the number of battleships. That is a full billion battleships, which are already equivalent to a fleet cluster in the regular fleet.

“Report to the commander, the level 1 priority order from the military department, and the relevant documents have been sent to your terminal!”

“Got it!”

In a fleet flagship that is only equivalent to the size of a destroyer, Bi Luodis said to Lin Tian.

Although Bi Luodis and Lin Tian got together a long time ago, there is no problem in letting her be her adjutant.

According to Lin Tian’s original words to Lin Fan, that is, anyway, sister-in-law is not the same as your lieutenant after you get married, so let Bi Luodis be my lieutenant. What’s the problem?

Well, this is very reasonable.

Plus, this is the top secret of the Federation. Apart from his old fogey and big brother, who will care about him?

So, Bi Luodis became Lin Tian’s adjutant, and also the second husband and wife in the Federation fleet!

Opening the terminal, Lin Tian saw the command file with extremely high priority.

“Send orders to all squadrons to assemble in Losart within three days to participate in the war against the insect race of the Myers group of galaxies!”

“Yes, commander !”

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