Strongest Commander of Interstellar Chapter 506

Myers Group of Galaxies, Gal Galaxies, Vita Line of Defense.

The war on the front line is still raging, but the insect race is still just sending out an endless swarm of ordinary insects for an uninterrupted impact.

After all, the only thing that can pose a threat to the Federation fleet is the Imperial Family Guard. The others, even the First Rank Insect King and the Guard Swarm under his command, are just cannon fodder here!

But it is a pity that Alba’s Imperial Family Guards will be at least a few months away from the training, and Alia hasn’t arrived yet.

Therefore, Alba can only continue to use the previous strategy, relying on ordinary insects to continue to contain the human fleet in order to gain more time.

Behind the line of defense, the two clusters of Li Cangqiong and Fujiwara Ayako are taking turns to take a rest, but obviously, they are not in the mood to go to the life planet with other soldiers to relax, but choose Stayed behind in his car.

Just two days ago, Lin Fan had told the five cluster commanders that the fearless fleet was about to arrive at the Weta line of defense and take over the war against the insects.

As for what the fearless fleet is, the fearless commanders are all confused. Have you never heard of this fleet in the Federation?

When they asked Lin Fan, the answer they got was only two sentences. It was the strongest fleet of the Federation, and it was also the top secret of the Federation!

Today, no, to be more precise, there is another minute, which is the scheduled arrival time of the fearless fleet.

Both of them wanted to see with their own eyes what this fearless fleet, which the Marshal called the Federation’s strongest fleet, looked like.

After all, the clusters commanded by these two people are the elites of the Federation fleet, and they all confidently believe that the strongest fleet should be their own fleet.

No, I suddenly heard that a strongest fleet has emerged, and I must be a little unconvinced in my heart!

“Commander, here comes!”

Not far from the garrison base camp, a large number of blue vortex-shaped hyperspace windows suddenly formed, and then a large number of battleships came here. Under the stars.

It’s just that when Li Cangqiong and Fujiwara Ayako watched the battleships that were coming, they were a little confused.

Through observation, we can see that these battleships all have a beautiful streamline. In terms of appearance, they are definitely much more beautiful than the battleships used by the Federation’s regular fleet.

As for weapons and defenses, well, I can’t tell!

After all, the battleship weapons of the Federation have long been hidden, and they will only be revealed when they need to be attacked.

Of course, if it’s just these, obviously Li Cangqiong and Fujiwara Ayako will never fall into a state of bewilderment.

The point is, these battleships are too small!

Through preliminary observations, only two battleships in the entire huge fleet are the size of battleships. Among other battleships, hundreds are the size of destroyers during the third-class civilization period. The remaining nearly tens of billions of battleships are all. Only the size of a frigate!

Be aware that since the Federation’s fourth-level civilization, the multi-ship fleet formation model has been completely abandoned, and a single-ship general battleship composition has been adopted instead.

These destroyers and frigates can only be seen in the museums of the Federation.

Therefore, this fleet gives them the feeling that they are made up of antiques pulled out of a museum. How can they not make them look confused?

“Ayako, this is what the Marshal said is the strongest fleet in the Federation?”

“It should be…this kind of thing Marshal It shouldn’t be nonsense!”


The faces of the two people in the communication are full of doubts!

“Commander, the marshal wants you to access the virtual war room No. 3 right away!”

“Got it!”

At this time, the adjutant will come When he reached Li Cangqiong’s side, he said.

Similarly, Ayako Fujiwara received the same order.

As for the three who are still on the defensive line, they are commanding operations after all, Lin Fan did not issue this order to them.

Soon, Li Cangqiong and Fujiwara Ayako entered the third Conference Hall.

“Ling Tian, ​​is it you?”

After entering, Li Cangqiong immediately noticed that there was another person in the combat room besides Lin Fan.

The familiar face, the conspicuous angel wings, who else could be Lin Tian!

The former angel king, the only male angel in the race, the son of the President of the Federation, and the younger brother of Marshal Lin Fan.

Li Cangqiong couldn’t be more familiar with Lin Tian, ​​who has many prominent identities.

After all, the two have worked together for a long time.

But didn’t this guy retired from the Federation fleet after the Federation unified the galaxy and got into Bi Luodis, and has he been to the days without shame or irritation?

But now, how can it appear here?

And what he is wearing…Although the style is slightly different, it can still be seen that it is the uniform of the Federation fleet, and the rank of the four-star admiral is what the hell?

Should not…

Li Cangqiong suddenly felt that he seemed to have discovered some incredible secret!

“Okay, don’t try to guess!”

“Lin Tian is the commander of the fearless fleet, that is, the fleet that has just arrived at Weta’s defense line!”

“It’s just that because the fearless fleet until now is the top secret of the Federation, Lin Tian will leave a record of retirement on paper!”

It turns out that it is!

This makes sense, for why Lin Tian will appear here, and also has the rank of four-star general.

It’s just that Lin Tian’s explanation makes sense, but what about these small battleships in the fearless fleet?

“Marshal, about the fearless fleet…”

“Well, I know what you want to ask, the battleship in the fearless fleet is too small? It looks like a museum. Antique battleship? Is that so?”

Lin Fan laughed, knowing that Li Cangqiong would ask this.

After all, according to the current Federation technology, it is really impossible to understand these battleships in the fearless fleet.


Lin Fan said that Li Cangqiong didn’t know what to say.

“Don’t hesitate, I can tell you something, all battleships in the fearless fleet use the latest technology, especially the space technology has reached a very high level!”

“Therefore, don’t look at the battleship’s small size, only the size of a frigate. In fact, through the latest space technology, the interior of these battleships will not be smaller than battleships!”

” Whether it is firepower or defense, the battleship of the fearless fleet is much better than the conventional fleet!”

Stunned, not only Li Cangqiong was stunned, but Fujiwara Ayako was also stunned.

Can you do this?

Since the fourth level of civilization, battleships have been made bigger and bigger, but from now on, is it going to become smaller and smaller?

This space technology is simply destroying the three views!

“Well, let you come today, mainly to talk about the change of defense arrangements between the fearless fleet and you.”

The combat meeting did not last long, after all, the entire change of defense Lin Fan had already had a draft of the plan, and it was basically just arranging tasks.

The time for the change of defense has also been officially determined…

Just ten days later!

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