Strongest Commander of Interstellar Chapter 507

Ten days have passed in a blink of an eye.

On the Weta defense line, 3 Federation fleet clusters are scattered among dozens of defense zones, constantly releasing powerful and incomparable attacks.

Of course, there is also a 50 billion three-eyed empire battleship to assist, but they don’t see a chance of attack all day long, and the whole process is like watching a movie.

No way, who would let them shoot too close, if it weren’t for in order to guard against the unexpected, they might not even need to play!

“It’s today, the so-called fearless fleet!”

At this moment, Carol’s face is full of fatigue, watching Dennis and Shangguan Yunting in the communication. Said.

As one of Lin Fan’s earliest team, even though it has been strengthened by the intermediate gene strengthening medicine, but for ten days and nights, without a second of rest, she is a little overwhelmed in commanding the whole process. .

“Yes, it is today, but I have never heard of this fleet. I only know that the number of battleships is as high as tens of billions, and the commander is Lin Tian, ​​who should have retired.”


Shangguan Yun Ting is also nodded, but then shook the head again.

The fearless fleet is so mysterious!

“Attention, here comes!”

At this time, Dennis yelled to the two of them.

The angle of view is switched to behind the line of defense.

A large number of blue super space channels are constantly opening in the sky, and a large number of battleships are arriving, but…

Like Li Cangqiong and Fujiwara Ayako, the three front-line players The commander was also stunned.



Only one battleship?

Well, there were originally two ships, but one of them was changed to Lin Fan. After all, this battleship is much stronger than the dark star produced by the seventh-level civilization Early-Stage!

However, because the technology surpasses the Federation too much nowadays, it is very expensive to exchange points for several core components. After the two ships were built, Lin Fan was reluctant to build a third one, and these two ships The battleship was also just completed, and Lin Tian brought them all together.

In short, the three of them were dumbfounded. What the hell is this large group of destroyers?

“Commander, received a message from the fearless fleet!”


“We are about to carry out a fire attack, all The fleet immediately retreats at this opportunity, and the Vita line of defense will be taken over by our fearless fleet!”

“Are you sure you read it right?”

Shangguan Yun Ting asked the communication with some suspicion. The leader of the group, and the leader of the distribution group is shook the head.

In his opinion, even if there are a large number of frigates and destroyers, their firepower is still too weak, not even as good as one-tenth of the number of general-purpose battleships, right?

With such a small body, I am afraid that even a sect master gun level weapon can’t be installed!

Cover our retreat?

What kind of cover do you take?

This is not a fool!

“Transmits the news to them, and confirm again if the order is…”

“Commander, the fearless fleet is on fire!”

It’s in Shangguan Yun When Ting was about to let the communication team contact the so-called fearless fleet to confirm the order, she was interrupted by the adjutant.

No, it may be incorrect to say that it was interrupted by the adjutant, because at the same time the adjutant shouted out, Shangguan Yunting had already shut her mouth and stopped, staring blankly through the bridge porthole. To the front.

Even if the distance is a full 2AU, it can still be clearly seen that the entire void is a sharp contraction wherever the eye can reach, although it is not long, immediately He recovered, but Shangguan Yunting was sure that he had never read it wrong!

This visual sense is a bit like the moment when it once entered a transition, as if the entire space was contracted and stretched infinitely.

What the hell is this?

Should not…

Suddenly, Shangguan Yunting, who thought of something, suddenly turned his head and looked towards the tactical image on the side.

The countless areas composed of red dots that originally represented the insect race in the screen are disappearing in patches. In just three seconds, no one can be seen in the screen. red is marked as hostile.

“Commander, another message from the fearless fleet asks us to evacuate from the Weta defense line immediately!”

“Execute the order! At the same time, contact the fleet of the Three Eyes Empire to let them and Let’s withdraw together!”

“Yes, commander!”

Shangguan Yunting didn’t hesitate anymore this time.

Just kidding, people have helped you clear up the insect race you want, how can you hesitate?

At the same time, the flagship of the fearless fleet, Union.

“The space compression gun is launched, the radius of action is 3.8AU, and the recharge is 180 minutes countdown!”

“The friendly forces began to retreat, and it is expected that they will all be within the Weta defense line after 12 minutes Withdraw!”

“The estimated time for the insect race to re-arrive to the defense line at 3AU is 37 minutes!”

In the bridge, after a while A burst of reports are constantly spreading from the various positions of the command team.

Everyone is like a machine, even the voice is cold and emotionless.

“Speaking of which, I always find it very strange, how do you train people to be like this, without emotion, like a machine?”

Biladis is frowned , Asked.

“Well, I don’t know, it’s all the manpower my brother sent me over, and it’s not my training, don’t you know it too!”

Damn it, Am I going to tell you that these are all biochemicals?

Lin Tian’s heart is frantically complaining.

Speaking of which, these biochemical people are good everywhere, but they are too cold.

In normal times, although emotional reaction is a little slow, but there are still some expressions, but once they enter the combat position, they immediately become like machines, almost without emotion at all.


When Bi Luodis saw Lin Tian, ​​she didn’t say anything, so she stopped asking. She was not the kind of hopelessly muddled person.

Furthermore, in fact, she also knows that the fearless fleet itself is the top secret of the Federation, and these crew members must also have special features, but she has no right to know for the time being.

Anyway, no matter what is special, these crew members are indeed very good during the war!

And myself, as long as I continue to do my job as an adjutant, I don’t know what I shouldn’t know, and it’s nothing.

“Tell all squadron commanders to immediately fill in the vacant positions in all defense areas after the withdrawal of all friendly forces according to the first plan, and rebuild the defense line!”



Tens of thousands of light-years away, the Emir, who succeeded Heinier and commanded all the insect races of the Myers galaxy group, naturally saw just now That wave of attacks!

Familiar… can’t be familiar anymore!

After all, there was once Insect King who was killed by this weapon of the Saint Dimension Empire!

But there is something wrong. The similar weapons of the Saint-Ville Empire were used as fixed defensive platforms. After all, the size of this weapon is too large to be on board!

But what about humans?

Not only is it on the ship, but is it still such a small battleship?

In other words, human technology is already stronger than the former Saint Dimension Empire?

If this is the case…

Can my plan be implemented?

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