Strongest Commander of Interstellar Chapter 508

Yes, Emil has a plan in his mind, a plan that is very rebellious.

Although the absolute obedience of insect race to the class system is deeply imprinted in its genes, as it continues to evolve, this absolute obedience will gradually become indifferent.

And those who can evolve to the level of First Rank Insect King, although they still fear the emperor, they are no longer what Battle Insect does to Insect King.

Simply put, it is that the emperor does not do anything extraordinary. First Rank Insect King generally does not give birth to rebellious thoughts. After all, although the obedience factor in the gene is weak, there are still some of.

But if the emperor goes too far, it’s hard to say…

Obviously, Alba’s previous approach was out of line, and he directly regarded the First Rank Insect King as a Battle. The use of Insect directly led to Garcia’s tragic death.

Since then, Emile has felt that if he continues to stay here and obey Alba’s instructions, then one day he will be directly abandoned like Garcia!

Although Emil didn’t show anything on the surface at the time, certain thoughts would quickly take root once they appeared, and they could no longer be removed.


“Commander, all 39 defense zones have been replaced!”


Regarding Bi Luodis’ report, Lin Tian didn’t even lift his head, still operating his terminal, seeming to be inquiring about something.

In this regard, Bi Luodis just stood quietly on the side and said nothing.

A few minutes later, Lin Tian raised his head.

“Help me calculate, according to the current impact of insect race, how much battleship is needed to ensure that the line of defense can be perfectly supported under the rotation system?”

“According to our fearless fleet Strength, in fact, each defense zone only needs 100 million battleships to hold on, 39 defense zones is 3.9 billion battleships, plus the rotation system, a total of 7.8 billion battleships are required, and this is under the condition of not using the zero-point series of weapons. !”

As soon as I calculated it slightly in my mind, Bi Luodis came to the conclusion immediately.

“That means…I still have 2.2 billion battleships to use, right?”


“Okay, Leave 1.2 billion battleships as a reserve fleet just in case, and the remaining 1 billion battleships will go out with the Union!”

Hearing this, Bi Luodis knows, Lin Tian, ​​this is an old problem. I committed it again, I have to do something to be happy!

“Commander, if the Union is gone, who will command the Vita line?”

“Are you still asking? Of course it is Lin Kexin. This girl is several decades old. It’s time for people to be alone. After all, her innate talent for the big Legion battle is definitely much higher than Lin Yu. Of course, it would be better if that stinky mouth could be changed!”

Speaking of this, Lin Tian couldn’t help but think of his niece who was full of dirty words with a mouthful of an old lady.

Some helplessly shook the head.

“Well, what is our goal?”

“Of course it is!”

Lin Tianyi waved his hand, he was watching in the terminal before A piece of information from was directly magnified and projected in front of the two of them.

This information is about Li Cangqiong’s actions in the previous few months.

And some of them were highlighted by Lin Tian, ​​about the No. 1 target in a top-secret combat mission!

“Do you want to?”

“Are you sure? According to the intelligence, the No. 1 target is likely to be of the Sovereign level, and there is a whole area around it. There are a trillion unknown insect species, and the biological energy contained in each of them is comparable to the third-order Insect King!”

Biladis is frowned, I feel that this is not very reliable and dangerous. The ingredients are too big!

“Watch here!”

Looking at Bi Luodis frowning, Lin Tian turned the information to another place, which also had the key marks he had drawn.


“Yes, it is cocoon!”

Lin Tian is nodded.

“According to the mission report and the inference of the follow-up research team, the trillions of unknown insect species are probably still in the cocoon state.”

“This can also explain why These insects did not participate in the battle. It can also explain why insect race until now is just using ordinary insect swarms to contain us!”


After taking a breath, Bi Luodis’s face was full of shock.

Before Lin Tian talked about it, he really didn’t think about this, but now, when I think about it, it seems that it is indeed the case!

No wonder Lin Tian has to fight this battle!

Instead of sticking to the Vita line of defense and waiting for these terrifying insects to break out of the cocoon and attack us, it is better to take advantage of the cocoon when they are still a cocoon and suddenly attack them and kill them all in the baby.

“So, according to my speculation, there are two possible causes of insect race’s current weird behavior!”

“first, as I just said, the suspected insect king Target One is cultivating a large number of powerful new insect species.”

“Second, the insect race is waiting for the strong support of the alien group.”

“No matter what the reason, The ordinary insect swarms that are constantly attacking our line of defense should all be cannon fodder-like roles, just to contain us on the Weta line of defense!”

“Therefore, what we have to do It’s very simple. Send a cavalry to ensure the stability of the Weta line of defense, and wipe out all the new insect species before they become a threat to us!”

“Our actions must be fast , After all, no one knows when those new insect species will emerge from the cocoon!”

“Withdraw the fleet I need within one day, and we will set off tomorrow!”

“Yes, Commander!”

“Wait, call Lin Kexin for me!”


After one minute, With the connection of the communication, Lin Kexin’s pretty silhouette appeared in the bridge of the Union.

“Commander, is there any mission?”

“Well, I will take a squadron to leave the Weta line of defense for a secret combat mission. In the meantime, I need you to afford the defense of the entire Weta line of defense!”

“Are you sure it’s me?”

“Let’s stop talking nonsense. The 101st special fleet has been confiscated!”

“Okay, you must do it, you are not afraid that my old lady will ruin your family property!”

Aside, look at the strange pair Uncle and niece, Bi Luodis couldn’t hold on anymore, she just covered her mouth and laughed!

Since Lin Kexin came, Lin Tian was even more capable than Lin Fan.

Because he knows…

This girl with a mouthful of an old lady and full of swear words is actually an extremely father-in-law!

And the 101 special fleet with the same serial number as the first fleet commanded by Lin Fan’s resume has a soft spot!

And the reason why she relied on the position of the Seventh Squadron and refused to be promoted, a large part of the reason is because this 101 special fleet belongs to the Seventh Squadron.

So, as soon as I heard Lin Tian threatened the 101st special fleet…

Someone immediately persuaded!

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