Strongest Commander of Interstellar Chapter 509

“We will leave the line of defense to you. If something goes wrong, I will remove the 101st Special Fleet designation when I come back!”

One day later , Lin Tian once again threatened Lin Kexin before leaving.

“Let’s go, let’s go, what can happen to my old lady here!”

In contrast, Lin Kexin waved his hand without showing weakness, his face full of disgust.

Lin Tian didn’t care about her, so he cut off the communication and ordered the fleet to set off.

“How long will the advance team arrive?”

In the colorful hyperspace, the fleet is moving forward quickly, Lin Tian asked from the bridge.

“It is expected to arrive in two hours, but the advance fleet only has 1 million battleships. Ask them to ensure the landing area of ​​the main fleet and stick to it for an hour. Is it a bit risky?”

Si always feels that Lin Tian’s plan is a bit too risky, although the battleship of the fearless fleet is very strong, very strong!

But after Li Cangqiong’s previous battle, the area around the No. 1 target must be full of insect race.

In this case, just let 1 million battleship take the lead, not only to ensure a huge Safety Sector for the arrival of the main fleet, but also to hold on for an entire hour, it is really difficult for some strong people!

“No, that’s good. If the number of advance teams is too large, it will easily cause the No. 1 target to be alert. If you escape, it won’t be fun!”

“Right. , Is the space disrupting device okay, right?” Lin Tian asked again when he suddenly thought of something.

Speaking of space disrupting devices, it is also one of the main scientific research achievements of the Three Eyes Empire.

It is precisely because of the space disturbance device that the insect race cannot use the insect nest channel to directly cross the Weta defense line to the rear of the Three-Eyed Empire.

But this thing not only covers a small area, but it is also too easy to break. Basically, it can no longer withstand the backlash and damage of the space after it lasts for about three days. It needs to be replaced constantly.

At that time, the Three-Eyed Empire had been suppressed by the insect race and only one Star Domain remained. The resources and production capacity were very limited. Therefore, all the output could only supply the Weta defense line.

In addition, if you want to cover such a large line of defense with a cross-cut face, the number required is really an astronomical number, until the Federation acquires this technology from the Three-Eyed Empire…

“Theoretically, there is no problem, but after all, I haven’t tested the high-level Insect King. The specific situation can only be known after actual combat.”

Just like Bi Luodis said, although Federation has acquired relevant technologies and made certain improvements, and even used degenerate materials to make the core, making it almost not afraid of backlash in space.

But after all, I haven’t tested it with the insect race. Even if I have confidence, I can’t say that there is no problem.

“It’s okay, even if there are any problems, the most is to let the No. 1 target escape. Anyway, it is only the secondary target of our battle. The main target is still the cocoons of the new insect species, as long as they are eliminated They just do it!”

“As for the number one goal, let it go, it’s the best if you can get rid of it. If you can’t get rid of it, then it’s the same to look for opportunities in the future!”

Although said That’s what I said, but in fact, Lin Tian is still very confident in this device. After all, although Bai Zixuan has a bad temper, as long as it is something he made, there really is no problem!

After finishing speaking, Lin Tian entered a state of closing his eyes and meditation. Before the battle, he needed to make sure that his brain was in the best state.

Speaking of which, Lin Tian today is really different from several decades ago. He used to be…

Well, that kind of thing is too I won’t talk about ruining the three views.

It wasn’t until after having a steward wife like Bi Luodis, that Lin Tian…

Sure enough, as the saying goes, a man won’t be sensible until he gets married. That’s right.

Just when Lin Tian was conserving strength and store up energy, time passed quickly. Soon, 2 hours passed.

It is still the S7216 region of the Gal galaxy, and it is now named Werner Star Domain by the Federation.

In the sky, there are Battle Insect everywhere. This density is even more terrifying than the insect sea on the Weta line of defense.

It seems that Li Cangqiong really scared Alba the previous time.

Of course, this situation has long been expected by Lin Tian and Bi Luodis. Just as the shield cannot be used during the transition, the shield cannot be used during hyperspace navigation, but it is not that it cannot be activated. , But because when navigating in hyperspace, a special force field must be opened to isolate the special radiation.

In such an environment, as long as the battleship appears, it will inevitably be attacked by the insect race group. There is a high probability that the Battle Insect will break through the shell and enter the ship before it has time to activate the shield.

A blue vortex-shaped hyperspace window opened in the dark void without warning, and instantly affected thousands of Battle Insects crowded together.

However, the hyperspace window is quite overbearing. After all, it is something that even the hyperspace can open a hole and prevent the space wall membrane from repairing itself in a short time.

As far as the body of the insect race is concerned, as long as it touches this vortex-shaped window, it will be strangled instantly, and even the wreckage will not be left behind.

There are more than a thousand Battle Insects. As this vortex-shaped hyperspace window opens and gradually expands, they are all swallowed directly, and there is no time for screaming…

Although, there is no sound in space!

However, after a few seconds, what emerged from this hyperspace window was not a battleship, but a missile.

Yes, it is a missile, but this missile is a bit special, and its official name is the Zero Point Missile!

Battle Insect did not have much command, and immediately rushed towards the position of the zero missile in groups.

Although the hyperspace window does clear a piece of space when it is opened, it is only a small piece of space. The time it takes for the surrounding Battle Insect to pounce on the zero-point missile is absolutely No more than 3 seconds!

In the first second, the hyperspace window started to close.

In the second second, the hyperspace window was completely closed.

In the third second, the insect race has already jumped in front of the zero missile. The one closest to it has even opened its ugly mouth, biting towards the zero missile.

But after all, it cannot be bitten, because…

At this time, the zero-point missile was detonated!

A huge white light group, flashing with dazzling white glow, is constantly expanding, expanding, expanding…

Finally, it expanded to 5AU and a half catty. The insect race that was swallowed was completely erased from this universe in an instant!

After the huge white light disappeared.

The huge area filled with insects just now…

Now it’s like it has just been cleaned up, and even a fragment of an asteroid can’t be found!

At this time, millions of hyperspace windows bloom once again under this starry sky.

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