Strongest Commander of Interstellar Chapter 513

In hyperspace.

There are still ten minutes before the fleet exits hyperspace.

At the same time, after nearly half an hour of onslaught, the advance fleet also expanded the Safety Sector to a radius of 5.2 AU, which was even a little bit beyond Lin Tian’s original requirements.

Similarly, with the expansion of the Safety Sector, the area of ​​the entire defensive line is also expanding, and the final result is…

The delicate balance reappears, killing the insect The speed of race is almost the same as the speed added by Battle Insect, and the battle line is deadlocked again!

However, this is not a problem for Lin Tian.

After all, for an advance fleet of just one million battleships, this is already a pretty good job.

As for the rest, just leave it to the main force!


Tens of thousands of light years away, a certain insect is watching every move on the battlefield through the insect race spiritual network, perhaps even more than Alba Come, we must be more attentive.

“How did humans achieve the impact of almost reaching the speed of light?”

You must know that this is not through a jump or Space Teleportation, but a real approach to the speed of light.

Although insect race is a biological civilization and does not take the road of science and technology, how can Emil lived so long, he has seen too many civilizations, and destroyed too many civilizations.

Therefore, there is still such a basic common sense!

That is the true superluminal speed does not exist!

Of course, this is based on the civilization of the highest level seven, after all, it has never seen a higher civilization.

As far as the so-called super-light speeds known to Amir are concerned, they are actually not super-light speeds in the true sense, but take shortcuts.

Whether it is a jump, Space Teleportation, or the latest hyperspace navigation of mankind, although it can be called super-light speed, it is not in the true sense.

Strictly speaking, these technologies are all shortcuts, that is, through tricks, to achieve a result that exceeds the speed of light, not a process!

And just now, the kind of weird weapons used by humans, if they read it right, is infinitely close to the speed of light.

This should have happened impossible, but it really happened before my eyes.

For the Emil, the shock that humans have given it recently is too much, and it makes him feel even weaker when facing humans than when facing the Saint-Ville Empire.

But powerlessness returns to powerlessness. This is not a better explanation. Is human beings the most suitable target for that plan?

It’s just that how to establish contact with humans is a pretty big problem!

Emil thought with a headache.


At the same time, in the insect nest channel.

Looking at his huge swarm of insects being crushed and beaten by just one million battleships, Alba did not look angry, but calmly thought about the countermeasures, and he really thought of it. A way!

“At present, human beings are crushing insect race to 30 million kilometers away. Do they only need to control the insect swarm to actively dodge it?”

“After all, This strange weapon of the other party did not exceed the speed of light, but 099 times the speed of light.”

“So, even if it has the speed of light, it still takes a full 100 seconds to reach when it launches an offensive. In front of the insect race, after all, even the speed of light is only 300,000 kilometers per second!”

“The most important thing is that the opponent’s armed forces are not advancing at 0.99 times the speed of light. With the ability to maneuver, once you start, you can only go straight to the end!”

“And I have more than 100 seconds to control this swarm of insects to get out of the impact path?”

I have to say that Alba is still very smart, and in just a short while, he has seen the Achilles’ heel of the impact ship.

Yes, very deadly!

Since I have already thought of it, do it right away and try it out first.

Alba immediately controlled a swarm of insects through the spiritual network of the insect race. On the opposite side of this swarm, more than 20 impact ships have already taken action, Golden Cudgel style The afterimage appeared in the void again.

“It’s now!”

A large number of instructions were immediately sent out along the spiritual network of the insect race.

Under Alba’s personal command, all the Battle Insects in the entire insect swarm suddenly became like trained soldiers, and the linkage between insects and insects was orderly.

Can you imagine that in a Battle Insect swarm with megabytes as a unit, the insects adjust their positions one after another, without any collision?

It’s almost the same as the Federation fleet when it changed its formation.

Soon, more than a minute passed, and more than 20 bodies that were continuously elongated were instantly submerged in the insect swarm, and continued to extend until it reached from the other end of the insect swarm. Drill out.

No atomization appeared…

Nor was there a large number of Battle Insect fragments swayed in the void…


In a fearless-class battleship operating these shock fleets.

“Captain, according to the assessment of the battlefield, the attack effect of this attack on the fleet is zero!”

“Impossible, too outrageous, recalculate!”

“Yes, the captain…the recalculation is complete, the strike effect is still zero!”

“Show me the observation image, let me see the actual strike effect!”


Soon, an image was projected into the bridge.

After tens of seconds, the captain finally understood why the strike effect was zero!

At the moment after the impact ship set off, the entire insect swarm began to variety, and until one minute later, in the insect swarm, there have been twenty-four insect swarms with a diameter of about 100,000 kilometers. Channel.

Yes, it’s the channel, nothing!

After that, the twenty-four impact ships were like tourist sightseeing, entering from one end of the vacant passage of the insect race, and then exiting from the other end. They ran away lonely and didn’t get anything.

“Captain, the swarms are beginning to press up!”

It was originally a very delicate balance, so that the entire front was stabilized in this position, and no one could continue forward. Advance, even if it is one step.

However, this balance is fragile after all. As long as any party makes a mistake, even if it is only once, the other party can use this opportunity to instantly push it up!

Obviously, this wave of assault ships missed and gave the insect race an excellent opportunity!

“Captain, it is obvious that the insect race has grasped the weakness of our assault ship. Should we retreat slowly while maintaining firepower?”

“No, once we retreat It will affect the arrival of the main fleet, and all insects must be suppressed here!”


The captain waved his hand and organized his men to continue talking. .

“Needless to say, we will not only not backtrack, but also meet up.”

“Don’t the insect race use the weakness of our impact ship to avoid it?”


“Then we will get close enough that they have no time to evade.”

“Activate the phase shield, battleship seventh speed, the super large swarm in front of the target! “

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