Strongest Commander of Interstellar Chapter 515

The report of the communications officer is not surprising.

Void communication technology, which is one of the typical seven-level civilization iconic technologies, basically can achieve communication without delay in the entire universe.

And being able to send messages to oneself with this technology means that the other party is also at least 7th level civilization!

How to make Lin Tian not surprised, and how to make him not vigilant.

“Transfer the message content to my terminal immediately!”

“Yes, commander!”

Only three seconds later, Lin Tian was already in the terminal Inside received and opened this sudden message.

It’s just that after he watched it for a few seconds, his face became more and more strange.

At least level seven civilization is nonsense!

This is actually a message sent to me by an insect, do you dare to believe it?

Lin Tian, ​​with a weird complexion, keeps complaining…

The object of sending the news to him is not only an insect, but also a bug!

Look at what was said above?

Not to mention human beings as adults, but also took the initiative to lead the way for the king and provide the exact location of the insect king.

This is not a bug, what is a bug?

Void pinched the document and threw it to the side, and the entire communication content was immediately revealed in front of Bi Luodis.

“What do you think?”

After more than ten seconds, looking at Bi Luodis, whose face had also become weird, Lin Tian asked.

“I think…there is value to try!”

“As far as our strength is concerned, even if it is a trap, we are sure to retire!”

“Furthermore, there is no need for the entire fleet to go. Arrange a squad to deal with it!”

Bi Luodis spread her hands and said.

In her opinion, such a big temptation can be solved by just one squad, why not try?

Successful, the benefits needless to say.

Even if it is really a trap and fails, it should be able to retreat with the hyperspace engine and phase shield.

Moreover, even if something really goes wrong, the loss is at most one squad!

Although there has been almost no battle damage in the Federation since the fourth level of civilization, you can never say that because you are afraid of losing a squad and ten battleships, you can give up a victory in one fell swoop and let the pre-war end early. Right?

The commander of the army, but never the Holy Mother!

“Well, it’s almost as I thought, but we don’t have a suitable device here. After all, according to the message, the emperor is currently captured in the insect nest channel.”

“However, the ten battleships are still too few. In case of emergency, they may not be able to deal with it independently. Contact Qin Kexin and ask her to transfer the 101 special fleet over!”

“101 special fleet? Wouldn’t it be too much?”

Bi Luodis was a little surprised!

Speaking of Lin Kexin’s 101 special fleet, there are not many battleships, only one million trifling.

But compared to what I said, sending a squad and ten battleships to go, but the number has been increased by a hundred thousand times!

Obviously, this man in his own family is ready to do something again!

Bi Luodis gave Lin Tian a deep look.

Yes, Bi Luodis was not wrong at all. Lin Tian is ready to do something, and he is still ready to engage in a major event…

Lin Tian is ready to catch the insect emperor alive !

“Commander, there is still one minute before the launch of hyperspace!”

As Lin Tian kept thinking about how to catch the insect king alive, the report from the helmsman It was temporarily interrupted.

“Prepare the entire fleet for battle. Once exiting hyperspace, support the advance fleet according to the directions planned by each department!”

“Yes, commander!”


After giving the order, Lin Tian stretched out his hand to prop up his chin, as if thinking about something.

A few seconds later, he raised his head again and continued to speak.

“Tell the advance fleet to gradually weaken its firepower and recover all impact ships, and then gradually retreat!”

“At the same time, after the arrival of the main fleet, the use of impact ships is also not allowed. The battleship is only allowed to show half of its firepower!”

How could Bi Luodis not know the meaning of this order.

It’s nothing more than not wanting to scare away the No. 1 target because of the arrival of the main fleet.

sighed, he understands that this man has made up his mind and cannot stop it.

I just hope everything goes well!

“Understand, Commander!”

Just half a minute before the arrival of the main fleet, a group of battleships in the advance fleet began to reclaim the impact ships, and continued according to Lin Tian’s orders. Reduce firepower.

With the “misfire” of naval guns after another, finally, the advance fleet can no longer suppress the insect race, and can’t help but retreat again and again, the battle seems…


Alba, in the insect nest passage, watched this scene through the insect race spiritual network in a daze.

“Is it because the energy is insufficient?”

“Yes, the last time the human fleet retreated after an hour of fighting, and this time it happened to be one Hours!”

“Does the human battleship leave the Weta line of defense and can only maintain one hour of high-intensity combat after losing logistical supplies?”

“If this is the case.. .”

Alba seemed to have discovered the truth. He compared the declining firepower of these human battleships with the previous one by Li Cangqiong, and suddenly “woke up”!

Sure enough, there is something in common, and this common point is one hour!

If Lin Heaven knows this, I will definitely complain. When I made this arrangement, I didn’t consider the previous Li Cangqiong’s time. Okay, you really think!

However, in any case, Alba’s thinking is already active.

It seems…

You don’t have to run?

And can you keep these Imperial Family guard bugs?

On the battlefield, all the battleships of the advance fleet are constantly accelerating and retreating. In just over ten seconds, the insect race has pushed the battle line forward for hundreds of thousands of kilometers, almost equivalent. to The speed at which the swarm was advancing at full speed.

However, just as all the insect swarms were advancing frantically, numerous blue vortex-like hyperspace windows suddenly appeared in the Safety Sector secured by the advance fleet.

In the next moment, within the radius of 2.5AU, there will be a fearless battleship!

This made Alba a little dumbfounded. The previous one million battleship had beaten his subordinates so that they could not take care of themselves. Now this whole billion battleship is what the hell?

But dumbfounded, there is no fear. After all, I just discovered the “weakness” of human battleship, right?

It’s nothing more than using the insect pile again, and pile it up until the opponent’s energy is exhausted.

Anyway, the most under my command is Battle Insect, even if they are all standing there for humans to slaughter, without about a year, humans will definitely not be able to slaughter all the insect races in the Myers galaxy group!

However, there is one thing that must be done first, which is to retreat the swarms, after a sufficient distance, expand the limit of the contact surface between the two sides, and then start the war again!

After all, the current AU area is too small. The opponent can divide the billion battleship into several waves and rotate them one after another.

If this is the case, then he will not be able to make the other party into an energy crisis at all.

Just do it!

Suddenly, Alba sent the order through the spiritual network of the insect race!

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