Strongest Commander of Interstellar Chapter 517

One after another space oscillating device, after rigorous calculations, was deployed at the entrance of the insect nest.

At this time, Alba’s entire face seemed to be black.

What about the imperial family guard?

Why did you mess with the insect nest channel you are in?

Moreover, what are these things for?

In short, no matter what these devices are deployed by human beings, they are definitely not good things anyway.

Of course, Alba did not wait for death, but mobilized all the insect swarms around the insect nest passage to attack the 101 special fleet.

However, 1 million fearless-class battleships, plus the defense area is much smaller than the previous advance fleet. With full firepower, the insect race will never be able to cross. thunder pool.

The outer line of defense was fierce, and 100,000 battleships were placed inside to block the passage. As long as Alba dared to get out of it, he would definitely be bombarded instantly, and there was no chance of escape.

And a large number of mechas are still busy. After all, this insect nest channel opened by the insect emperor himself is a bit big. According to calculations, a full 18,000 space shock devices need to be deployed. I really can’t figure it out!

At the same time, on the main battlefield, inside the Union bridge.

“Commander, the 101st Special Fleet has blocked the insect nest channel and completed the construction of the defense line. The space shock device is currently being deployed. It is expected to be completed in 38 minutes!”

” , It’s almost time, contact our bug friend, let him do a favor to send a message to the bug emperor Your Majesty!”

“Understand, Commander!”

Number Minutes later, Emil, who was tens of thousands of light years away, was dumbfounded.

Humans are going to push themselves into the fire pit!

He even asked him to contact Alba, telling him that the things deployed by humans can easily destroy the insect nest channel and cause it to have a collapse effect. In the process of its collapse, whether it is a dead object or All living things will be annihilated together.

So, ask Alba to take the initiative to come out of the insect nest passage and surrender to the defenders at the passage?

I want to really help humans pass this kind of information, then, don’t I want to reveal my identity as a worm?

Originally, Emil just wanted to be a secret mastermind, to get rid of Alba with human hands, so that he could become Queen Alia’s most trusted confidant again, okay!

But humans just want to push themselves on the surface, and openly choose to stand in line, it’s too much, hey!

But having said that, human beings actually master the technology to destroy the insect nest channel, and are also planning to capture Alba alive?

Suddenly, Emil was in entanglement, a little uncertain, what should I choose…

Ten minutes passed quickly.

“Commander, it has been ten minutes, and there is still no reply.”

“Don’t worry, let him think about it.”

In the bridge, Seeing that ten minutes had passed, the insect still didn’t reply, and became a little anxious.

Is it going to be yellow?

However, Lin Tian is calm and composed, and he doesn’t seem to worry at all.

“Commander, I received the message again, and it was still sent through the void communication technology!”

“Just read it!”

“Yes, commander.. I agreed, but before the death of Queen Alia, humans need to provide shelter to me, and after solving Alia, let me go!”

Lin Tian frowned slightly.

Queen Alia…

When this bug sent a message for the first time, didn’t it mean that the bug king in the passage was called Alba?

Why did a queen Alia appear in a while?

Could it be…

There are two insect kings in the insect race?

In the past, Lin Fan captured a Tier 4 Insect King alive in the Milky Way, and learned from his mouth that there was only one insect king in the insect race.

This information is also one of the basic intelligence of the Federation’s recent military operations. However, Lin Tian has now discovered that this most basic intelligence seems to be wrong, and it is still very wrong!

Of course, Lin Tian didn’t doubt that the intelligence he had obtained at the beginning was problematic. After all, the Federation used various Flying Insect methods for that insect, and confirmed the reliability of the intelligence through several minutes. .

Then, the remaining possibility is that in this short period of time, a new emperor was born in the insect race.

This can also explain why the Three-Eyed Empire said that the insect race leader of the Myers galaxy is a First Rank Insect King, but in fact the Federation has discovered the existence of the emperor.

At the same time, it explains why there are emperor insects, but there are no more powerful insect species. You know, according to the information obtained by the Federation from the mouth of the fourth-order Insect King, although it is not clear What species of insects can be cultivated by the emperor, but I have heard that the special insect species cultivated by the emperor are extremely powerful, and each of them is not weaker than the third-order Insect King.

If this is true, then this emperor called Alba should not have been long after evolution, and there are trillions of them, and the biological energy is comparable to the cocoons of the third-order Insect King. It is the special insect species that it has cultivated halfway through!

If you put it that way, there was nothing wrong with his attack this time, and he killed him before his wings were full!

“Tell it, I agree to these requirements, and let it wait for our notification before acting!”

“Yes, Commander!”

I want to understand After all this, Lin Tian made a decision immediately.

Anyway, there is nothing to hesitate about Emil’s request. Besides, isn’t it just waiting to kill the insect race queen and let it go.

It’s okay, just kill it immediately after putting it.

Even if the life is only released for 1 second, it is still complying with the agreement, right?

Our human credibility is very good!

More than twenty minutes passed quietly.

The mecha job battlelion at the entrance of the insert nest channel finally completed the last piece of the puzzle and deployed all the space shock devices to the designated location.

Everything… is ready!

In the passage, after all the mecha groups that sensed humans retreated, Alba immediately realized it.

No matter what the humans set up, and no matter what the humans want to do, in short, they are ready to take action!

This situation, but it’s not very good to look at it!

Alba regrets it a bit. When he opened this Insect nest channel, why did he connect the other end to the Lyon galaxy more than 3 million light-years away.

Because of this, I will be in a dilemma. Go out from this end, and I will definitely be killed directly.

But if you go out from the other end, even if the insect nest channel used by the emperor is more efficient, the distance of 3 million light-years will take half a month!

Alba’s ugly worm face even showed a very humane distress…

“Well, Emil?”

” What do you want to do when you connect to the spiritual network with me at this time?”

At this time, Alba suddenly received a request for spiritual connection in the spiritual network of the insect race.

And the object is…


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