Strongest Commander of Interstellar Chapter 518

Although time is a bit tight, it’s not a problem for Alba to split his mind and connect with Emir.

Furthermore, the Emir currently controls all the insect races in the Gal galaxy and is responsible for front-line war command, so that he can actively establish a spiritual connection with him. There should be more important things to report.

Otherwise, it usually finds it by itself, not it finds itself.

“Emil, what happened to the frontline?”

“No no, there is no problem with the frontline, but there is a problem on your side, Alba!”

“What do you mean?”

Alba always felt that what Emil said was a bit strange, but he didn’t react for a while, but in the next second, Alba finally reacted. What is wrong.

“Emile, what did you call me just now?”

In the voice, there was obviously infinite anger.

Insect race is a race with a very strong class concept. As the First Rank Insect King, the emir can’t directly call the emperor’s name. You must add a respectable name, such as my emperor Alba, or Ah Queen Leah is like this.

Like just now, the Emil directly called Alba, and it is definitely a felony to put it in the insect race.

For this reason, Alba is so angry. For it, it is as if his majesty has been trampled on.

This is simply unbearable!

If it had been before, if he heard Alba’s angry voice, Emil would have trembled with fear, but now, it is not panicked at all.

“I said Alba, you still don’t know what the humans arranged at the entrance of the insect nest?”

“Do you know?”

“Well, I don’t know either!”

Listening to Emil’s words, Alba was full of contempt and…killing intent.

After this matter is over, I must kill the Amir myself!

But Emil’s next sentence caused his brain to crash…

“But, humans told me that the name of this thing is Space Shock This is a good thing. The insect nest channel is specifically for our insect race. Once activated, it will directly cause the insect nest channel to collapse, and you are in the channel…”

Alba’s ugly worm face suddenly changed, the insect nest channel collapsed…

Slowly, the insect nest channel collapsed, didn’t it mean that…

At this time, Alba also suddenly recalled that decades ago, he had sent a third-order Insect King to the galaxy through the insect nest channel left by Socrates, and then there was no news from the birds. .

Calculating the time, it should happen to be when the insect nest channel suddenly disappeared. Could it be that the Insect nest channel was given by humans…

Suddenly, Alba was alarmed Although the insect does not have the cold sweat to flow out…

What is the concept of the collapse of the insect nest channel? Even the insect race that does not develop technology knows the meaning.

In the process of collapse, the creature inside it, even if it is an emperor, will never survive!

Wait, I seem to have overlooked the most critical question…

“What do you mean by this? And why do humans tell you this?”

Alba, who finally reacted, had an unbelievable face full of worms.

“You’re still a bug king, haven’t you reacted yet?”

“You betrayed our ethnicity?”

Just ask After speaking, Alba is still unbelievable. After all, this kind of thing has never happened in the long history of insect race.

“Have you finally reacted? It’s not too stupid!”

“Damn, you actually…why did you do this?”

It is really incomprehensible, why the Emir, who is an insect race second only to the emperor, would betray the race.

Moreover, the subject is still a species that is regarded as food by his own family!

“I don’t understand, right?”

“Do you know why there has never been an ethnic betrayal in the history of insect race?”

” That’s because the former Queen Alia cherished every Insect King!”

“But now, you use our First Rank Insect King as cannon fodder. How did Garcia die, huh? “

“Plus, because of your appearance, Queen Alia has also begun to no longer care about us, and the Insect King who has followed her for so long!”

“Do you think there is any reason for me not to betray?”

“I’ll tell you directly now, the humans said, either go out and be captured by humans, maybe you can leave a life, or …The human will directly activate the space oscillator, and what will happen after this thing is activated, I think you should know!”

“Now make a choice, the human will only give you ten minutes Don’t even think about running away, tell you, impossible!” After finishing talking, Emil stopped talking to Alba.

To be honest, how did Alba choose what to do with him in the end? Rather, the Emil would rather hope Albanin would not surrender and be strangled in the end.

I guess he was the first Insect King in history who dared to talk to the emperor with such an attitude.

This feels refreshing.

Compared with Emil’s body comfort, Albaco in the passage is completely the opposite.





Wait a lot of emotions that I have never had before, are constantly emerging in Alba.

At this moment, it has completely lost the majesty that the emperor should have, just like a last emperor, and the whole body is filled with a smell called loneliness.


On the main battlefield, the fierce battle between the two sides continues.

It’s just that the insect race offense at this moment is obviously getting more hip.

After all, Alba is still powerless to defend himself, and has no intention of commanding the main fleet of these insects to “encircle and suppress” mankind.

Insect race, which has lost direct command, has a behavioral pattern that is closer to instinctive action, as if an elite soldier suddenly becomes an unruly recruit.

“Commander, it’s been 3 minutes since the confession, and the No. 1 target has not come out of the passage!”

“Well, then put pressure on him again, order All fleets, the fire restriction order will be lifted immediately!”

“Yes, commander!”

Speaking of which, in the past few hours, under Lin Tian’s order, not only At the beginning, half of the firepower was hidden, and after that, it was reduced again by 10% every hour.

It can be said that the firepower erupted by the entire fleet today is not even 10% of the total state.

It is precisely because of this that all kinds of imagination are given to Alba, and now, Lin Tian absolutely lifts all restrictions, and with the strongest posture, crushes Alba’s last psychological luck. .

The whole fleet went crazy in an instant…

The fleets that had been suffering for a long time because of firepower restrictions immediately broke out their true battle strength.

Even…none of the Battle Insect was afraid, and no Battle Insect escaped.


The insect race on the battlefield gave everyone a sense of complete defeat.

The rate of loss is much faster than the rate of refueling!

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