Strongest Commander of Interstellar Chapter 519

This is a very strange scene.

Basically, every time the insect race rushed up to ten Battle Insects, the powerful firepower of the fearless fleet eliminated a hundred Battle Insects.

Therefore, even if there is no Battle Insect to escape, it still shows the sense of sight of a big defeat. All the battle lines are moving quickly towards the insect race.

With this kind of firepower, at least the contact area between the two sides must be expanded hundreds of times, and the insect race can maintain such a fuel efficiency, in order to reappear the equilibrium on the battlefield.

Tens of thousands of light years away, Emil looked at this variety on the battlefield through the spiritual network of the insect race, and couldn’t help but sigh.

And this is only a small part of the human fleet in the Gal galaxy.

As far as Amir knows, there are at least billions of battleships like this on the Vita line of defense.

With such strength, even if Queen Alia is here, I am afraid that she is not an opponent at all. Sure enough…

I made the right choice!

Alba, who also saw this scene, was in the insect nest channel and did not know what to do.

Up to this time, he understood that the lack of firepower demonstrated by humans before was completely deceiving himself. The purpose is probably to prevent himself from fleeing out of fear, right?


Slightly controlled, behind his somewhat trembling huge body, the turbulent spirit strength that belongs to the emperor came out through the body, through the spirit The network connects towards Alia.


“Alba, your state is a little abnormal, what’s the matter?”

When the spirit strengths of both parties are successfully linked For a moment, Alia immediately felt abnormal.

“Speaking of which is a bit too time-consuming, and I don’t have so much time. You should watch it yourself!”

Alba opened up his own directly to Alia In the spiritual realm, the voice has an indescribable loneliness, which gave Alia a very bad premonition.

Without any hesitation, she went directly to the depths of Alba’s spiritual realm. Suddenly, she knew everything about the past few days.


Alia’s voice, which was originally very majestic and slightly gentle, even to humans, suddenly turned into a wild beast’s roar general.

Extreme anger, accompanied by roars, continued to radiate, causing hundreds of First Rank Insect Kings around him to be shiver coldly, even afraid to move them.

Yes, there are hundreds of First Rank Insect Kings!

Since the first Holy War of the insect race, the reason why Alia has stayed in the Weirst Supercluster without moving is that she has been accumulating strength.

The Saint-Ville Empire allowed her to see the weakness of her own ethnicity and to re-recognize the terrifying of advanced civilization.

In the end, if it wasn’t because of the sudden disappearance of the Saint Dimension Empire, then it must be oneself who lost.

This is only a seventh-level civilization. What if it is a higher-level civilization?

Therefore, in the long years after the Holy War, Alia no longer conquered everywhere, and even no longer managed ethnicity, and even let Emil and Garcia go out without asking. Just concentrate on accumulating your own strength and think of ways to break through the evolutionary constraints.

Obviously, these are not in vain. There are tens of thousands of Alia around Alia, even if there are hundreds of Insect Kings in the First Rank, this is a good proof of this.

Emil and Garcia also don’t know that the power in Alia’s hands is now several times stronger than that of the first Holy War!

Alia is naturally aware of the strength of the seventh-level civilization, but she believes that with the help of Emir and Garcia, dragging the war until her arrival should not be too problematic.

When I arrived, I started to try breakthrough racial restrictions with Alba, and finally won the second Holy War completely, washing away the shame of the year.

Originally, there was nothing wrong with her plan, but she was counted as a thousand counts, but never counted. Insect race unexpectedly appeared a bug, and she was the first one with her back then. One of the two Duke-level Insect Kings who walked over in the second Holy War.

After roar and venting a lot, Alia also gradually suppressed the mania in her heart.

The reason tells her that it’s useless to go crazy at this time. You must find a way to save Alba. Once Alba has an accident, then her racial promotion plan will be completely defeated!

As for Amir, when this matter is resolved, there is always a chance to clean it up.

After all, no matter how it escapes, as the queen of the insect race, if you want to grasp its location, you still have no difficulty.

The only problem is that even if it’s Alia, it still takes a month to get to the Gal galaxy at the current location, let alone save Alba, who has only a few minutes left. Up!

“Alba, you surrender!”

“Alia, are you serious?”

I can’t believe it, Alia is watching After reading my own memory of this day, the first sentence I said turned out to be this.

“Yes, maybe you don’t know how important your own existence is to our entire ethnic group!”

“So, no matter what the situation, you must keep it My own life until I arrive.”

“I… will find a way to save you back!”

From Alia’s words, Alba felt that she , Absolutely serious.

Moreover, from these words, Alba understands one thing. It seems that his importance to Alia is far more important than he thinks, and it even involves the future of the entire race. on.

Anyway, I now have nowhere to go. In that case, let’s gamble once as Alia said!

“Okay, I see…”


Gal galaxy, a corner of Werner Star Domain.

As the firepower of the human fleet erupts in full, even if the insect race has a continuous number, it cannot continue to maintain the front line.

The control area of ​​the fearless fleet has expanded to a radius of 8AU from the initial radius of 5.4AU in just a few minutes, and the advancing speed can be described as terrifying.

Also, even if the contact area has expanded countless times due to the increase in the control area, the insect race still cannot maintain the front line again. Under the incomparable firepower of the fearless fleet, it is still firmly suppressed. .

“Commander, all the insect swarms are abnormal!”

In the bridge of the Union, Bi Luodis suddenly said to Lin Tian, ​​and controlled the real-time control of several front lines. The image was transferred.

In the screen, the fleet is still releasing roars that mark death, but the insect race stops completely…

Even the insect race at the front is heavily bombarded. Kill, the Battle Insect at the rear did not even come up to make up for it. The entire insect sea, all the insect swarms, as if time had stopped, all stood still.

Even Lin Tian looked at this scene in the picture and couldn’t help but feel a little confused.

Just when a group of people were catching the blind, Bi Luodis widened her eyes and looked at the information coming from her virtual terminal.

“Target No. 1 came out of the insect nest channel and… surrendered?”

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