Strongest Commander of Interstellar Chapter 522

Although Alba, the current supreme ruler of the insect race of the Myers galaxy group, was captured by humans, the Three-Eyed Empire still needs to evacuate the Gal galaxy.

After all…Based on the information obtained from the Emir, Lin Tian’s guess has been confirmed.

That is, insect race currently has two insect emperors, and Alba is just the newly promoted insect emperor, whether it is his own strength or the strength of his subordinates, and the oldest one who has lived for hundreds of thousands of years Compared to Queen Alia, it can be said that it is not worth mentioning.

The most important thing is that, according to Emil, Alia will arrive in a month at most.

Furthermore, according to the situation of the insect race’s first Holy War, she has a special insect species that specifically restrains the phase shield in her hands. In the middle of the Holy War, Alia relied on this This special insect destroyed the main force of the Saint Dimension Empire, and even almost wiped it out.

This situation was not reversed until the late Saint Dimension Empire developed zero-point particle weapons.

For such a situation, the entire Federation attaches great importance to it, and even held another giant meeting.

In the virtual Conference Hall, more than 30 people are already seated, but everyone looked at a corner in the Conference Hall with some curiosity. It was an insect and it was also a First Rank Insect King. .

It is not very difficult to connect an Insect King to the virtual Conference Hall.

After all, as early as several decades ago, after the Federation obtained the corpse of the Insect King for the first time, Bai Zixuan had already hacked into the mental network of the insect race through the brain of the insect race, and also obtained Lots of intelligence.

In this regard, Bai Zixuan can be said to have a deep research. Naturally, how to connect it to the virtual Conference Hall is also very easy.

In the corner of Conference Hall, Emil is also quite interested.

You must know that these humans in front of him are usually smaller than gravel in his eyes, but now, in this Conference Hall, they all have the same size as himself.

For Emil, this is really a novel experience.

Especially, when Bai Zixuan tried to connect Emil into the virtual network, he lost several human games for testing.

The result… For tens of thousands of years, there has never been any entertainment, and the Emir, who doesn’t even know what entertainment means, fell instantly.

It is simply whether there is a paradise among insects. This is much more exciting than being an insect race.

This damn meeting, hurry to end it, although the experience is quite novel, but I have made an appointment with someone to open it!

“Everyone is here, so let’s start now!”

“First of all, here is the only First Rank Insect King in the insect race, Emil, of course Now it is a good friend of our Federation!”

As soon as Lin Zhen’s words fell, everyone in the room looked towards Emil with a strange look.

Good friend, hehe!

Actually, he is a prisoner!


Looking at Emil who was still in the corner, Lin Zhen reminded him.

“What, is the meeting over?”

“Very good, I have an appointment with someone to open a dark, there is not enough time!”

Puff …

Fortunately, this is just a virtual Conference Hall, and everyone did not drink tea, otherwise it will definitely become a large water spray festival!

Is this really the First Rank Insect King of aloof and remote in the insect race?

It’s just like those children with serious internet addiction in Federation!

“Cough cough, Amir, we are having a meeting!”

“Oh, it’s not over yet, okay!”

Helpless, it seems that I cannot be punctual today, oh!

Lin Zhen suddenly felt that he was very tired when he looked at it like this!

Of course, in the virtual Conference Hall, there are two people who are different from everyone else. They are almost laughing at their waists. If it were not for Lin Fan and Lin Tian to suppress their voices, I’m afraid Lin Zhen is going to go crazy.

“Emil, you can tell us in detail about the first Holy War of the insect race!”

“Ai, haven’t you said this several times? “


“Okay, okay, I’ll just say it again!”

In Lin Zhen, he is not angry and arrogant. Under the strong aura, Emil finally remembered what identity he is now, and immediately became honest.

“This is about 120,000 years ago…”

Emil said in great detail, it took more than half an hour to finish. .

When this large-scale war was unfolded in front of everyone through words, all the giants in various sectors of the Federation were shocked.

For more than 20,000 years, it has affected the entire super galaxy cluster, and even made a hole in a super galaxy cluster?

What kind of war of immortal intensity is this!

Compared to this, all the wars that humans have fought now are simply children playing their own homes!

When everyone heard about Holy War, the insect race had hundreds of First Rank Insect Kings alone, and even the weakest one was many times stronger than Alba of the Gal galaxy.

After all, although Alba is said to be an emperor, he has not cultivated the Imperial Family Guard, and his original strength is not worth mentioning.

Everyone is shocked!

Originally, after learning that Lin Tian easily defeated and captured the Insect King, these giants inevitably had a wrong concept, that is…

insect race is weak A batch of!

But now, after Emil’s narration, they understand that their thinking is simply wrong!

This is an extremely powerful insect race. Even more than a hundred thousand years ago, it almost wiped out the old seven-level civilization called the Saint Dimension Empire.

“Grand Duke Emile, I would like to ask, although the insect race used to sound very strong, but now you are the only Insect King left?”

Sander After being shocked for a while, Si suddenly thought of something and asked Emil.

When the others listened, yes!

No matter how strong it is, it’s not the same as before. Emil himself said that in that Holy War, the insect race was almost wiped out. Only two of the hundreds of First Rank Insect Kings survived, even ten. After tens of thousands of years have passed, only a First Rank Insect King was born in the insect race.

Since this is the case, what else is there to worry about?

Nowadays, the strength of the insect race is scarce!

Suddenly, everyone’s faces regained confidence again, but cold water soon poured over.

“No, on the surface, I am indeed the only Duke of the insect race left!”

“But, you really think that in a hundred thousand years, Did the entire insect race really only give birth to a First Rank Insect King from Alba?”

Everyone was taken aback by these words.

“Grand Duke Emil, what do you mean by this?”

Suddenly someone asked inexplicably.

“First of all, you need to know that the evolution of our Insect King is quite difficult, especially the evolution of Rank 2 Insect King to First Rank Insect King. Without the help of the queen, it is almost impossible!”

“It is precisely because of this that such an Alba was born for 100,000 years!”

“But, as I said just now, this is where there is no With the help of the Queen, it will be so difficult!”

“After the Holy War, Queen Alia sent all of our Insect Kings out to the Rania Kea galaxy cluster to expand on their own. Therefore, neither I nor Garcia have returned to the Weirst Supercluster for 100,000 years…”

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