Strongest Commander of Interstellar Chapter 524

In the Conference Hall, a group of people looked at Lin Fan dumbfounded.

What is the relationship between the male and female of insect race?

is it possible that you still want to say that these two insects are lovers?

“Tell me more!”

Just as everyone was bewildered, Lin Zhen looked at Lin Fan and spoke.

“No problem!”

“First of all, everyone should know from the information provided by Emil just now that the entire insect race had never been born before Alba The male emperor!”

“Secondly, normally, there is one more emperor in the insect race, so disputes should occur. After all, one mountain can’t be shared by two tigers, this sentence The words are applicable even if they are placed in the insect race, but the facts are completely opposite!”

“According to Emil, Alia not only failed to be wary of the newly born insect king Alba, but on the contrary I am willing to exhaust all my strength to help it. This is very abnormal.”

When Lin Fan said this, everyone in the Conference Hall was also nodded.

Indeed, one mountain can’t be shared by two tigers, not to mention that it is also applicable to insect race. Simply is to insect race, which is more applicable than human beings.

However, Alia can set off a new insect race Holy War for Alba, even if it is very likely to cause the destruction of the insect race, which is very intriguing.

Are these two insects really, as I guessed before, a relationship between lovers?

Lin Fan is planning to put a knife on her husband’s neck and threaten his wife to submit?

A single thought appeared in the hearts of all people, and the look towards Lin Fan became weird…

“cough cough, what I want to say is According to the information provided by Emil, the one thing that Alia is most concerned about for a long time is how to break through insect race restrictions and evolve to a higher level!”

Looking at a group of strange-looking people Boss, Lin Fan naturally knew that they must be thinking about it, and immediately continued to explain.

“And this evolution is probably related to the first male emperor insect race!”

“According to my guess, it doesn’t have to be Alba, only But it is because Alba became the first male emperor, so it is it!”

“If my speculation is correct, of course, I also believe that my speculation is correct! Then Now that the key to the evolution of the insect race is in our hands, how can we make good use of it to buy more time for the Federation?”

“I think many of you here should be better than I’m more experienced?”


Well, it’s not all the big guys who were stunned, but the Emil on the side was stunned, and the six worm eyes stared straight to the largest. The limit is very exaggerated.

What’s the situation of this human being? Just what I said is speculated to this point!

Speaking of which, there are some details that I didn’t even think of!

Humans…it’s terrifying!

Forget it, what does human horror not have to do with me? This so-called meeting ends quickly, I’m still waiting for the dark!

Infected with an internet addiction worm, he adjusted his mentality in an instant, very chic!

Just kidding, let yourself choose between game and race, do you still need to choose? Of course…game! ! !

is it possible that still let yourself go back and do that all day without doing anything, just lying in the universe and counting sheep?

Although I don’t know until now, what it means to count sheep!

“Marshal Lin Fan, I have a question!”

“Vice President Ed, please speak!”

The one sitting next to Lin Zhen Ed, spoke for the first time.

Lin Fan saw that he was his father-in-law, and immediately said with a faint smile.

“It’s like this, as you said, how to make good use of Alba, we do have many ways, but how do we need to communicate with Alia?”

This is a very practical question.

The reason why the Emir was able to communicate with the Federation was because it had obtained a set of void communication devices from the Saint-Ville Empire during the last Holy War, and it took a full 100,000 years to figure it out. How to use some basic functions.

For this, the Emir would capture several scientists every time before destroying other civilizations.

This is how it uses the void communication device to contact humans.

But, does Alia have this thing?

If not, how can the Federation contact her and negotiate with her?

After all, there is no other way of communication for insect race except the spiritual network!

“This problem of the vice president is very good. In fact, it is not difficult to solve. No, the one sitting there is the Grand Duke Alba, who has the title of Friend of Mankind!”

“And, I also believe that Grand Duke Amir, as a friend of mankind, will not be stingy to help!”

“Did you say, Duke Amir?”

Stunned. ..

Once again stunned…

It’s still Emil!

What the hell is this again, and this friend of mankind is a what the hell, why don’t I know?

That’s Alia!

It’s okay to tell Emil to betray, but if you let it face Alia…

Okay, let’s not say face to face, even if it is to let him pass the insect When the race mental network talked to Alia, it was too panic.

“Well, I understand what Marshal Lin Fan meant. Indeed, if Grand Duke Amir, known as the friend of mankind, serves as a bridge for conversation, it will be fine!”

Ed nodded, said seriously.

It’s just that when he said the four words “Friends of Mankind”, he deliberately raised his voice to make this name more obvious.

Ed’s strike made him feel wet in his back…

Although he didn’t sweat this thing.

“Grand Duke Emil, I think you, as a friend of mankind, wouldn’t refuse to help this, right?”

Following Ed, Lin Fan smiled and made up the knife again.

It’s just that this smile really makes Emil panic.

Well, I have fallen into the hands of human beings. No matter how horrible I am, I have to brace oneself.

Otherwise, what can we do?

“Well, I will help you!”

When the voice fell, Lin Fan and Ed both looked satisfied.

Actually, it’s not just the two of them, everyone in the Conference Hall is the same, but…

When praising Emil, there will be a sentence of humans from time to time. Friends come.

“Well, yes, I am enlightened! Turn around and let Old Bai install more games for you!”


Frustrated, Emil, who was frustrated, heard Lin Fan’s words, his six eyes widened at the same time, and even his fear of Alia was weakened a bit.

I have to say that what Lin Fan said instantly hit its biggest weakness.

“Well, I will trouble you with the rest, Vice President Ed!”

“No problem, leave it to me!”

Ed nodded, A mature plan has been calculated in his mind, and it is just waiting to be implemented…

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