Strongest Commander of Interstellar Chapter 525

The Myers Group, the Gal system, the base camp of the Weta Defense Line.

It has been a month since Lin Tian led an army to raid Werner Star Domain and captured Alba last time.

Speaking of which, in the past month, the entire fearless fleet has been idle and panicked.

Since Alba was captured and cut off from the transmission of his spiritual network, Emil has included the entire insect race of the Gal galaxy, including those low-level Insect Kings.

As a “friend” of mankind, after controlling these insect races, Emil will naturally not fight back against mankind.

So, the flames of war in the entire galaxy were extinguished.

Of course, there are exceptions, that is, Heiniye, who was extremely loyal to Alba, took a few Insect Kings of order 4 and 5 to escape to other galaxies in the Myers galaxy group.

In the beginning, Emil had been commanding his subordinates to hunt them down, but then…

A certain insect who has suffered from a serious internet addiction is now full The mind is always black, who can manage to hunt down Heiniye?

Anyway, it’s just the Insect King of Rank 2. It’s not too late to solve it when I get bored with the game and have time.

Unfortunately, after a month’s time, Emir not only didn’t get tired of playing, but got stuck deeper and deeper.

Nowadays, if you only talk to him with voice and not video, you will never find that it is an insect, and various Internet mantras are also used in sneaky ways.


Although the entire galaxy has been calm for a month, but in the past few days, Lin Tian didn’t dare to be careless at all.

According to Emil’s information, the arrival of the insect race queen Alia should be the past few days.

“How are you doing today?”

“The report commander, according to the feedback from the monitoring devices we have placed in every corner of the galaxy, there is no abnormal situation in the entire Gal galaxy.”

Yes, this is the galaxy of today, which looks peaceful.

But who would have thought that just a month ago, there was still war here?

“Okay, pay attention to monitoring. At the same time, the fleet will continue to maintain its state of readiness for battle!”

“Yes, commander!”

At the same time, distance from Gal The galaxy is 3.2 million light-years away, the Kate galaxy.

This is the largest galaxy in the Myers group of galaxies, even double the size of the Andromeda galaxy in the local group of galaxies.

The three-eyed empire in the past considered more than once whether to move the Kate galaxy to the capital. It was just because the opposition was too loud, so it dragged on, and never really implemented it.

Of course, this place is not within Lin Tian’s surveillance range.

After all, in such a short period of time, it is already very difficult to monitor the Gal galaxy without blind spots.

On the second main spiral arm of the Kate galaxy, the entire void has completely reddened at this moment. A huge crack with red light spans a distance of at least 5 AU.

If Lin Tian saw this scene, he would definitely recognize it. This is the unique method of the insect race, the insect nest channel!

It’s just that the insect nest channel is really too big, even if it is several times larger than the one opened by the insect emperor Alba.

Not only the Kate galaxy, but among the 68 galaxies in the entire Myers group of galaxies, each galaxy has opened an insect nest channel at this moment except for the Gal galaxy.

It’s just that these insect nests, Dao Idol, are so small compared to the one in the Kate galaxy…

They don’t even have a tenth of the size.

Soon, in each insect nest channel, there will be a team of insect races, constantly appearing from it.

Yes, it is team after team, not group after group.

This neat array is almost like an array laid by the interstellar fleet. If you just look at it from the space radar, you will never think that this is a swarm, but you will conclude that this is a one. fleet!

As a large number of insect races came to the various galaxy groups in Myers, and a full ten AU defensive circle was placed around the entrances of their respective insect nests, finally, a big guy came out.

Fortunately, the Emil is not here, otherwise it will definitely scare half-life!

In every insect nest channel, there is a First Rank Insect King, and a huge number of Insect Formation columns behind it. From the second level to the fifth level Insect King, there are 1,000!

And this is just the case of an insect nest channel.

As for the passage of the Kate galaxy, it is even more terrifying!

There are nearly 100 First Rank Insect Kings alone, and the number of Rank 2 to 5 Insect Kings is unclear for a while, but it is certain that the number is definitely more than ten. Ten thousand.

There are hundreds of thousands of Insect Kings, like well-trained soldiers, arranged in a neat array, guarding the special existence in the center of the array.

He is the first generation of insect race and the only female species.

Even, even its appearance is obviously different from other Insect Kings. The overall outline actually shows the shape of a human, instead of the appearance of an insect race. You can tell from his physical signs. Where are the eyes, where is the nose, where is the mouth, even some of the characteristics of human females can be clearly seen.

It’s just that, on Alia’s body, there is no human-like delicate appearance, and the outer skin is very rough.

It’s a bit like the giantess in an anime that Lin Fan has seen in his previous life. Of course, its roughness is even worse than that of the giantess.

This is a very weird thing, even the Emir here would be equally surprised!

After all…

Alia, a hundred thousand years ago, was simply not like this.

At that time, she, like Alba, was also an ugly insect!

Coming to the outside of the passage, Alia’s spirit strength, which is much stronger than Alba, is immediately aroused, like a stone falling into the water, splashing waves of ripples, quickly Spread out.


After a few minutes passed, Alia frowned deeply.

Even if I sensed a distance of a whole billion light-years, I still didn’t feel the existence of Alba.

Is it…

Alba has been taken farther by humans, or has he been killed?

Well, there is too little information to judge, but since Alba can’t be found for the time being, just grab some humans and ask.

Just in that direction!

While thinking, Alia felt again.

This time, she controlled the range of sensing, only the Myers group of galaxies.

Due to the sharp reduction of the scope, the sensed details are also clearer.

Soon, Alia has discovered that in the entire Myers galaxy group, apart from the insect race, only one Gal galaxy where Alba had an accident has other life.

And, these lives are all gathered together…

It is the fearless fleet on the Vita line of defense!

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