Strongest Commander of Interstellar Chapter 527

Don’t talk about Lin Tian, ​​even if Emil saw this scene, his eyes would have to stare out.

Insect race gives people the impression that they always act in a mess.

But what is the situation in front of you?

Teams of insect race emerged from the passage, all of them were like the first team. They were like soldiers who had undergone rigorous training. They were very neat and uniform!

In a short while, dozens of huge battle formations have taken shape, and each battle formation is composed of a huge number of different insects, which simply blinds everyone’s eyes.

If you look at this appearance, you can see that it is an insect. I really think it is a fleet of technological civilization.

Although the number of insects gathered is quite terrifying, Xhaka did not attack unhurried, but stopped about 5AU away from the Weta line of defense, and adjusted the formation of the insect race according to the deployment on the opposite side. Come!

This shocked Lin Tian, ​​who was watching this scene on the bridge of the Union, once again.

He suddenly discovered that all his previous experience in insect race combat seemed to…

all lost its effect.

Now in front of me, simply is a completely strange new race.

What is this doing?

Are you waiting for reinforcements to arrive?


Lin Tian’s brain is running fast, he has speculated more than ten possibilities in just a moment, but…

Regardless of the possibility, he has no absolute confidence that it must be so!

What should I do?

Responding to changes with the unchanging!

This is the final conclusion that Lin Tian came to after thinking about it!

After all, the 67-way insect race army has only appeared one way now, and none of the Insect King has appeared.

If you use that thing in this situation, it will definitely make other insect races defensive and even suspend the offense until you have a cracking method.

If things really evolve like this, then there is no point in it!

So, Lin Tian decided to wait and wait until the right time appeared, and then carry out a wave of lore, to maximize the consumption of the force of the clan!

As if said yes, neither side did anything.

The fearless fleet continues to stick to the line of defense, and the insect race is like a guard of honor, lined up in a neat array, without any intention to attack.

With the ebbing of time, the front of the Weta defense line has gradually become lively. Counting the previous road, there are now 5 insect races that have come to the front of the Weta defense line, and, just arrived The four roads are the same as the first road, all like a well-trained army.

Even if the insect race has gathered a 5-way army, the number has reached hundreds of trillions, but it still has not launched an offensive, but continues to be separated from the fearless of the Weta defense line at a distance of 10AU. The fleet confronted.


Soon, a whole day passed in the confrontation between the two sides. At this moment, the fearless fleet on the Vita line is facing the insect race army. , Has reached as many as 19 roads, as for the number, Lin Tian has been too lazy to let his subordinates report.

Because this is meaningless, I didn’t see that the race army is still coming in the nineteen insect nest passages. Doesn’t it mean to stop?

An hour passed again, and finally…

At the same time, the 20th Route Army arrived, and dozens of Insect Kings appeared in the first route of the insect nest channel. After that, the insect race that had been facing the fearless fleet for a whole day, finally…acted!

As the First Rank Insect King who arrived first, and also before Alia’s arrival, Zhaka, who was in charge of this outpost, immediately waved his hand after arriving here. Commanding power, venting the emotion of being bored in the Weierster super galaxy cluster for a whole hundred thousand years.

“All attack!”

When its majestic voice sounded from the mental network and transmitted to the brain of each insect, the whole army began to sweep forward. .

Even if you are charging, the formation is still complete.

It’s a genius to know what exactly Alia has done in these 100,000 years, she can even train her ethnicity into such a way!

“Commander, the insect race has begun to march!”

“Also, the radar team detected the existence of Insect King, the number of which is 48, of which the number of First Rank is 1, the number of Rank 2 is 1. 2. The number of Tier 3 is 5, the number of Tier 4 is 15, and the number of Tier 5 is 25!” By Lin Tian’s side, Bi Luodisi was reporting the latest situation.

This is actually moving?

Speaking of which, Lin Tian always thought that they would wait until the 67th Route Army arrived before they acted, but didn’t expect that they couldn’t help it after only reaching the 20th Route?

Although it feels a bit early, let’s take your batch of insects to test the manual of that thing first!

“The silent ones are all deployed and confirmed to be usable, right?”

“Yes, after the deployment, we checked three times to ensure that there will be no accidents!”

“Okay, don’t rush to use it, first stop the enemy with fleet artillery fire, collect the battle data of this batch of insect races in detail, and then act!”


It’s not that Lin Tian doesn’t want to go right away, but based on observations from this day, these Battle Insects are a bit different from those before.

Perhaps, the appearance does not look much different. It is still the Combat Insect, Jet Insect, Battleship Insect, and various ranks of the King Insect Guard team and so on.

However, if you scan and analyze carefully, you will find that these insects are quite different from the previous ones!

The most intuitive thing is that these Battle Insects are obviously higher than the previous ones in terms of energy level.

For example, for the same grid combat insect, if you compare the energy intensity of the previous grids of combat insects to 1, then the current grids of combat insects have already exceeded 3, and even reached a level close to 4. To the point!

Therefore, Lin Tian must first figure out what these insects look like after real battles, and whether they will have some new abilities, so as to provide intelligence and reference for subsequent battles.

This is also dangerous. After all, whether it is attack power, attack distance, or attack method, it may be different from the previous ones. Then, who can guarantee that these insects are against the line of defense? Is the fearless fleet on board as threat-free as before?

This is a risky but necessary attempt!

Of course, since Lin Tian had planned to do this, he naturally had the corresponding preparations.

On the Union, thousands of zero-point missiles have been unlocked and activated, ready to be launched at any time.

It’s not just the Union, it should be said that every defensive area on the Weta line of defense, the flagship of the fleet that is stationed in the Weta defense line has carried out the same operation. Once the situation is wrong, a large number of zero-point missiles can be fired in an instant. , Completely cover the insect race array in front of you…

Completely eliminate all threats!

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