Strongest Commander of Interstellar Chapter 531

In this emergency meeting held by Lin Fan, there were not many participants. Apart from Lin Fan himself, there were only Lin Tian, ​​Lin Yu and Li Lizi.

After Lin Tian introduced the situation of the outpost as the opening remarks, Lin Yu and Li Lizi’s expressions were a bit solemn. Both of them can analyze that the next battle will not be very easy to fight. !

It is precisely because of this that Lin Fan convened this emergency small meeting, and Li Lizi was involved.

“Lizi, first introduce the Uranus Plan to the two of them!”

The Uranus Plan?

What the hell?

Lin Tian and Lin Yu were taken aback.

I have never heard of it!

“Okay, Marshal!”

“The Uranus plan started in 122 years of the Federation calendar, and its purpose is to achieve the neutron War Star battle across galaxies!”

“You should all know that the neutron War Star, because of its own super gravitational effect, will be greatly restricted whether it is for Space Teleportation or hyperspace navigation, and it is almost impossible to complete the span. Galactic-level combat, let alone inter-galactic group!”

Hearing this, Lin Tian and Lin Yu are both nodded.

Indeed, the biggest problem with the Neutron War Star is that it can’t sail over long distances. Otherwise, the Ziyun Empire would not be nestled in the Andromeda galaxy, instead of attacking other galaxies. Similarly, the Federation will not get the neutron War Star until now, and it has not been used on the battlefield.

Because War Star alone cannot fly out of the Andromeda Galaxy.

“And the Uranus Project was born!”

“In this project, we made a total of many attempts.”

“At first , We hope to manipulate the gravitational field of the neutron War Star to minimize its impact on hyperspace through adjustments, so that it can carry out hyperspace navigation that can last longer.”

“However, Regrettably, after half a year of experimentation, we discovered that this path does not work. Unless it is to completely eliminate the gravitational field of the neutron War Star, no matter how you adjust it, it will be useless!”

“So, based on this, we started a brand new attempt, which is to completely eliminate the gravitational field of the neutron War Star!”

To completely eliminate the gravitational field of the neutron War Star?

Can this be done?

Although there is indeed a gravitational barrier that can isolate the gravitational field in the outpost of the Neutron War Star, it is useless!

Be aware that because the neutron War Star’s super-gravity exists, it is impossible to install any devices at all.

As for why the control room of the Neutron War Star can be protected by a gravitational barrier?

That’s not because it’s empty inside the gravitational barrier. I don’t know what technology Alphat civilization used to hollow out a small area!

However, if you want to install a set of gravity barrier generator inside it, and after activation, let this gravity barrier penetrate the neutron War Star and act on the outside, which is simply impossible what.

Well, maybe it is possible, but now the technology is impossible with Federation!

“For this, we have made a lot of attempts, and various methods like a heavenly steed, soaring across the skies have been used, but the result is still not working.”

” Until one day, I suddenly had a strange idea. Since I can’t attack Neutron War Star, why don’t we directly attack Neutron War Star’s exclusive outpost?”

Yes Start at the outpost?

Wait, it seems feasible!

After hearing this, Lin Tian and Lin Yu understood a little bit. Li Lizi thought of a solution!

Don’t you want to isolate gravity?

As the exclusive base of the Neutron War Star, the outpost is not a good isolation from the gravitational field?

Since there is no way for the Neutron War Star to obtain the ability to sail across the galaxy group alone, isn’t it enough to find a way to make the entire outpost possess this ability?

Indeed, Li Lizi used the same method as the two guessed.

Since the outpost can accommodate the neutron War Star and completely isolate its gravitational field, then directly build a super large Star Sect, directly Space Teleportation the entire outpost, or install a Shangya for the outpost Lightspeed engine and hyperspace engine.

Then all the problems will be solved naturally.

“Well, as you guessed, since the Neutron War Star itself is actually very small, the outpost is actually not big. If you want to speak of volume, this outpost does not even have A planet-class battleship is a big one, and it’s a much smaller one!”

“Then, things are simple, we only need to modify the outpost to have the ability to sail and hyperspace. That’s it, and the final modification has been completed three days ago, so it’s almost time for the final test.”

“The above is the entire Uranus plan and the current progress!”


Lin Tian and Lin Yu sucked in a cold breath one after another.

That is to say, now Neutron War Star already has the ability to fight across the galaxy group?

“Okay, now you all understand the Uranus Plan, and you all know that the progress of the Uranus Plan is nearly complete, only the final acceptance.”

“So, I decided , Put the neutron War Star into the war in the Gal galaxy as the final acceptance stage of the Uranus plan!”

patted the hand, pulling the shocked two people back to God, Lin Fan said.

When these words came out, Lin Tian instantly became excited.

With the Neutron War Star, what do I still worry about? This thing is done by drilling into the swarm. The flesh and blood wants to resist the super gravitational effect of the Neutron War Star?

Send you three words, impossible!


Just when Lin Tian was so excited that he even began to rub his hands, Lin Fan continued to speak when he looked like a pig brother.

“Neutron War Star only exists as a swept array. Unless there is a crisis of breakthrough in the defense line, it is not allowed to be exposed!”

Well, Lin Tian replied with a sad expression.

As for the reason not to be exposed as much as possible, he is not stupid. When Lin Fan first said it, he had already reacted.

The next battle will be the Federation’s war of prestige. After this battle, it will rely on Emir to contact Alia and use Alba to fully launch the procrastination plan.

In other words, the time is too early!

After the negotiation, the neutron star is used as a killing move to prevent the insect race from breaking the contract suddenly, or after delaying, the baby will be taken out when a full-scale war with the insect race in the future. Obviously it is the most suitable .

Therefore, as Lin Fan said, in this war, the Neutron War Star will only exist as a raiding array. If it is not necessary, it will never be shot!

“Next, I will arrange your mission!”


One day later, Lin Fan was appointed as the neutron War Star Lin Yu, the first commander, and Li Lizi, who served as a technical adviser.

All have come to the outpost where the neutron War Star stopped.

Of course, the two have not entered the Neutron War Star now, but are in the control center of the outpost.

“Report, all preparations are ready!”

“Okay, start the hyperspace engine, target the Gal galaxy of the Myers group of galaxies, the base camp of the Weta defense line garrison!”

“Yes, commander!”

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