Strongest Commander of Interstellar Chapter 532

With the help of Lin Fan, Lin Tian has a lot more courage.

Some of the bold battles that I dared not try can now be tried. After all, there is a neutron War Star on the edge, so confident, isn’t it?

Ten days passed unconsciously.

During this period, the two sides were very tacitly confronted at a distance of 10AU without any other actions.

It’s just that, as time goes by, the number of insect races has increased, and even a single sip of water can drown the entire fearless fleet. It’s not an exaggeration.

“Chief of Staff, how many zero-point particle missiles do we have now?”

Looking at the results detected on the space radar, Lin Tian asked the staff .

“There are currently 75,195 zero-point particle missiles, 950 zero-point bomb carriers, and 29,560 zero-point mines…”

The chief of staff opened his own Terminal system, and reported a series of inventory of zero-point particle weapons.

Listening to the report, while still staring at the feedback from the space radar, Lin Tian’s expression was a bit solemn.

Only the quantity that has arrived, if you want to use zero-point particles for cleaning, you have to use at least 23 of the inventory.

According to the current number of zero-point particle weapons produced every day in the base camp of the Weta line of defense, it is completely unable to keep up with the speed of the insect race continuously arriving.

In other words, once a full-scale war starts, if the momentum of the insect race cannot be suppressed, then the zero-point particle armament of the entire fearless fleet will be exhausted in no more than three days.

After a simple calculation, Lin Tian immediately came to such a very bad conclusion.

“Sure enough, the only feasible way is to capture the thieves and capture the king first?”

It’s no wonder that Lin Tian thinks this way. Energy consumption is exhausted, and at the same time all zero-point particle weapons are used up, it is impossible to solve all the insect races, and even 10% of them are not fixed!

But how easy is it to capture the king!

You must know that this is different from Alba’s. According to the intelligence that Emil said, Alia had the means to deal with phase shields one hundred thousand years ago, and there were also a number of shocks. Human Imperial Family guards protect, if the fearless fleet is like dealing with Alba, it rammed into it in a silly way, for fear that one ship would not even want to return.

“Let’s spend more time on the battle of positions first. If it doesn’t work, you can consider letting the neutron War Star perform decapitation operations!”


Two days have passed again.

Just as Lin Tian was busy deploying the defense line, on the other side, in the largest insect nest channel in the insect race control area, an insect that the Federation had never seen before appeared in a neat queue. Up.

Of course, the moment they appeared, they were captured by the space radar on the Weta line of defense.

“Commander, a new Battle Insect appeared on the insect race side. Its appearance and bio-energy characteristics did not find any similar records in the database!”

” The detailed data will be released!”

“Yes, Commander!”

Soon, a Battle Insect 3D image that resembles a scorpion appeared in the projection of the bridge. Various detectable data are marked on one side.


Everyone took a deep breath after looking at the data.

It’s really…this data is too exaggerated!

Each is the size of the same Titan Grade battleship, and the energy in its body even exceeds the standard of Rank 2 Insect King.

If this is the same as Insect King, if the quantity is not large, everyone will not be surprised, but the problem is that the quantity is a bit too much, and it is already less than ten minutes. Over a hundred million have appeared, and they are still arriving continuously.

“Call up the information we captured in the battle in Albana, check the recorded information about the Imperial Family Guard Cocoon, and compare it horizontally with this new species!”


“Yes, Commander!”

Lin Tian, ​​who suddenly thought of something, turned his head and said to Bi Luodis.

According to the analysis of the three high-level basic Battle Insects that appeared on the previous battlefield, even if the insect race has evolved to be more powerful, aside from the various functional organs in the body, energy fluctuations are not There will be too much variety, at most it is just a substantial increase in the intensity index.

In order to confirm his guess, Lin Tian decided to confirm it.

Soon, Bi Luo Fourth called up all the information about the previous battle based on what Lin Tian said.

Although, after destroying the cocoons before, Emil told them that these are Alba’s Imperial Family guard worms.

However, at that time, the Imperial Family Guard Worms of Alba did not hatch completely, so they were not recorded in the Battle Insect database of the insect race to avoid misjudgment.

Now, after a comparison, in addition to the energy intensity contained in it is much weaker than the new insect in front of us, but the basic energy fluctuations are still very similar.

“Sure enough, this is the Imperial Family guard bug. It should be Alia’s guard.”

“Since it is Alia’s Imperial Family guard, the distance is next The battle should not be far away.”

“Notify all fleets to upgrade their combat readiness to level one!”

After confirming that these insects are Alia’s Imperial Family guards, Lin Tian quickly made a judgment, the war…

is coming!

Just like confirming Lin Tian’s speculation, after one day, when Alia’s Imperial Family guard worms had gathered in the tens of billions, the insect race… began to march again.

However, what Lin Tian didn’t know was that for this time’s attack, the commander was no longer the First Rank Insect King on the front line, but Ali in the Kate galaxy 3 million light-years away. Ya!

As the opening remark, after the insect race army entered the 10AU distance of the Weta defense line, it was still the first mover of the fearless fleet.

Single-point strike through space strike, after release, almost the same time it acts on the array in front of the insect race.

There is no means to resist, and Alia did not think of resisting, she just continued to march silently.

For the fearless fleet on the Weta line of defense, the loss caused by a wave of attacks every 30 seconds is completely ignored.

Indeed, this damage is not even a hair loss for the insect race!

It is almost a replica of the last outpost. Two hours later, when the front of the insect race army entered the 5AU range, the Thyroid attack!

“It shouldn’t be!”

Looking at the picture in the tactical video, Lin Tian was a little puzzled. This was exactly the same as the outpost war, and it was a bit out of his mind. The unexpected.

In his vision, with the previous experience, the insect race will definitely adopt a different approach this time, but the reality is indeed the opposite…

” Where is the Imperial Family Guard?”

“At the third stage of the insect race array, it is currently 9AU away from our defense line!”

“The third stage? So that’s it! Order all the fleets, Stop attacking the Jet Worm in the front of the insect race, bypass the front ends of its array, and directly attack the Imperial Family Guards in the third stage!”

“Yes, Commander!”

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