Strongest Commander of Interstellar Chapter 533

Space-based attacks have this benefit, ignoring obstacles and directly acting on the target.

Of course, this ignorance of obstacles is also limited. For example, if there is a problem with the space between oneself and the target, the attack cannot pass, just like the insect race did in the outpost. In that way, special energy is used to explode intensively in a certain area, which causes damage to the space level and cannot be repaired by itself in a short time.

As for the calculations of the insect race, Lin Tian roughly guessed it, but it is not a very complicated tactic.

Similar to the outpost, it is first advanced with the three basic Battle Insects, and then uses the cultivation of jetworms and battleship worms to create a space disorder between the two sides to block the fearless fleet. Long-range space strikes, and took the opportunity to advance to within 1AU of the defense line at the cost of most of the Battle Insect’s death.

Of course, if he does this alone, Lin Tian has multiple methods to contain him, and the result will be the same as an outpost. In the end, the insect race has no choice but to retreat.

However, it is clear that the insect race has other plans, and the key is the Imperial Family Guard at the third stage of the array!

Although I don’t know if Alia’s Imperial Family Guard has been greatly improved and strengthened like other Battle Insects, but at least, the information given by Emil is about one hundred thousand years ago. , Alia’s Imperial Family Guard is horrifying enough!

The attack range is up to 3AU, and the attack mode is space slash.

Of course, if only this is the case, it won’t make Lin Tian feel scary. After all, no matter how powerful your space attack is, Yiou doesn’t have the means to deal with the phase shield, it is still useless.

Otherwise, the Saint-Ville Empire had already destroyed the insect race in the Early-Stage war, so how could it only have an advantage?

It’s like the fourth level civilization has nothing to do with Fifth Level civilization, and the sixth level civilization can also use the seventh level civilization.

One is to cross the threshold of space technology, and the other is to cross the threshold of phase technology.

Fifth Level and Seventh Level Civilization, these two levels of civilization are very representative and can already be regarded as entering a new dimension.

Therefore, in the early-Stage stage of the insect race Holy War, the insect race was only crushed and beaten, but this is the reason why it was not destroyed. The Imperial Family Guard has a certain phase attack ability!

Of course, it’s not that they can attack battleships in different phases at will, and they can hit each other accurately.

But it can send its own attacks to different phases, but the insect race does not have the ability to accurately know what phase the opponent’s battleship is in.

Be aware that in theory, the phase is unlimited!

Of course, this is just a theory. In fact, the phase shield of the seventh level civilization only enters one phase randomly, and the number of phases that can be entered is also limited, usually 100-200.

After all, you have to calculate almost infinite phase data, which is basically impossible, even a more advanced civilization can hardly do it.

Therefore, the phase shield basically only records the phase calculated by a civilization, and the phases that are the easiest to calculate, which are the so-called basic phases!

And when starting, choose one to enter randomly, instead of randomly choosing one from the theoretically infinite phase!

And here is an opportunity for the Imperial Family Guards. As long as you keep trying in the basic phases to find the phases used by humans, things will be easy to do…


Just use the quantity to pile it!

For example, the basic phases used by the human phase shield are 200, so as long as you spend time and try repeatedly in the basic phases, you will eventually be able to find those phases used by humans.

In the end, 200 Imperial Family Guard Worms directly attack all phases at the same time, so there is always one attack that can be hit, isn’t it?

Of course, in the process of this attempt, the insect race will be in a stage of being beaten and unable to fight back. However, the insect race really doesn’t care about this. It’s just dead bugs. What’s the matter? Problem?

Well, this is really nothing in the insect race, it’s simply bug-free!

Therefore, Lin Tian is very afraid of the Imperial Family Guard, even more how, if this Imperial Family Guard, like other Battle Insects, has been improved by Alia in these 100,000 years. ?

The ghost knows whether its range has been increased, whether its attack power has become stronger, or how many more methods can be used to target phase shields?

The same sentence, lack of intelligence!

However, anyway, the range is increased, and the formidable power enhancement is almost impossible. As for whether it has new abilities, whether it has more countermeasures against the phase shield, it is totally unknown.

According to the current situation, when the front array of the insect race rushes into the defense line 1AU through the space disorder, these Imperial Family guards will also reach the distance of about 5AU!

What if the attack distance of these Imperial Family guards increases, even to the level of 5AU?

It can be said that all the previous Battle Insects are cannon fodder and decoys. Only the Imperial Family Guards, which are now in the third stage of the array, are the real killing move and they need to be careful to deal with. !

Sacrifice all the basic Battle Insect, just to send the Imperial Family Guard to a distance that can be attacked. This is the tactics of the insect race, and only a race like the insect race can afford it. Tactics.

If this is changed to Federation, don’t be nonsense, sacrifice 99% of the troops, just to send that 1% to the attack position?

If anyone dares to do this, no, it should be said that as long as someone dares to propose such a plan, they will be directly believing or not?

For this, Lin Tian’s response is also very simple, letting go of all the arrays in front, and prioritize attacking the Imperial Family guards behind him!

Of course, Lin Tian doesn’t have much time. According to calculations, insect race will use the tactics of the outpost wartime at most one hour later to create a chaotic space for the insects. At that time, The fearless fleet loses its ability to attack the Imperial Family Guards behind it.

With the experience of outpost warfare, Lin Tian will naturally not sit back and wait, and the arrangements these days have never been in vain!

A distance of 9AU apart, a single-point penetrating space attack directly hit the front of the Imperial Family guard array. The dazzling white radiance flashed, as if directly drawn in the sky. A straight line in general.

In this straight line, everything will be penetrated without any barriers.

As soon as the attack came, the Imperial Family Guard Worm had already stimulated a spatial barrier through the spatial organs in the body, similar to the one-way Spatial Shield used by the Federation, directly acting in front of itself. Form a shield!

However, it is a pity that even the Spatial Shield cannot stop the piercing of the attack. A huge hole was pierced in the Spatial Shield in an instant, and the Imperial Family guard worms located behind it were joined together. pierce.

The second one behind it…the third…to the seventh…


Was blocked! ! !

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