Strongest Commander of Interstellar Chapter 534

Some races are born with strong innate talents. Obviously, insect race is in this column.

Take the Federation as an example. Along the way, we have experienced the era of cold weapons, hot weapons, energy weapons, and now the space weapons era. It can be said that every step forward requires the efforts of countless generations. Just work.

Well, at this stage of the Federation’s transition from energy weapons to space weapons, it is a lot easier because of the opening of Lin Fan.

However, biological civilization is different. Human beings have worked hard to create energy weapons. Insect race has already had organs with corresponding functions from the time it was born.

It’s like spray bugs, battleship bugs, etc. They don’t need to study the so-called technology, because these things can be used as instinct from the moment they are born.

Of course, although innate talent is very strong, but it also has no shortcomings.

The universe is fair to every race!

After the insect race achieved a higher starting point than other races, its upper limit was also suppressed. Now Alia is already the limit of the insect race, unless the limit of the insect race is broken. , Evolve again, otherwise, that’s it. Bullying and bullying middle and low-level civilizations are okay. If you run into high-level civilizations, you’re just an ant!


In the joint ship, Lin Tian looked at the observation image in front of him with some surprise.

In his expectation, the spatial puncture should directly penetrate the entire insect race array.

But in fact, after only passing through six Royal Family Guard Worms, they were blocked.

And this problem lies in the Imperial Family guard bug, this kind of insect can use Spatial Shield! !

Although, even the Spatial Shield, it is basically impossible to block the penetrating space attack like space piercing, but even if it can’t stop it, it’s okay to offset some of its formidable power!

So, after the first six Imperial Family guard worms were blocked, its remaining formidable power was no longer enough to continue to penetrate through another space barrier. In the end, it was lost by the seventh Imperial Family guard worm. The space barrier completely blocked it.

This is not good news. If every attack can only eliminate a few guard bugs, then one hour is not enough to cause a deadly devastating blow to these Imperial Family guards!

“The staff, immediately calculate how many Imperial Family guard bugs can be eliminated with the current strike method before the insect race creates space chaos!”

“Yes, Commander …According to calculations, it can only cause 32-33% losses to the Imperial Family guard bugs at most!”

Is it only 32-33%?

Too few!

Lin Tian’s original expectation was more than 80%, but now he finds that even half of this goal is not achieved.

Although the number of these Imperial Family guard bugs is not large, they are not like other Battle Insects, which are on the scale of the trillions, but they are all concentrated in one defense zone.

Be aware that although the fearless fleet has 10 billion battleships, it is scattered across all the defense zones of the entire Weta defense line.

Furthermore, even if it is a defense zone, it is still very large. This is not a plane war. The defense line only needs to be laid out in a straight line. This is a three-dimensional cosmic war. Each defense zone needs to be guarded. A very huge three-dimensional cross-section, its range is even calculated in light years, otherwise, why can a line of defense be able to protect a Star Domain?

And the array of Imperial Family Guard Worms, on this cross-section, only occupies a small part of it.

What does this mean?

It means that only a small part of the battleship in the defense zone can be attacked on these insects!

Of course, Lin Tian can mobilize all battleships in the defense area to gather together, and even mobilize the battleship support of all defense areas in the entire defense line.

However, once that is done, the defensive power of other defense zones will be greatly reduced.

Perhaps, this is exactly what Alia intended?

Lin Tian dare not take such a risk!

“Identify the zero-point particle mines we deployed along their route!”

“Yes, commander!”

Soon, tactics In the image, there are many special marks, each representing a mine.

This is not an ordinary mine, but a member of the Federation’s zero-point particle series of weapons, the zero-point particle mine, a type of mine that is specially deployed in space.

The biggest difference between it and the zero-point particle missile is that one emphasizes the speed of attack, and the other emphasizes concealment.

In order to install a small hyperspace engine and achieve short-term hyperspace capability, the zero-point particle missile had to sacrifice a part of the storage capacity of zero-point particles, which reduced the formidable power a lot.

The zero-point particle mine is to shoot with completely opposite thinking, which emphasizes concealment and extreme formidable power.

Although it is still not as powerful as the zero bomb carrier, its kill range is enough to reach a radius of tens of millions of kilometers, and it is in order to better highlight the concealment, whether it is the shell design It is also the shielding of the internal zero-point particles, which are all done to the point of perfection.

If you don’t have some special means, even if you put it in front of you, you will only think that this is a fragment of asteroid that can be seen everywhere in the universe.

However, once it is detonated…

“Are there 37 in total?”

“The staff, plan the fleet for the next hour Avoid the insects that will enter the killing radius of the zero-point particle mine, and focus on the other parts.”

“Finally, let’s calculate again and implement this plan within an hour. How many Imperial Family Guard Worms can be eliminated!”

After thinking about it, Lin Tian immediately made a decision.

These imperial family guard bugs must be solved immediately in any case, even if some hole cards are exposed.

“Yes, Commander!”

“The combat model has been established according to the new plan and is being calculated!”

“The calculation is completed, and the plan is to act , The annihilation rate can be increased to 89-92% within one hour!”


Okay, this value has completely reached Lin Tian’s expectations. In this case, the subsequent operations will be easier.

“Distribute the combat plan to the Second Squadron and order Lin Kexin to execute it immediately!”

“Yes, Commander!”


At the same time, the seventh defense zone of the Weta line of defense.

The second division of the fearless fleet, the flagship Roselle!

“Commander, a new attack plan has been sent from the headquarters, and it has been sent to your terminal!”

“Pester and chirp is too slow, my mother I’ve been waiting for a long time!”

Sitting in the bridge, behind the captain, Lin Kexin said disgustingly.

Since Lin Tian captured Alba and returned to the Weta defense line, Lin Kexin ended his career as an acting commander.

However, Lin Tian did not ask her to go back to command the special fleet, but instead threw her directly to the Second Squadron, making her the commander of one billion battleships. Responsible for the seventh to ninth defense zones.

“This is it?”

“You still think about it for so long?”

Lin Kexin, who has no special fleet command authority, has read the attack plan. After that, the disgusting color on his face…

It’s even worse! !

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