Strongest Commander of Interstellar Chapter 535

It can be said that Lin Kexin and Lin Tian have completely different styles in fleet command.

If you want to talk about Lin Kexin’s command style and who is closer, then the closest person you can think of in the entire Federation is Sophia Duncan.

The same strength, the same dislike of tricks, on the battlefield, people like them will always only do one thing, that is…

Completely crush from the front you! To ravage you! !

And Lin Tian is the type who likes to win with surprises. Although he has become a little more stable under the care of Bi Luodis over the years, his essence is still an unscrupulous angel with many tricks. !

Therefore, Lin Kexin immediately expressed disdain for the attack plan passed by Lin Tian.

But, disdain to disdain, Lin Kexin still understands the rules of the battlefield, even if he is reluctant, what should be executed must be executed meticulously.

At this point, Lin Kexin is still very clear.

“According to this plan, the staff team redistributed the attack targets and sent them to the corresponding fleet!”

“Yes, commander!”

Line of defense Above, after receiving the latest strike plan, the fleet responsible for the strike mission in the relevant area gave firepower one after another, but soon restarted the attack.

It’s just that the attack method at this time is very different from before.

The previous attack, although the target was also Alia’s Imperial Family Guard, it was biased towards a more comprehensive and balanced attack. At this moment, the firepower began to become a little disorderly, as if no one was commanding it. In general, it’s a little bit east and west!

Naturally, this situation fell in the eyes of Alia, who was 3 million light-years away.

What are human beings doing?

Different from Alba, Alba was just a Rank 2 Insect King 100,000 years ago. To put it awkwardly, it was just a small soldier or even cannon fodder.

And Alia is different. Before the first Holy War, she had fought countless wars with many civilizations. In addition to the insect race Holy War, it can be said that The battlefield experience is extremely rich, and he knows well the combat methods of scientific and technological civilization.

But at this moment, he can’t understand the intentions of human beings…

However, no matter what tricks are in it, Alia doesn’t care, because…

Different from Lin Tian’s guess, even the tens of billions of Imperial Family guards are also feigned, or even used as cannon fodder!

Think about it, Alba, who has just evolved into an emperor, has directly bred the imperial Imperial Family guard insect, so Alia, who has developed for 100,000 years, has an Imperial Family guard. How can it be the number of trifling 10 billion?

If Lin Fan was here, he would definitely not ignore this, but Lin Tian…obviously ignored it!

“The time is coming!”

Alia closed her eyes and sensed it through the powerful spirit strength she radiated. The corners of her mouth rose slightly, showing A very human scene.


Just when Lin Tian focused most of his attention on the seventh defense zone.

The nineteenth defense zone.

This is a defense zone spanning 3 light years. The insect race offensive is concentrated in the central part of the defense zone.

Similarly, 90% of the fleet in the defense zone is also concentrated in the central part, and the remaining area is evenly distributed by the remaining 10% of the fleet for basic alert!

At 5AU from the nineteenth defense zone, an insect race army is constantly advancing, but the defenders on the defense line are unaware of it. Even if you are by the side of this insect swarm, rely on Naked eye, I can only see an empty void, nothing!

And this insect race army is under Alia, besides the Imperial Family Guard, one of the three special insect species.

Hidden blade insect!

Speaking of hidden blade insect, its biggest feature is that it can generate a barrier that wraps its body through a special organ in the body.

This barrier does not have any defensive ability, but it can isolate most of the detection methods, whether it is conventional mechanical scanning, or the space radar used by the Federation today, etc., it cannot be detected. exist.

Not only that, this barrier is even visually invisible, allowing the hidden blade insect to hide under the environment like a color-changing dragon-like, even in a space environment with nothing.

Of course, there is no way, after all, as long as the barrier exists, energy will radiate.

Therefore, as long as you scan the energy index, you can still find the existence of hidden blade insects. Of course, the premise is that you deliberately scan this area.

But obviously, the defenders of the nineteenth defense zone did not have the energy index to scan the area, they just used the space radar for monitoring!

According to the advance speed of the hidden blade insect and the current distance from the line of defense, in about two hours, it will be…

No one realizes that the huge The crisis is coming!


Unconsciously, almost an hour has passed. In each defense zone, the battleship bug has long been the same as the outpost, releasing its aggregation. Sexual ultra-long-range beam attacks, and these attacks are about to catch up with the semi-physical attack shells released by the jetworms in front of them, containing special energy!

“Commander, according to our calculations, it is estimated that the space disorder will be triggered again in 3 minutes!”

On the staff side, the chief of staff loudly reported to Lin Tian.

In fact, Lin Tian knows that without the Chief of Staff report, after all, at this moment, he is staring at the tactical image in front of him. Of the two batches of red dots in the screen, the second batch is about to catch up. The first batch!

“Notify Lin Kexin, don’t wait any longer, immediately detonate all zero-point particle mines that can include the Imperial Family guard bug!”

“Yes, Commander!”

In the Luoshen, Lin Kexin was watching something on her terminal with extreme concentration, and she didn’t even hear the adjutant’s report until the adjutant increased the volume again to report…

“What’s the matter?”

“The commander has ordered all mines to be detonated immediately according to the established plan!”

“I see, you do it now!”

In one sentence, and after waving two or three hands, Lin Kexin withdrew her attention and continued to focus on her terminal.

Regardless of Lin Kexin’s attitude, to be honest, these biochemical soldiers are really easy to use, they are meticulous in the execution of orders, and hardly make any mistakes!

After half a minute, dozens of huge and dazzling white energy clusters rose up, covering almost all the Imperial Family guard bugs.

In two minutes, another series of energy bursts on a larger scale, instantly rising in all defense zones…

Space chaos… once again!

However, no matter how noisy the outside world is, Lin Kexin’s attention is still focused on her terminal, and at this moment, the screen on the terminal is staying on the tactical image of the 19th War Zone.

“There is a problem in this nineteenth War Zone!”

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