Strongest Commander of Interstellar Chapter 536

Although Lin Kexin and Sofia command almost exactly the same way, it doesn’t mean that people like them are just reckless.

On the contrary, they pay more attention to the details on the battlefield. Otherwise, why can they always win the battle just by being positive?

In fact, Lin Kexin noticed that the nineteenth defense zone can be said to be a coincidence. It is simply not convinced. Why the seventh fleet can suppress the insect race to the perfection, so he called out the tenth. Take a look at the tactical video of the Ninth Defense Zone.

However, there is a feeling of something wrong at this sight, but it can’t be said for a while what’s wrong.

However, Lin Kexin has always believed in her instincts very much. Even if she didn’t figure out what was wrong for a while, she didn’t let the matter go, but kept thinking about it.

Until now, in all the defense zones, just like in the outpost, after the insect race created a space disorder, Lin Kexin finally understood what the problem was.

Insect race of other defense zones is full of the entire defense zone, and there is no gap in the full advancement. Only in the nineteenth defense zone, the insect race concentrates its forces in the center, and the outer circle area does not. Deploy troops.

Correspondingly, the defenders of the nineteenth defense zone also concentrated their forces in the central area about a light-year away, and only a small number of battleship guards were deployed in the surrounding areas.

When Lin Kexin discovered the source of this wrong feeling, his first reaction was…

Insect race deliberately attracted the defenders in the middle of the defense zone to protect the rest of the insects. Group sneak attack lays the foundation!

Unconsciously shook the head. Although the first reaction is like this, the problem is that this is an interstellar war. Since reaching Fifth Level civilization, the sneak attack has almost become an impossible tactic. .

To say why, the universe is too empty, and with the advancement of science and technology, detection methods are becoming more powerful.

Take the Federation’s space radar as an example, fine detection can reach several light-years away, if it is only a rough detection, it can even reach the point of tens of thousands of light-years.

In such a situation, how to hide oneself in order to achieve the purpose of sneak attack?

Unless there is a brand-new super-luminal means that will make all detection and interference systems invalid, it will be possible!

Just like now, the Federation has the means to block the Vita line of defense, so that the insect race cannot open the insect nest channel on the line of defense or behind the line of defense. Therefore, Lin Tian never thought about the issue of a sneak attack on the insect race. .

But obviously, he was careless!

Because the insect race once again created a space disorder, the Federation could not use space weapons to pass through the chaotic area and directly act on the insect race array at the back. In the front of the chaotic area, there is no insect race for the time being. .

So, as in the outpost war, the entire Weta defense line entered a brief ceasefire again.

However, Lin Kexin in the Luoshen did not stop because of this. Instead, he mobilized various detection and scanning devices including space radars, focusing on the 19th defense zone that is not in the Central Region. Probing.

Just now, she discovered that even if the 1-3AU range of all defense zones is in space chaos, the 19th defense zone has not completely fallen into it. After all, the non-central part of the defense zone does not have an insect race attack. , So there is no space disorder caused by insects.

Perhaps, in Lin Tian’s eyes, this is not a big problem. If the insect race really bypasses the Central Region and attacks from the surrounding non-disordered areas, he will detect it immediately.

In short, as it is, Lin Tian has never considered the ability of an insect race to be a sneak attack!

Similarly, Lin Kexin is now frowning, even if she feels more uneasy, even if she uses many methods to probe those areas, she still finds nothing.

“How could it be possible that there is nothing? Could the insect become invisible?”

Wait, invisible…

“Quickly, let the 101 special fleet Go to the ninth defense zone!”

“Yes, commander!”

Suddenly Lin Kexin thought of something, as if in a daze, he gave the order directly.

Invisible, maybe insect race is really invisible?

The thoughts that kept flashing in my mind gradually became clearer.

“However, even if the insect race can achieve radar stealth, or even visual stealth, you can’t hide the energy in the body, right?”

My eyes are still staring at the person in front of you.

The virtual panel, Lin Kexin muttered to herself.

It’s just that if you want to scan energy sources over a large area, it’s not as good as space radars that can be carried out at super long distances. This is why Lin Kexin arranged for the 101 special fleet to go.

One is because the fleet is equipped with all kinds of equipment, and the other is that, as a special fleet, it even carries a large number of zero-point particle missiles.

So, don’t look at the small fleet with only one million battleships, but its actual battle strength is definitely stronger than most medium-sized fleets, and can even approach the level of large-scale fleets.

Through hyperspace navigation, the 101st Special Fleet arrived in the 19th Defense Zone in just over ten seconds.

“Order the fleet now…”

“Commander, I have received a communication from the commander. Do you need to take it now?”

“Damn it, I really will pick the time, and I will pick it up for my old lady right away!”

“Yes, commander!”

As the communication was connected, Lin Tian’s silhouette appeared in Luoshen in an instant. In the bridge of the ship.

“Lin Kexin, what are you doing?”

“Move the fleet out of the defense zone without an order. I wonder if your seventh War Zone is the top priority?”

Looking at Lin Tian’s face, you can know that he is a little angry.

Although it is only one million battleship, it has nothing to do with the overall situation, but Lin Kexin’s practice of acting privately without order is a bit too much.

“My mother has no time to explain to you now, you just stay aside!”

“If it turns out that I was wrong, you can punish whatever you want, but now Shut up for me first!”

Faced with Lin Tian who was a little angry, Lin Kexin didn’t have the slightest timidity, so he went straight up.

After that, Lin Tian ignored Lin Tian’s somewhat ugly expression, and he turned his head and continued to give orders to the command team.

“Order the 101 special fleet to conduct energy detection for the old lady, and the target is all paths that are not blocked by space disturbances!”

“Yes, commander!”

On the side, Lin Tian, ​​who was dark-faced, suddenly thought of something. He was not stupid, but just neglected such a probability.

Now, after hearing Lin Kexin’s order, he also reacted suddenly. The anger dissipated in an instant, replaced by a nervous expression, and his eyes stared at Li Lizi unconsciously. On the tactical video of the nineteenth defense zone.

Half a minute later, when the 101st Special Fleet completed the preliminary scan and sent the results back.

In the tactical video, the originally empty non-central chaotic area of ​​the 19th War Zone was instantly overwhelmed by countless red dots.

Among them, this red ocean front…

There is only 2AU of distance left from the line of defense!

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