Strongest Commander of Interstellar Chapter 537

Thousands of trillions of insects have sneaked into such a close position in front of one’s eyes.

At this moment, Lin Tian has realized the seriousness of the problem. If he continues at this speed, he will sneak into the defense line in less than an hour.

At that time, the main force of the insect race in the center of the 19th defense zone just passed through the space chaotic area, directly forming a multi-faceted flanking state.

If this unknown insect has no special ability, but if it has the means to break the phase shield, the consequences would be unimaginable.

Furthermore, Lin Tian can almost conclude that these sneak attack insects must have this method, otherwise Alia will send them up even knowing that the Federation battleship has phase shields. Isn’t there a problem with the brain?

Fortunately, my niece has discovered that this place I have overlooked, things are still saved!

“Immediately authorize the use of zero-point particle missiles for the 101 special fleet!”

“Tell Lin Kexin that zero-point particle missiles can be used without restrictions, and only one is required to completely eliminate these insects! “

In the bridge of the Union, Lin Tian’s face was a little gloomy.

But it is understandable. After all, he was slammed by Alia. In the end, his niece discovered the problem, and the glorious image of the elders disappeared!

“Yes, commander!”

At the same time, the nineteenth defense zone was about 0.8 light-years away from the central defense line.

The 101st special fleet has launched a formation and launched an attack!

Although the entire special fleet has only 1 million battleships, the number of insect races is several trillion.

But now the distance between the two sides has narrowed to within 2AU, which is completely within the large range of the 101 special fleet.

At this moment, all battleships have adjusted the naval guns on the battleship to the space ripping mode, which is the ultimate form of gravity guns. In addition to special weapons, the Federation currently has the widest range of conventional weapons.

With the white glow of the naval gun’s irradiated port, almost at the same time outside of 2AU, countless white glows also flashed and enveloped a large area.

After the empty void was shrouded by these white glows, a large number of huge insects that were not recorded in the Federation database appeared silhouettes, and then they were torn into pieces under the effect of space tearing. Broken pieces.

Obviously, Alia did not expect that the Federation would discover her dark hand and launch an attack so soon, without time to direct the hidden blade insect to make any resistance actions.

In just one wave of attacks, at least one billion losses were lost.

Although the number of one billion is not worth mentioning for this batch of sneak attack hidden blade insects, the key point is that the current distance is far from Alia’s expectations. If you continue to risk With this kind of firepower moving forward for an hour, the loss would be great.

After all, hidden blade insects are not those basic Battle Insects. As one of the three special insect species cultivated by Alia, the resources needed to cultivate are huge, even if it is cultivated by Alia. After tens of thousands of years, its number will never exceed 100 trillion!

“Commander, the commander has authorized you to use the zero-point particle weapon without restrictions!”

“Oh, this time it’s pretty good!”

Well, war is art, and the ultimate weapon on the battlefield, zero-point particle arming is simply the ultimate in art!

Lin Kexin has long wanted to enjoy this ultimate art, but this thing is generally not used, and she has never had a chance.

But now…Unlimited usage rights!

If it weren’t for this product, it’s a little bit of control, I’m afraid it’s going to smile directly!


3 million light-years away, the Kate galaxy.

“I was discovered so soon?”

Alia was also a little surprised at the scene that took place in the 19th War Zone.

In her original idea, the hidden blade insect should be able to reach the line of defense successfully, but now, this is still a full 2AU away.

And hidden blade insect …

A pure assassin type insect mound, without any long-range ability, not even defensive ability.

If you want to continue to advance 2AU like this, under this kind of firepower, it seems unlikely that it has become impossible!

However, Alia is not that absolutely does not have a way. The hidden blade insect can escape the detection of various radars, but it cannot completely hide its energy. Regarding this, no one is better. Leah knew better.

Therefore, Alia can generally guess what method humans used to discover hidden blade insects.

Then, there is only one thing that needs to be done, which is to completely abolish human scanning of energy sources, and another Innate Ability of hidden blade insect is born for this!

“Let’s start!”

Even if the killing move is discovered, the queen is still confident!


The seventh defense zone, inside the bridge of the Roselle.

Lin Kexin still stared at the tactical image in front of him.

“The staff, build a model and calculate it. Based on the current attack efficiency, can these strange insects be completely eliminated in one hour?”

“Yes, commander!”

The staff team has already been very comfortable with this kind of thing. The model was built in only half a minute, and after one minute, the calculation result was already out!

“Commander, according to the current efficiency, after one hour, 69% of the insect can be achieved!”

“It is still too slow, is the number of battleships too small?”

Lin Kexin frowned, only 69%. He was not satisfied with the result.


However, when he was thinking about whether to use zero-point particles to increase the cleaning speed, he found that…

In the tactical image, a burst of energy suddenly appeared in the insect race array. Then, with the explosion point as the center and a radius of more than 1 million kilometers, all the insects disappeared from the tactical image.

“Look up, who fired the zero-point missile!”

“Yes, commander!”

I was just thinking about it, and didn’t give an order. Use zero-point missiles?

Looking at such a scene, Lin Kexin can think of the zero-point missile first. The key is that the killing effect is too close to that of the zero-point missile.

“Commander, none of the battleships have launched zero-crossing missiles, and the defenders in the nineteenth defense zone have not fired either!”

“What’s the matter? Call me up the observation screen recorded before!”

“Yes, Commander!”

Soon, a video appeared in front of Lin Kexin.

In the picture, there is nothing in the void. However, at this time, a silhouette of an insect whose front is like two long knives appears.

The energy in his body began to boil and converge gradually!

Even its outer shell can no longer conceal the light of this energy, making its entire huge body begin to emit a faint red light.

Then…the whole insect exploded.

Yes, it just exploded, at least visually.

The strange thing is that the self-destruct formidable power of this insect is not great, but after its explosion, a large number of insect races around were lost in the surveillance of the 101 special fleet.

Even for energy detection…

I still can’t find it.

Immediately, the same scene began to happen everywhere in the entire hidden blade insect army. In the tactical image, it was as if the ground was being washed by a zero-point missile.

Insect race is disappearing one by one…

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