Strongest Commander of Interstellar Chapter 539

3 million light-years away, the Kate galaxy.

Alia is paying attention to the situation in the nineteenth defense zone of the Weta line of defense.

Speaking of which, since the beginning, the way of human attacks has made her a little confused.

After the hidden blade insect relied on energy to hide the traces, the human attack effect was greatly reduced, and even the previous one percent could not be achieved.

This is of course, after all, apart from the Central Region of the 19th defense zone, there is a larger area around it, enough for the entire army to maneuver.

In the face of this battleship of only one million, just a little change in the marching path and marching speed is enough to make most of the opponent’s attacks fail.

However, in any case, human space-based attacks are still very powerful and have a wide range of impacts.

Even if it is a random attack, it will always hit a lot.

Even if the attack effect is poor, at least you have to kill a lot.

It’s just that there is no way that a random wave of attacks can take away more than one billion or even billions.

What about now?

Humans switched to another attack method, abandoned the range-type kill, and instead used the original long-range penetrating attack.

Under a single attack, some good luck may be able to take away dozens or hundreds of hidden blade insects. If you are not lucky, you will not be able to take even one.

As far as the wave of attacks just now is concerned, most of them are bad luck. After all, this kind of penetration attack, although the attack distance is very long, and can penetrate the distance of several AU all the way. , But the attack surface is very small. Unless it hits the hidden blade insect accurately, it simply has no effect.

However, under the current circumstances, it is undoubtedly an unlikely thing to hit the hidden blade insect accurately and accurately.

A whole wave of attacks came down, and the total number of hidden blade insects taken away was only less than one million.

Obviously, this kind of attack is very unreasonable, making Alia a little bit confused.


This is?

Just when Alia was a little uncertain, a large number of vortex-shaped blue hyperspace windows appeared in every corner of the hidden blade insect army.

392 zero-point particle missiles quickly burst out of it.

No good, this is a zero-point particle weapon!

Alia, who once saw the human zero-point particle missile from Alba’s memory, instantly reacted to what it was.

But it’s too late. In the Federation’s zero-point particle armament system, zero-point particle missiles pay attention to the quickness of strike, and they don’t give you any chance to disengage.

The dazzling white energy group of the 392 regiment instantly rose up in the nineteenth defense zone, each with a diameter of millions of kilometers, and swallowed everything that it enveloped. .

For zero-point particle weapons, unless the phase technology is mastered, any resistance is futile.

All the attack points were within the dense array of hidden blade insects, and the entire army was instantly taken away by at least 20%.

“Damn, human beings were simply not attacking just now, but using that kind of penetrating strike to calculate the distance and position of the army!”

At this moment, Alia also reacted. Come here, what is the strange behavior of human beings just now.

However, it’s not as much as Alia thinks, the second wave attack of the 101st Special Fleet has begun, and it is still a long-distance penetrating space piercing, and a large number of holes once again appear in the void. The corpses of a large number of hidden blade insects appeared.

Compared with the first wave of attacks, it is clear that the hit rate of the second wave of attacks is quite high.

After all, after the first wave of attacks, Lin Kexin has made a preliminary model based on the attack results, and the second wave attack is based on this preliminary model for further accurate calculations.

This is like placing a large number of chess pieces in front of you, only one of which has a different bottom color, and you can only pick up a few pieces to confirm each time.

So, it is natural that the more you go to the back, the fewer the number of unidentified pieces in front of you, and the higher the probability of finding this piece.

With the end of the second wave, more than 400 zero-point particle missiles descended through hyperspace in just over ten seconds, setting off a wave of foul wind and bloody rain again.

The entire hidden blade insect army has been damaged by nearly half under the missile attack of two zero-point particles.

Is it going to continue the offensive as it used to deal with the Saint-Ville Empire, and to consume the opponent’s zero-point particles armed?

Should we retreat first and attack after redeploying?

Alia hesitated.

Although, at the end of the first Holy War of the insect race, even if Alia tried to consume the zero-point particle weapon of the Saint Dimension Empire, she still failed in the end.

Before the opponent’s zero-point particle weapons were exhausted, the insect race was completely destroyed. Even with the insect race’s reproductive capacity, it couldn’t keep up with the terrifying depletion, and even the entire The Welster Supercluster has been shot out of a hole in the boss constellation.

If it weren’t for the disappearance of the unfathomable mystery of the Saint Dimension Empire, it would be hard to say whether there is an insect race.

It’s just that, there are only 10 billion battleships on the opposite side. It may not be possible to use zero-point particle arms endlessly like the Saint Dimension Empire back then.

It should be so, but it seems a little uncertain?

Or, now take out the hole card that you have cultivated in 100,000 years?

But isn’t it a bit too early?

The key point is that this is just a 10 billion battleship, and it is probably just a small fleet of humans. If I exposed my cards so early and gave humans a defense, then when the real decisive battle, But it’s not so easy to fight.

Forget it, for myself, this time is still just a tentative attack, there is no need to expose more things at this time.

Soon, Alia made a decision.

After all, in her eyes, the ten billion battleship is just a small fleet, and many of her strengths are not yet in place.

You must know how huge Alia’s army is, and it will not be possible to reach them all in less than ten years.

Therefore, a tentative attack is okay, but it seems unnecessary to smash with the current power.

“The whole army retreat!”

With the decision, Alia did not hesitate to pass the order directly through the spiritual network of the insect race.

One hour later, when the space chaotic area in front of each defense zone slowly recovered.

As originally expected by Lin Tian, ​​the insect race was close to within 1AU of the defense line, but it did not happen.

Not only did it not happen, but even after the space radar recovered its detection capabilities, it was discovered that…

All the insect race troops are like ebb tide, all Withdrawn!

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