Strongest Commander of Interstellar Chapter 540

This time only lasted more than an hour of war. For both sides, it was still a temptation like an outpost.

If you want to be more accurate, it should be a further test.

After the failure of hidden blade insect, Alia has no desire to continue attacking.

Even if the insect races that are on the offensive are just cannon fodder for Alia, she will not do such a wasteful move.

In this case, the full withdrawal is obviously a correct choice.

It can be said that Alia nowadays, in terms of thinking and logic, is no longer like an insect race, but closer to humans.

Perhaps, even she herself didn’t realize that after falling into racial restrictions, for 100,000 years, in her continuous attempts, she has adjusted her evolutionary direction closer to that of humans.

Moreover, over the years, Alia has increasingly discovered that the evolutionary path she is trying now is really correct.

I have become more and more aware of the shackles brought by the upper limit of race…

It’s starting to loosen!


“Insect race has retreated?”

“Yes, commander!”

Maybe, In other words, when other people hear this report, they will be a little excited, and once again win a war against the insect race.

However, there was a solemn look on Lin Tian’s face.

Until now, the combat method of insect race can only be described in one word, that is, “reckless”!

Even if there is an Insect King command, or even an Emperor Insect command (referring to Alba), the result is only a different degree of recklessness, and there is not much essential difference!

Just like the original fifth-order Insect King Socrates, its command method is completely without tactics, relying solely on numbers to pile up, and directly present this reckless font vividly and thoroughly.

Even Alba, as the emperor, may be more particular about some methods, but fundamentally speaking, he is still reckless.

But Alia is different. Take the hidden blade insect sneak attack this time, which is simply a plank road for Mingxiu, secretly crossing Chencang.

If it hadn’t been for my niece to find out, that he might be hit, and even lose the entire Weta line of defense.

Furthermore, after discovering that something could not be done, without a trace of hesitation, he immediately took advantage of the disorderly space to make all the insect races retreat.

It’s like a veteran who has been on the battlefield, completely different from the insects he has encountered before.

If it was those Insect Kings, or Alba, Lin Tian didn’t care, he had absolute confidence that he could easily defeat them.

But for Alia…

Seriously, Lin Tian has no confidence at all.

Don’t say it was defeated, if it weren’t for the super ultimate weapon of zero-point particle armed in his hand, Lin Tian wouldn’t even hold the Weta defense line confident.

When a group of insects, which only rely on a number of reckless insects, suddenly become like humans, deploying troops and paying attention to tactics…

even more how, Ah Liya obviously had a lot of hole cards, and Lin Tian would not be naive to think that this hidden blade insect was Alia’s last hole card.

In this mutual temptation, Lin Tian did not expose the existence of the neutron War Star, but did Alia expose all the cards?

The answer is obviously no!

As Lin Fan said at the previous conference, if Alia fully offensively, then human beings will be able to use zero-point particle armaments without restriction, like the Saint Dimension Empire 100,000 years ago. Block.

Moreover, it’s just blocking it.

You must know that humans do not have the huge territory and population of the Saint-Ville Empire back then. Even if they are armed with zero particles without restrictions, they are impossible to destroy the insect race like the Saint-Ville Empire did.

Able to maintain the line of defense, struggling on whilst at death’s door is not bad!

So, humans need time, a lot of time, in order to break through today’s civilization level, master more high-end technology, it is possible to win at the end of this human-insect battle.

Thinking about this, Lin Tian opened the terminal and began to write a report.

It’s just that he doesn’t know. In fact, Alia also needs time.

Yes, there are so many insect races under Alia, so many insects can flood the entire galaxy with a single mouthful of water.

However, such a huge number of insect races can not be transferred from the Welster Supercluster to the Rania Kea Supercluster, or even Myers in a short time. Galaxy group.

Even if the insect nest channel that Alia can open is huge, it will take at least ten years to transport all the main force.

Furthermore, this only refers to the main force of the insect race. If you want to gather the entire ethnic group, the time required is even more terrifying. It’s not a century or two, don’t even think about it!

Otherwise, why did the first Holy War hit a full 20,000 years?

After the number is too large, the time required to transfer the army just once started in a hundred years.

Therefore, Alia’s need for time is no less than that of human beings.

Fortunately, Alia lacks sufficient intelligence about humans and does not know what scale of civilization humans are.

You can only use the Saint Dimension Empire, which was once a seventh-level civilization, for reference!

Well, that’s a powerful civilization with an entire supercluster of galaxies. No matter how weak human beings, then at least one must have a galaxy cluster.

This is Alia’s logic.

Because of this logic, Alia will use such a small amount of force that has just arrived in the Myers Galaxy Group to directly attack the Weta defense line.

In her opinion, the 10 billion battleship on the Vita line of defense is just a miniature fleet of mankind, so the handful of forces that she has arrived are equivalent to. It’s perfect to be used for probing!

If you let Alia know, the fearless fleet is already nearly 30% of the Federation’s forces, and it is still the most powerful fleet.

I’m afraid, Alia will not think that she needs time…

Instead, just like other Insect Kings, it’s just rash!

This is why Lin Fan insists on having a fight with Alia in the Gal galaxy first before talking, and he has to let the fearless fleet be on board.

For humans, it is now necessary for Alia to feel no weaker than the battle strength of the Saint Dimension Empire, in order to make her feel jealous, so as to achieve the strategic goal of buying time for the Federation. .

The fearless fleet is different from the Federation’s regular fleet. The technology used by the battleship in its fleet is more than one grade higher than that of the Federation’s regular fleet.

Be aware that the Federation’s conventional fleet is only built with the technology of Level 6 Peak, and the energy sector has reached the level of Level 7 civilization.

The fearless fleet is all built by the technology of the seventh-level civilization, even the post-Marvel civilization.

Therefore, it is really appropriate for the fearless fleet to act as the opponent for deterrence!

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