Strongest Commander of Interstellar Chapter 542

Applying for the authorization to use the zero-point particle missile does not mean that Lin Kexin wants to kill Amir directly.

After all, this energy index has reached the same level as Alba, and it is even continuing to rise. Who can guarantee that there will be no accidents?

Therefore, applying for this authorization is only in order to guard against the unexpected.

“Commander, the authorization for the use of the zero particle missile has been down!”

“Okay, stare at this stupid insect for my old lady, and tell me if there is any problem.”

“Yes, commander!”


At the same time, it was more than 3 million away from the capital circle of the original triangle empire where the Emir was located. Light years away, the Kate galaxy.


Alia suddenly felt something, suddenly turned her head and looked into the depths of the starry sky, which was the direction Emil was in.

Although Amy was afraid of Alia before, she has been isolated from the spiritual network of the insect race.

However, it is now in a critical period, and it can no longer take care of this aspect. Coupled with the transformation and skyrocketing of energy in the body, Alia is still aware of it after all.


“Wait, what’s going on?”

“Could it be that…”

First, gnashing teeth, then turned into surprise, and finally turned into excitement.

Alia’s facial expression changed three times in just a few seconds, and the face change was as fast as flipping a book.

Just a few seconds ago, she was still thinking about finally finding Emil, thinking about how to clean the door.

As a result, after a few seconds, I had forgotten all of this, and the rest was excitement.

In her feelings, Emil is not just evolving into an emperor, but…

Although before, Alia will always break the evolution of race The probability of the upper limit is pinned on Alba, but there is just no better choice.

Actually, Alia has always had some doubts about Alba, because its evolution is really strange, no matter the form or intensity of energy, it is very different from Alia. .

Of course, if Alia knew that Alba did not evolve naturally, but through other forms of forced evolution through Fine, it would not be surprising.

But Emil is different. It belongs to natural evolution completely, and there is no external force to interfere. This is obvious when Alia feels the energy transformation and intensity of her evolutionary history.

Compared to Alba, Emir is obviously more suitable!

As for myself, I have always wanted to kill Emil before, this must be someone spreading rumors, there is absolutely no such thing.


The location is back to the capital circle of the original triangle empire.

At this moment, the energy surge in the body of the Amir has obviously slowed down. Obviously, the Amir has entered the end of evolution and is about to end this process.

“Commander, the energy in the target’s body has begun to stabilize. According to the think tank message from the headquarters, it should be about to complete the entire evolutionary process!”

“I know, keep watching, don’t miss any details!”

“Yes, commander!”

Soon, another half day passed.

During this period, Emil did not have more variety, but the energy in his body became more stable with the ebbing of time.

Finally, in this brief moment, the entire cocoon formed by energy gradually dissipated.

There is no such dazzling breakthrough scene as Lin Kexin expected. It is just that the energy group that wraps it like a cocoon slowly dissipates.

No passion!

Yes, this is how Lin Kexin feels now.

The energy gradually dissipated, and the inner silhouette slowly emerged. In the bridge of the Rosen, everyone’s eyes widened in an instant, looking at the silhouette with a dazed expression.

Hands, feet, a pair of eyes, a pair of ears, a nose, a mouth…

Is this an Emir?

Except for a larger body and rougher details, this is already a humanoid creature, okay?

At this moment, the Emil, who just emerged silhouette from the energy cocoon, is also lowering his head, staring blankly at his human-like hands, feeling confused.

How did I evolve into this way?

Queen Alia is obviously not like this!

It’s about to collapse, okay, after all, in the aesthetics of insect race, the ugly huge six-eyed insect is the most beautiful, and the appearance of human beings is simply ugly, okay?

In Emil’s memory, Alia is still in the form of the huge and ugly Insect Queen one hundred thousand years ago.

As for Alia’s current form, Emil has never seen it. After all, Alia has been nested in the Weierster Supercluster for hundreds of thousands of years.

“Call the old lady about that stupid insect!”

In the Luoshen, seeing the Emil almost collapsed while watching his new form, Lin Kexin was out of anger. Come everywhere.

Why, in human form, have you wronged you?

“Commander, unable to contact, the brainwave conversion device allocated to the target is suspected to have been damaged, which may have been caused during its evolution!”

“This bastard, wait for things here After the conclusion, it must make compensation. Go, arrange an engineering ship and send him the spare equipment. In addition, order all battleships, charge weapons, and aim the muzzle at the target for my mother, if it dares to do anything inappropriate. Behave, kill it immediately!”

“Yes, commander!”

Soon, a small engineering ship flew out from the abdomen airport of the Roselle and quickly moved towards the Emir To fly away.

It wasn’t until this time that Emil realized that he was surrounded by battleships, one billion ships… and he was still loaded with weapons, ready to attack him at any time.

Is there shiver coldly?

I have been promoted to the Insect Sovereign, but surrounded by one billion battleships of level 7 civilizations, can I have a way to survive?

Suddenly dare not make any moves!

Until it discovered that a small battleship was approaching itself, and was deeply impressed by the appearance of this battleship.

Isn’t this the battleship that installed the device for communicating with humans before?

“Hey, Sister Kexin, are you there?”

The Emil, who understood what, tried to contact his best friend, Lin Kexin, as he did before.

It’s just that, not only can’t be contacted, but even the familiar operation interface can’t be called up.

The Emil understands that the device that humans installed for themselves should have been broken when they evolved, and most of the engineering ship in front of them came to reinstall them!

I looked at the billion battleships that surrounded me again.

Okay, admit it, just wait obediently!

Furthermore, even if he was promoted to the insect emperor, he had no plans to defect or resist.

No matter how fragrant the emperor is, there is no fragrant playing games online!

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