Strongest Commander of Interstellar Chapter 544

Although Alia is a bit over-excited now, she is not stupid.

What does it mean that the captives of human beings can’t leave?

You are all the emperor, and you are in the Gal galaxy. There are many ways to escape, okay, obviously you just don’t want to leave, right?

Are you afraid of being punished by me for betraying Alba before?

Although Alia’s speculation in the first half is very accurate, but the second half is a bit wrong.

Even if Alia is wise, it is impossible to know that loving Emil is already in love with the way of human existence.

After all, this is a bit too much.

At the same time, thousands of people are in a huge virtual Conference Hall.

In addition to the leaders of the various departments of the alliance, there is also a think tank of more than a thousand people participating, which is analyzing the communication between Emir and Alia.

“Don’t you think it’s weird, why did Alia lose interest in Alba after knowing that Emil had evolved into an emperor, and even didn’t care about it?”

Dragging his chin, Lin Zhen in the main seat spoke up.

Indeed, this is a bit unreasonable!

No, not some, but very unreasonable!

Even with a new Insect King like Emil, Alia has no reason to abandon Alba.

After all, according to previous speculations, the reason why Alia is obsessed with Alba is related to the break of the upper limit of racial innate talent by the insect race.

Even if Alia is confident that it only needs a male Insect King to complete it, it is not so decisive. Abandon Alba without hesitation.

You know, anyway, Alba is also the highest battle strength of the insect race, one of the only three Insect Kings!

“President, we have a preliminary guess!”

When everyone was puzzled, Zhang Kai, the chief of the think tank below, stood up and said.

Lin Zhen was nodded and motioned for the other party to continue.

“This is the case. We analyzed the situation of the Alphat civilization in the Gal galaxy before and came to a conclusion!”

“Although it is hard to believe , But we think this is the most likely situation.”

“Alba did not evolve naturally, but through the use of biotechnology by the Alphat named Farn to force him Evolved.”

“This can be confirmed by comparing the data after the Emir’s evolution. There is a big difference between the two in terms of energy form and energy intensity. Maybe Alba It’s more appropriate to think of a semi-evolved emperor!”

“As for Alia, I may not be fully aware of this situation, but it is likely to feel some, for example, Alba’s evolution is flawed. Kind of.”

“If all these guesses are correct, then Alia is probably not interested in Alba after feeling the degree of Emil’s evolution.”


“After all, there was no choice before. For a whole number of 100,000 years, a male emperor like Alba appeared in the insect race. Who knows when the next one will be, but the emergence of the Emil will make the whole Things have changed from Heaven and Earth turning upside down, and Alba is no longer the only choice for Alia.”

Zhang Kai recounted the whole reasoning.

I have to say that it is worthy of the think tank specially set up for the insect race. Under the condition that all relevant top-secret files are open to it without restriction, it is almost like witnessing what has been said, and guessing the situation. It’s extremely accurate.

Of course, none of the big guys here are idiots. After listening to the report of the think tank, they all nodded and expressed their approval.

“President, there is another question.”

“Well, you said!”

“That’s it, according to our previous Daily, as well as the analysis of the dialogue between it and Alia this time, we believe that it does not want to return to the insect race to live in the past, but wants to stay in the Federation!”

“At the same time, Our think tank also does not recommend putting it back!”

“If it is necessary to put a male Insect King back to Alia, the think tank thinks it can consider releasing Alba!”


Although everyone has felt this point for a long time, when Zhang Kai really said it, everyone’s expressions were a little strange.

An insect race’s insect…

It’s really funny that I dislike the life of the insect race and want to stay in the Federation for the rest of my life. .

As for what Zhang Kai said, it is not recommended to put the Emir back. After listening to Zhang Kai’s analysis of Alia before, Lin Zhen and Lin Fan and the others share the same feelings. .

It’s too dangerous to let Alia get an Emir!

Perhaps as Zhang Kai said, if you have to make a choice and give Alia a male emperor to delay time, then it is definitely a choice to abandon Alba, not Emil. !

“I agree with the think tank!”

As everyone was thinking about what Zhang Kai said, Lin Fan stood up and said.

“According to the data returned by Lin Kexin, just as the think tank analyzed, whether it is energy form or energy intensity, Emil is much stronger than Alba!”

“Before, we just know that Farn intervened in the war between Alba and the Three-Eyes Empire in the Gal system, and after Farn intervened, Alba began to evolve and became the emperor. “

“Therefore, we have enough reasons to speculate that Alba’s evolution came from the hands of Farn, not natural evolution. This can also explain why Alba is compared to Emir. The difference is so much, it’s like the gap between the semifinished product and the finished product!”

“Therefore, under the current circumstances, we absolutely cannot return Emil to Alia, otherwise once we let Alia has broken through the upper limit of the innate talent of the insect race, and the consequences are unimaginable!”

“Even, as Zhang Kai said, if necessary, we can even take the initiative to return Alba to delay Time, maybe, such a semifinished product can in turn bring Alia evolutionary troubles, maybe?”

This idea stunned all the big guys.

Give Alba to Alia, maybe you can conversely block her access to Dao Transformation?

Although it feels a bit weird, it does seem to make sense?

However, many bigwigs are afraid to make a decision on this.

After all, if this is a setback and Alia successfully breaks the upper limit of the race’s innate talent through Alba, it would be a bit no fun!

Therefore, no one dared to make a final decision.

“President, Emir is requesting access.”

At this time, Lin Zhen’s secretary’s voice rang in his ears, he was taken aback for a while, and then he laughed. .

“Come just right, you help him connect to our virtual Conference Hall!”

“Okay, President!”

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