Strongest Commander of Interstellar Chapter 546

The signing of this agreement, both parties are very satisfied.

Next, it’s time to perform.

Under the persuasion of Emil, Alia agreed to use the brain wave conversion device to negotiate with humans.

Three days later.

A Federation battleship arrived in the Kate galaxy, brought the corresponding device components for Alia, and completed the installation and commissioning.

The equipment has been tested countless times on Emir, naturally there is no problem, the whole debugging work went very smoothly, just a few fine-tunings can be used normally.


In the virtual Conference Hall, four people are sitting around the round table in the middle.

No, it should be said that it is three people.

They are Lin Zhen, Lin Fan, Ed and Amir.

Originally, Lin Fan was not on the list of participants in this negotiation. However, considering that some military issues may require Lin Fan’s opinion, Lin Zhen finally added Lin Fan On the list.

The three of them did not wait for long. With the white light flashed in the virtual Conference Hall, a silhouette appeared directly on the last chair.

Obviously, this silhouette is Alia. It’s just that not only Lin Zhen and the other three, but even Emir, are a little confused at the moment, and all three of them are stunned. Looked at Alia.

Looking at Alia, who was the same as herself and completely human, Emil collapsed a little.

Where is Alia, who was once so powerful and beautiful?

Why did it become like this after 100,000 years of absence?

This human being is not our ancestor, right?

Otherwise, why will it begin to transform into a human appearance after it evolves?

Don’t say that Emil has countless questions in his heart, even Lin Fan is frantically complaining at the moment.

Isn’t this insect race related to the Alphat civilization?

You must know that, according to the intelligence fragments obtained from Lin Hong before, the reason why humans are like this is because humans are essentially the Alphat of Ancient Era.

But what’s the matter with the insect race?

I thought Emil was a special case, but now it seems that it’s simply not like that!

Look at the two insects, Alia and Emil, the appearance features are not so interesting except for the details, and the external skin is dry like bark, it’s simply a human, okay? .

No, maybe it’s more appropriate to describe it as a mummy?

Like the hammam, huge mummy?

Is this something created by the Alphat civilization again?

Similar to the situation of angels and elves, but there was a problem in the middle, so it became an insect, but now it is starting to return to the ancestors with evolution?

Is it too ridiculous?

Well, everyone has question marks in their heads!

Of course, it was Alia who was even more shocked.

In the earliest days, Alia, who was an emperor, was actually not what she is now, but a very ugly huge insect with six eyes.

Of course, this ugliness refers to human aesthetics. In the eyes of Insect Kings like Emil, Alia has always been the most beautiful existence of insect race.

The words are a bit biased…

In other words, the original Alia was not like what she is now, but a complete Insect Queen.

As for why it evolved to be like this, Alia said that she actually didn’t know.

After the first Holy War, she was deeply powerless for the advanced civilization, and she was all left with how to break the ethnic limit.

After hundreds of thousands of years and countless attempts, we finally took one step towards breaking the upper limit of race.

It was this step that made Alia evolve into this posture.

Since she has never seen Alphat or humans, Alia has no idea about this posture.

But now, the three humans sitting in front of her made Alia a little confused.

Of course, it is not only Lin Fan and the others, but also makes Alia suspect that it is Emir who bore the insect!

This guy has evolved for the first time. He has reached the level of Alia when he became the emperor. No, it should be said to be a higher level than Alia.

Although these two insects look like mummies on the outside, if you look closely, you will find that Emil’s external features are more refined than Alia.

Shocked, extremely shocked.

Although there are three people and two worms in the Conference Hall, the things everyone is shocked by are slightly different, but they are basically the same thing.

“Now that everyone is here, let’s start!”

Lin Zhen, the first came back to his senses, looked at the other two two insects, Knocked on the table and said.

Until this time, other people have returned sobered up and looked towards Lin Zhen.

“Queen Alia, I am the President of the Federation. I also represent the entire Federation to have this dialogue with you.”

“Regarding your request, the Emil has already communicated Give it to us, but I’m very sorry, we can’t let Amir leave at the moment!”

Lin Zhen said straight to the point.

This is also the suggestion of the think tank. For the dialogue with insect race, don’t go around too many turns, it is better to be straightforward!

“hmph, do you want to start a complete war with our clan?”

“No, no, I mean that Emil signed an employment agreement with the Federation before, and the statute of limitations has expired. For a hundred years, the most important thing in our Federation is the spirit of the contract. Once the agreement is signed, we will not do anything that violates the agreement!”

“No, I don’t care what so-called agreement you have, Emil Must follow me back to the Welster Supercluster!”

giving tit for tat, refuse to yield an inch.

After seeing the present posture of Amir, Alia knew that Amir was the key to breaking the upper limit of race. No matter what the price was paid, she had to take it back.

As for Alba, I don’t know which trash can has been caught by Alia from her head for a long time!

“Queen Alia, the attitude of our Federation has been very clear. Anything that violates the spirit of the contract is absolutely impossible!”

“Of course, the expiry of 300 years After that, we will follow Emil’s own wishes. At that time, it can leave at any time!”

“At the same time, don’t think about it hard. Let’s not say that our Federation is not afraid of you, and Even if you really have a way to take the Emil away, the zero-point weapon we hid in his body will kill it at any time. I think the queen should be very clear about what the zero-point weapon is!”

In short, Lin Zhen meant that you can come hard, but you will never succeed. Even if it succeeds, we have a way to kill the Emir directly, and you will still get nothing at that time.

Furthermore, we humans are very credible. After 300 years, Amir will be free. If he wants to leave by then, our Federation will absolutely not hinder him.

Of course, the premise is that it wants to leave and return to the Welster Supercluster with you!

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