Strongest Commander of Interstellar Chapter 547

In the virtual Conference Hall, Alia is staring at Lin Zhen with murderous eyes.

If it weren’t for the virtual Conference Hall, she couldn’t do anything to Lin Zhen, she would definitely tear Lin Zhen to pieces.

However, Lin Zhen’s threat can be said to hit Alia’s weakness.

Humans actually implanted zero-point weapons in the Emir?

How dare they…

As Lin Zhen said, even if it is forced by oneself, the chance of winning this human-insect war is quite slim.

Moreover, even if it succeeds, humans have a way of either the fish dies or the net splits.

Obviously, implanting the zero-point weapon in the Emir’s body is the ultimate backstop.

This is a bit difficult to do. It’s not easy to fight, but humans won’t let it go.

Is it really necessary to wait for three hundred years to wait for that nonsense employment agreement to expire?

Just when Alia was in a dilemma, she didn’t notice, Lin Zhen’s expression suddenly changed.

Just before one minute, an encrypted communication was connected to the virtual Conference Hall. Only Lin Zhen could hear this communication from Bai Zixuan.

Although the content is very simple, it is quite shocking.

According to the biological laboratory under the Ministry of Science, after comparing the data of Alba and Emir, one thing was confirmed.

That is, the evolution of Alba has obvious traces of man-made manipulation, no, this can even be said to be a transformation!

Because of this transformation, it completely cut off any possible way for Alba to enter Dao Transformation in the future.

Furthermore, the biological laboratory also did a very interesting experiment.

An attempt was made to fuse Emil’s cells with Alba’s cells. As a result, there was an unexpected result that no one had expected.

Compared with the original cells of Emir, the new cells after forcibly fusion are not strengthened, but degenerated…

It can be said that the current Alba is For insect race, it’s like a bowl of poison!

For this result, the exclusive think tank of insect race led by Zhang Kai also immediately discussed and finally reached a conclusion.

The think tank supported Marshal Lin Fan’s suggestion in the previous meeting and can find a way to return Alba to the insect race!

“I really made this smelly brat right!”

Lin Zhen glanced at Lin Fan’s position with a weird look, making Lin Fan, who was still unaware, a little confused .

“Queen Alia, I have a new proposal.”

“Although Emil signed a 300-year employment agreement with us, out of respect for the spirit of the contract , We can’t let him leave before the agreement expires.”

“However, Alba, who is also an emperor, has not signed any agreement with us so far. To show our sincerity, we can send Al Pakistan handed over to you. As for the Emir, it is still the same sentence. After the 300-year agreement expires, we will never force to stay!”

“This is already the biggest concession the Federation can make, if you If you still disagree, let’s go to war!”

“Once the fight starts, it will definitely not be the frontier patrol squad you dealt with before, so please think carefully!”

Frontier patrol?

Sure enough, as I guessed, that simply is not a formal fleet, no wonder only the scale of trifling 10 billion battleship.

Alia instantly “understood”!

For the frontier patrol, there is no doubt at all. After all, in her opinion, this is normal, and the main fleet of only 10 billion is abnormal. Okay!

Wait, this human just said Alba?

Well, Alia really has completely forgotten Alba, until now Lin Zhen said it, there was no immediate reaction.

This can be considered.

I have been waiting for a hundred thousand years, and it seems that it has been unhurried for three hundred years.

Moreover, in the past three hundred years, I can test Alba first. After the humans release the Emir in the future, I will be more confident, right?

I have to say that Alia seriously considered this suggestion, and she was a little tempted.

Poor Alba, is suffering in the phase prison, looking forward to the stars and the moon, waiting for Alia to save Alba, but he doesn’t know his position in Alia’s heart , Has instantly become a little white mouse from a partner!

If you know this, it is estimated that Alba would rather stay in the phase prison and suffer, rather than go out!

“I have to say, I am a little moved by your suggestion, but how can humans guarantee that the Emir will be free in 300 years?”

This is a very important point. If there is no clear and convincing reason for the question, Alia will not agree to it even if she is moved.

“If we don’t give the Amir back to freedom in three hundred years, you will at best be at war with humans just like you are now. Is there any difference?”

It seems so What’s the matter, Alia thought about Lin Zhen’s words several times and found that there was nothing wrong with it!

Isn’t it? Even if the Federation doesn’t let go of people three hundred years later, the worst result will be the same as it is now, it’s just a war!

Furthermore, I originally needed time to gather forces. Now I have three hundred years. I just concentrated all my battle strength in the Rania Kea super galaxy cluster. Then I will start the war again. , It will be much more advantageous than it is now, isn’t it?

In Alia’s logic, three hundred years is just a blink of an eye for a civilization, and there is not much variety at all.

After all, normal civilization is indeed like this. How can it be possible to make progress without spending thousands of years?

It’s just that she didn’t know that human civilization is definitely an anomaly.

The most outstanding individual in the universe, the Alphat civilization in ancient times, plus the opening and hanging Lin Fan holding the system.

The original common sense is in the human civilization…

Not applicable at all!

“Okay, I agree!”

“But, as you just said, first hand over Alba to me.”

“and , I have an additional condition, that is, humans cannot block the Emil’s spiritual network, and I need to have regular dialogues with it to confirm that there is no problem!”

Alia, who has considered all the factors, Finally, he took a step back and agreed to Lin Zhen’s suggestion.

“There is no problem at this point. You can contact Emir at any time.”

“That’s it, in a week, I will go to the Vita line of defense of your humans in the Gal galaxy. We Delivery there!”

“Yes, Lin Fan, you are responsible for this matter!”

“Okay, no problem!”

I heard Lin Fan Zhen confessed to himself, Lin Fan was also nodded and accepted the task.

Now, after listening to Lin Zhen’s new advice to Alia, he has roughly guessed what’s going on.

It seems that I was really right about Alba!

However, anyway, at least three hundred years are in hand.

With these three hundred years, I can definitely bring the strength of the Federation to a higher level, no, several floors!

As for three hundred years later, hehe…

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