Strongest Commander of Interstellar Chapter 548

Myers Group of Galaxies, Gal Galaxies, Vita Line of Defense.

At this time, three days have passed since the negotiation between the two races of human-insect, and the agreed time has come.

Although the two clans have reached a temporary tacit agreement, the defenders on the line of defense dare not take any care.

After all, the opposite is the one that the Federation regards as its worst enemy for the next three hundred years.

Don’t say anything else, just take the first instance of the insect race Holy War revealed by Emil, one of which made everyone who heard it scalp numb!

At that time, there was one of the lowest-level Battle Insects in the insect race, and it was also the predecessor of the Throwing bug encountered by the Federation. It is temporarily called the primary level Throwing bug.

This primary level Throwworm has not evolved an organ that can use energy bombs. It can only rely on a special organ in the body to condense the resources normally stored in the body into one solid substance after another. It was launched, and its launching method was very similar to the rail gun used by the Federation.

It can be imagined that once this primary level spray worm has formed a scale, of course, there is no need to do it once. For the insect race, the formation scale is inevitable. Then there will be no primary level spray worm in a sufficient number. What kind of situation will be formed under the intermittent blows?

Emil once told Lin Fan about a battle. It was during the Holy War Early-Stage, when the insect race was crushed and beaten by the Holy War Empire, he used the primary level Jet Worm to make a successful one. Fight back.

At a distance of ten light-years away, with hundreds of Beijing’s primary level, Thrower attacked an important trading hub of the Saint-Ville Empire from different directions without interruption.

Of course, at a distance of ten light-years, it would take more than twenty years for these attacks to reach them.

However, more than two decades are hardly mentioned for the entire war that has lasted 20,000 years.

After more than two decades of time, when the attack arrived at that trading hub, the Saint-Ville Empire was simply dumbfounded.

From dozens of different directions, hiding the sky and covering the earth, similar to the attack of rail guns!

Imagine that every wave you are greeted by hundreds of capital attacks, what a scalp numbness, even if the defenders of the Saint-Ville Empire rely on space attacks to intercept them, Unable to completely intercept the nearly full range of uninterrupted blows.

In the end, even if there were tens of billions of battleship defenders in this trading hub, they still failed to defend. All planets in the entire star system and buildings in space were broken into pieces.

So, sometimes even the most low-level insects can still pose enough threats as long as the number reaches a sufficient level, unless you can reach a higher level of civilization and completely ignore it. The number of insect race.

For example…the eighth level of civilization!

And this is exactly what Lin Fan has hoped for in the three hundred years that Lin Fan has fought for!

On the Weta defense line, a huge and ugly six-eyed insect is crawling in the void. There is no restraint on it, but it can’t do anything.

The phase prison, as the name suggests, each cell inside it is in a different phase, and Alba, who is being held inside, cannot cause any interference with other phases at all.

It can be said that this is the most perfect prison system that can be created after reaching the seventh-level civilization Peak.

At this moment, Alba’s six huge eyes have completely lost their color. In this prison, it seems to be isolated from the entire world. Even as an emperor, it almost has to give Driven crazy.

As for why it was brought to the Weta line of defense, the Federation did not tell it, and Alba naturally did not know.

Alba even thought about whether this Federation is going to put itself to a public sentence.

However, just when it has six eyes and a breath of despair, it is 10AU away from the Weta line of defense, on the side of the insect race, in the largest insect nest channel, and there is a slender line. A silhouette emerges from it.

It is indeed a slender silhouette. There is absolutely no wrong word.

But it’s just a slender figure. The figure is still huge like a planet, and the outer skin is as dry and rough as tree bark, and only slightly crude depictions can still be seen on the details of the face.

This silhouette is the queen of insect race and the first emperor Alia.

“Speaking of which, if this Alia’s body shrinks to the size of a human, and her skin evolves more delicately, if she doesn’t look at her face, her figure is indeed amazing!”

In the joint ship, Lin Tian muttered to himself while looking at the scene observed in front of him.

It’s just that, even if it was a very soft voice, it still didn’t escape Bi Luodis’ ears beside her.

Who makes the elves born with hearing far beyond human hearing?

Suddenly, a touch of murderous aura spread out, enveloping Lin Tian, ​​making him suddenly startled, and turned his head to look.

It is still the face of the allure with a little smile, but at this moment Bi Luodis has made Lin Tian stand upright, is there shiver coldly?

“I was wrong!”

Immediately admit the counsel, in front of my wife, there is nothing to be ashamed of!

As I confessed, the murderous aura around me that made me almost unable to breathe finally… dissipated a lot, making Lin Tian greatly relaxed.

“Since the protagonists are here, let’s start!”

“Release Alba!”

Lin Tian, ​​who recovered, began to do it immediately. On business, ordered to the bridge command team.

“Yes, Commander!”

“Applying for the temporary control authorization of the Federation Phase Prison, A001 cell!”

“The authorization has been obtained…A001 The phase of the cell is being switched…”

“The phase conversion is complete, the prisoner has been released!”

Just after the phase conversion, Alba suddenly felt the surrounding space twisted suddenly After a while, he immediately returned to his original state. I don’t know yet, I was already in the normal phase, still crawling in that motionless!


As a prisoner of the Federation, it is natural that the Federation has placed a brainwave conversion device on his body to facilitate interrogation at any time.

Just when Alba was still crawling and motionless, Lin Tian’s voice was transmitted into his brain, causing his six godless eyes to recover slightly.

No way, it’s rare to hear other people’s voices, even the enemy, even interrogating yourself.

For Alba, who is isolated from the world, it is also a very happy thing.

“Alba, you have been released!”

Lin Tian’s first sentence almost made Alba barely react. It was only a few seconds later that he finally reacted. The two words spoken by the other party are release!

What a delightful word this is, but this unprovoked human being will release itself?

The six huge eyes that had regained their gaze, at this moment showed a trace of doubt.

However, before it waited for long to wonder, he felt a little familiar breath.

I raised my head and looked into the distance.

How come there is such an ugly insect that looks a bit like a human?

And this ugly insect makes you feel familiar?

Looking at Alia in the distance, Alba fell into confusion…

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