Strongest Commander of Interstellar Chapter 550

The Myers Group of galaxies is a member of the Virgo Supercluster, and its neighbor is the Kempinian Supercluster (named Hydra-Centaurus by early humans) Supercluster of galaxies), and the Kempinian supercluster is located at the outermost periphery of the supercluster of Laniakea, and at the same time, it is also the bridgehead of the supercluster of Laniakea to the Welster supercluster.

The two huge superclusters can not be directly crossed by means of hyperspace navigation as the ordinary person thinks.

Actually, this won’t work!

Super galaxy clusters, also known as secondary galaxy clusters, in the definition of Federation, second only to the total galaxy this level.

And between two adjacent superclusters, there will be an area called the cluster boundary by major civilizations. In this area, due to the interaction of the two superclusters, Even the basic physical rules are chaotic in the area in the middle, so it is impossible to use conventional means to cross over.

So, is it impossible to cross between superclusters?

The answer is naturally no.

Otherwise, did Alia come to the Rania Kea supercluster from the Welster supercluster again?

According to what Emile said, between two superclusters, there is usually a cosmic ocean current connecting the two superclusters at a relatively balanced point.

One hundred thousand years ago, Emil and Garcia came to the Rania Kea super galaxy cluster through this cosmic ocean current.

At the same time, according to Emile, this cosmic ocean current that connects the Welster Supercluster and the Rania Kea Supercluster is located at a distance from the Myers Group of Galaxies Not far away, there is a group of galaxies named Lana.

More interestingly, the Rania Kea supercluster is very special. It is actually composed of three parts, namely the Virgo supercluster, the Kempinian supercluster, and Lavis Super galaxy cluster.

Why are there three other superclusters in the Rania Kea supercluster?

Normally, this is an impossible thing to happen, but in the Rania Kea supercluster, it actually happened.

The Rania Kea supercluster does meet the requirements of the supercluster, but the problem is that the three superclusters such as Virgo also meet the requirements of the supercluster.

And, between these three small superclusters, there are also star cluster boundaries!

Three small superclusters are entangled together to form a giant supercluster of Rania Kea.

Then, here comes the question, after coming from the Welster Supercluster to the Rania Kea Supercluster through the cosmic ocean current, which one of the three small superclusters is in? What about?

The answer is, the Kempinian Supercluster!

Speaking of the Kempinian supercluster, it is exactly the old nest of Emil and Garcia, and it is also the place where Alia led the insect race to withdraw from the Myers galaxy group.

Therefore, Emil is extremely familiar with it.

If you want to go from the Kempinian supercluster to the Virgo supercluster where the Federation is located, you must reach the Myers group of galaxies through the cosmic ocean currents. This is why Lin Fan is in the negotiation The reason for insisting that the insect race withdraw from the Myers galaxy group is also the reason why the headquarters of the interstellar fleet should be moved here, and more than 80% of the Federation’s fleet will be concentrated here in the next three hundred years.

In Lin Fan’s plan, after the interstellar fleet held the cosmic ocean current at one end of the Myers galaxy group, apart from the long-stayed 80% fleet, the remaining 20% ​​of the fleet could carry Affiliated civilizations conquer the various galaxy groups in the Virgo Supercluster.

Until…Finally, occupy the entire Virgo Supercluster.

By then, the territory of the Federation will span more than 100 million light-years, truly becoming a powerful and advanced interstellar civilization.

Of course, all this takes time, and it’s still a lot of time.

You must know that even if the Virgo Supercluster is small, it is also a Supercluster, which has 100 galaxy groups.

Thousands of galaxies, only galaxies no smaller than the Milky Way, the number is as high as more than 2000.

Even today’s Federation, if there is no one or two hundred years old, it is basically impossible to occupy it all!


After the insect race completed all the evacuation, Lin Tian immediately scattered half of the Weta defense line’s fleet and let them use the Weta defense line as The starting point is to conduct a detailed investigation of all planets in the entire galaxy, mainly to confirm whether all the insect races have been evacuated.

After all, with the ability of insect race to reproduce, as long as one disaster is left behind, it is likely to cause trouble in the future.

Therefore, care must be taken in this regard.

However, speaking of which, the stall left by the insect race is not only not messy, it even makes Lin Tian extremely relaxed.

Why? Because all living species on planets have been swallowed up by insect races, like locusts crossing the border.

Although in this case, the entire galaxy is dead and silent, with no plants or animals, but what Lin Fan wants to build is not a tourist attraction, but a pure galaxy-level military town. And the steel line of defense against insect race.

All the fleets have been broken up into squad operations. Basically, every planet you need is a life scan and an energy scan, which can be done in a few minutes.

In a short time, the progress is so fast that it is flying fast. If you continue at this speed, you may be able to search the entire Myers galaxy group within three months, and then start the planned large-scale construction. jobs.


At the same time.

Kebinia Supercluster, Moras Galaxy.

After a long journey for a month, the insect race army led by Alia finally arrived here.

After instructing all the First Rank Insect Kings under her command to arrange the garrison and receive the follow-up continuous reinforcements, Alia focused her attention on Alba.

To be honest, Alia, who has evolved into this look for tens of thousands of years, is different from Emil, her aesthetics has long been unnoticeable influence over time.

Nowadays, looking at Alba, she even feels like vomiting.

“Alba, let go of your spiritual realm, don’t have any reservations!”


To let go of your spirit completely Let her investigate the realm, Alba knows what this means, and it means that he will have no secrets in front of Alia!

This… is absolutely unacceptable!

“Shut up, and, when you call me, add the word “Queen”. You are not qualified to call my name directly!”

speaking of which, Ali Ya is an imperial worm with a strong hierarchical concept. In her opinion, Alba is not a real imperial worm, and can only be regarded as stepping into the imperial worm’s domain with one foot.

To use human terms, is it a quasi-emperor, or a half-step emperor, right?

Since it is just a quasi-emperor, it is not qualified to call his own name directly.

This is the logic inside Alia…

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