Strongest Commander of Interstellar Chapter 551

Alba is now angry and aggrieved.

The anger is that Alia even asked it to call Queen Alia when she called herself!

This is obviously the way the lower class shouts to Alia, and as the emperor of the insect race like Alia, why?

What’s frustrated is that after getting in touch with Alia up close, Alba discovered that the energy in Alia is at least a hundred times stronger than himself!


Everyone is also an emperor, is there any difference between the emperor and the emperor?

Similarly, this is also the reason why Alba was extremely angry, but had to admit it.

Furthermore, now the worms have to bow their heads under the eaves!

Look around, how spectacular are the countless large and powerful insect swarms?

Unfortunately, none of the insects are under his command!

Therefore, Alba did not dare to express his anger on his face, so he had to admit to calling Queen Alia!

Lia was finally slightly nodded looking at Alba, who was unwilling but had already succumbed.

“Not too stupid!”

Of course, while acknowledging counseling, Alba also completely opened up his spiritual realm. As long as Alia wants, he can get Al Everything in Ba’s mind.

Until ten minutes later, Alia, who had already circled in Alba’s sacred realm, had a look on her face.

It turns out that this guy Alba didn’t simply evolve by himself, but someone from Farn forced him to evolve.

And this person called Farn, in Alba’s memory, no matter his body shape, face shape, physical characteristics, etc., are surprisingly similar to human beings.

However, Alia’s instincts kept telling herself that this mysterious Faen has nothing to do with Federation!

But, if it doesn’t matter, why does he still do this?

With his power, I am afraid that a single person can destroy the seventh level of civilization, right?

The most important thing is that this idiot, Alba, actually recognizes the other person as the master?

Moreover, I am under pressure like a chess piece by others, so I am not ashamed of it!

For Alba, Alia has become increasingly disgusted.

However, Alia is particularly interested in the Farn in its memory…

“You come with me!”

— —-

Time unconsciously, five years have passed.

Kempinian Supercluster of Galaxies, Fels Group of Galaxies, Tatar Galaxy.

In five years, many things can be changed, and this huge and ugly insect is one of them.

Alba now has completely become Alia’s little white mouse. Everyday all cooperates with Alia to carry out various experiments, which looks really horrible.

However, for five full years, Alia still got nothing.

Is it possible to break the racial limit only by relying on the next generation of female and male emperors?

This makes Alia very unwilling…

After all, Alba in front of her is really ugly!

Yes, it’s just too ugly. After tens of thousands of years, Alia’s aesthetics has already begun to shift towards the direction of humans. In her eyes, the Alba incident is disgusting!


At this time, Alia suddenly sensed that one of the carefully cultivated cocoons in front of her seemed to be abnormal?

In the sky, tens of billions of cocoons are crawling here. All of these are new insect species that Ali specifically cultivated by relying on himself and Alba’s cells.

In the past few years, Alia has experimented with various methods and cultivated many different forms of Battle Insect in various ways.

It’s just a pity that all of them failed during this period. Either the cultivated insect has no actual combat capability, or the combat capability is very poor.

In short, no matter what method Alia uses to nurture, these new Battle Insects have been degraded as a collective since they were born, and their integration is not even as good as those in the war 100,000 years ago. primary level Battle Insect! .

This made Alia a little crazy, and she never understood the reason.

Is it still positive or negative?

Now, in the latest batch of Battle Insect cocoons, Alia clearly feels the unusualness of one of the cocoons!

Its energy is completely different from the battlefields in other cocoons, it is more refined and more powerful!

“Maybe, when this Battle Insect emerges from the cocoon, I will be able to get the answer I want?”


Myers group of galaxies, the largest galaxy Kate.

Now this place has been built into the Federation’s largest laboratory, and the Chief-In-Charge of this laboratory is the only one!

Yes, that’s Wei. Now she is responsible for some special project research, but she didn’t expect that this was the first project, and she was completely stuck.

“Where did it go wrong?”

Through the observation images passed over, I was a little puzzled.

“Maybe you have made simple things complicated and it may lead to it!”

My eyes lit up suddenly, but I seemed to understand something.

“Thinking about simple things is complicated, I seem to understand a little bit!”

After that, no matter what Lin Fan is in the laboratory, I continue to invest in high After the intense scientific research, Lin Fan shook his head speechlessly.

It’s simply a copy of Bai Zixuan!

Speaking of the project that Wei was working on, it was really incredible. Even in a field that a level eight or nine civilization would not dare to touch, she just slammed into it with an iron head.

Once this project is successful, the Federation will obtain more powerful energy than zero-point energy.

The power of energy means that the weapon is more powerful, and it represents the all-round improvement of science and technology.

Originally, this is a good thing, and this research should be supported by everyone.

But in fact, the opposite is true. The entire Federation, including Bai Zixuan, is not optimistic about this project. After all, what you only want to study is not what the Federation can touch at this level. .

So, under the auspices of Bai Zixuan, the Ministry of Science directly cut off Wei’s project application.

This is why the only laboratory will be built in the Myers galaxy.

Wei, who was unwilling to give up the project after being cut off by the Ministry of Science, found Lin Fan. No one knows what the two talked about. What everyone knows is that the military ministry announced on the 2nd day To establish a laboratory directly under its own control, and the Chief-In-Charge of this laboratory is the only…

This decision is simply surprising, especially Bai Zixuan, who also specializes in this A newsletter came over and sweared at Lin Fan.

In his opinion, the only thing he wants to study is still too early. To study now can only be a waste of resources and time.

In the end, nothing will be obtained.

However, Lin Fan’s view is somewhat different from that of Bai Zixuan!

Perhaps, in Bai Zixuan’s view, Wei’s move is like asking the primordial people to study the cosmic battleship, which has jumped too many levels.

However, in Lin Fan’s view, this is not impossible.

Do you think that back then, the Federation did not have the zero-point particle energy that should be possessed by the seventh-level civilization at the time of the fourth-level civilization?

Besides, don’t you still have an open-minded self!

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