Strongest Commander of Interstellar Chapter 552

However, Lin Fan is just thinking about it. After all, the only project is that he has something to do with it, so he can’t hold it for the time being.

You know, the name of this project is…

Black Chamber!

Yes, it is the black cavity that Lin Hong said, the area between the universe and the universe!

The existence that is qualified to understand only after reaching Level 11 civilization, that is, super civilization.

Now, Wei wants to study this.

It is no wonder that Bai Zixuan criticized him so badly, wasting resources and time!

But Lin Fan thinks differently. Anyway, it is the way to go sooner or later. It is good to conduct pre-research earlier, even if you can’t find anything in the end, it doesn’t matter.

One more thing is that Lin Fan, now the only third strategic scientist in the Federation, does not want to affect his courage to create scientific research just because of this incident.

As for whether it will be decadent because it can’t be studied, this is not within Lin Fan’s consideration.

According to Lin Fan’s words, that is, if you can’t bear failure, then it will be impossible ascended to peak in the future.

However, if the scientific research heart of challenging the impossible is buried, then, in the future, also don’t think of any Great Accomplishment.

This is why Lin Fan would rather waste resources and support Wei’s project.

“So it is!”

“I understand!”

At this moment, Lin Fan’s ears suddenly heard Wei’s voice .



Why don’t she just say something by herself, right?

“Wei, what do you understand?”

“Ah, marshal, when did you come?”

I came to Wei’s side, gently After asking, she was immediately taken aback.

Good fellow, you don’t even know I’m here until now.

But, with such concentration, how did you listen to what I said before?

Could it be that you have already trained the ability to distinguish automatically. If it is useful for research, it will go directly to the brain from the right ear, and if it is useless, it will go directly out of the left ear?

“I was here just now, didn’t I tell you not to complicate simple things?”

“Ai, did the marshal say this? I thought it was I thought of it!!”

Well, I shouldn’t ask!

Lin Fan was speechless for a while.

“Let’s not talk about it, you just made it clear, shouldn’t…”

“No, marshal, you think too much, how could it be because of you It’s a breakthrough?”

Well, although this is not lethal, it is really insulting, is it?

“Then you continue, I will go back first!”

His face is slightly darkened, Lin Fan feels that if he continues to stay here, he will definitely receive a few more Crit, it’s wise to slip away quickly!

“Marshal, wait a minute!”

“What’s the matter?”

“That’s it, Marshal, although I’m only a I just found the entry point for the research, but I have another research result here, maybe you will use it!”


Lin Fan Interest is coming.

Maybe other scientists say this to him, he doesn’t care very much, but three people are excluded.

It just so happens that Yui is one of these three.

“This is the case, Marshal, you should know that the Three-Eyed Empire once captured a Tier 3 Insect King, and I studied it for a long time.”

” That’s right.”

Lin Fan nodded also remembered this incident.

Moreover, the reason why Weta’s line of defense was able to be established and only able to come to the Andromeda galaxy was because she successfully developed two vital technologies through this third-order Insect King.

One is an interference device aimed at the insect nest channel, which prevents the insect race from directly crossing the Weta defense line through the insect nest channel. It is worth spending a lot of time on this line of defense. Otherwise, three eyes The empire should have been annihilated by the insect race many years ago.

The other is the space migration technology, which is to simulate the insect race to open the insect nest channel.

Speaking of which, in the research of insect race, only even more authoritative than Bai Zixuan, after all, biotechnology has never been Bai Zixuan’s strong point.

“In fact, in addition to the insect nest channel interference device and space migration technology, I also have a research.”

“Although this technology is about to succeed, But because there was no time at the time, I had to put it aside for now.”

“And recently, I restarted this research and finally…successful!”

Only some dancing and talking, you can see how excited she is.

This makes Lin Fan even more curious. What is it that makes only such strategic scientists so excited?

“I call this technology Psyconet!”

“Psyconet…Wait, your name, shouldn’t it be that of insect race” Kind of a spiritual network?”


Getting confirmation from Wei, Lin Fan suddenly widened his eyes and looked at Wei in shock.

Speaking of the spiritual network of the insect race, Lin Fan is not unfamiliar at all. This is a very magical thing, even stronger than the void communication currently used by humans. It can almost be said It is that barrier-free communication can be carried out in the entire universe, and more things can be done with this spiritual network.

Of course, after the Federation knows the power of the insect race mental network, it has naturally conducted research on it.

It’s just that Bai Zixuan has studied for so many years, and he can only rely on the insect race brain to intervene in the insect race mental network to a limited extent to intercept part of the information.

In order to really use this spiritual network, Bai Zixuan said that he can do nothing!

The same sentence, biotechnology is not Bai Zixuan’s strong point.

But who would have thought that he just came to take a look, but was told that he had mastered the technology related to the mental network?

“You did good, I will arrange a batch of federation prisoners to cooperate with you in the experiment, and you must apply this technology as soon as possible!”

“This… The marshal…”

“Let’s say, as long as I don’t violate the principle, I will agree!”

Lin Fan haha ​​smiled when he looked at only that he wanted to talk but stopped.

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