Strongest Commander of Interstellar Chapter 556

Federation has 142 years.

It has been more than ten years since the armistice of the two races of human-insect.

In the past ten years, the biggest variety is still everything related to that dark energy.

A new subject called dark energy has appeared in the Science Department of the Federation. Over the past ten years, the subject has continued to grow and develop, and several sub-disciplines of dark energy have even been developed.

And the Federation interstellar fleet directly formed a special fleet, the main members of this fleet are composed of at least C-Rank dark energy control agents.

Not only that, even the battleship is built entirely by dark energy technology, and the ordinary person can’t even control it.

As for the private sector, DEAC devices have almost reached everyone.

As expected by Lin Fan, in addition to the official Super Power Administration, there are also many Sects in the Federation.

Of course, the Federation did not suppress this. After all, blocking is worse than sparse?

However, not suppressing does not mean that there is no limit!

Yes, you can create your own Sect, but you must report to the Federation, including all the dark energy control data registered by your Sect.

And, once the Federation needs it, you can call any dark energy controller in Sect at any time.

Finally, all private Sects need to pay huge fees to the Federation every year according to their scale.

In other words, to say that it is an independent Sect, it is better to say that the super power bureau sub-department under the supervision of the Federation seems to have independent autonomy, but in fact it is still under the control of the Federation.

Plus, if you join the unofficial Sect, you will automatically give up all the benefits provided by the joint defense.

Therefore, the people who will establish unofficial private Sects are basically very wealthy people, all of whom are bigwigs.

Of course, if you think that the Federation allows the existence of private Sects only for the purpose of dredging, then you are quite wrong.

It is true that in the private Sect, there are people who just don’t care about the welfare of the Federation, but also yearn to have their own Sect, but more are some people with ambitions.

Which aspect of ambition?

Of course it is a threatening ambition for the Federation!

So, instead of letting this type of crowd hide in the dark, it is better to give them a stage and let them walk to the front desk. For the Federation, it is easier to monitor and more easy to accurately strike!


Compared with Federation, which has fully entered the dark energy era, on the side of insect race, the variety of more than ten years is also not small.

Speaking of which, this time, whether it is Federation or Lin Fan, there are some mistakes.

At first, as Lin Fan thought, Alia planned to use Alba to break the upper limit of race.

However, it was not until Alia really took action that she discovered that Alba could not only evolve incompletely, but simply belonged to an evolutionary body with a large number of defects.

If you use your own and Alba’s cells to cultivate, let alone a new generation of Insect Kings with no racial limit, it will not even be as good as the current generation of Insect Kings!

“Could human beings know this result and deliberately return Alba to me?”

I don’t know when, in Alia’s mind, Suddenly there was such an idea that even she herself felt strange.

However, although the plan to break the evolutionary restriction of the race failed, Alia discovered one thing in the process.

Maybe Alba and his own cells cannot be used to cultivate a new generation of Insect King, but if only Alba cells are used for cultivation, a very powerful Battle Insect can be cultivated in large quantities.

The point is that this Battle Insect is not only powerful, but also possesses a very special ability, and this new Battle Insect is called the Void Predator by Alia!

Since this discovery, Alba has been completely sad, and he was directly used as a fertilizer by Alia, and he took a lot of flesh and blood from his body for the cultivation of the void looters. Terrible.


At the same time when both human-insect races are making rapid progress.

It is 600 million light-years away from the Rania Kea supercluster, the nearest neighbor of the Welster supercluster, the Nilkena supercluster.

This is a huge supercluster spanning a full 480 million light-years, whether it is the Rania Kea supercluster compared to the Milky Way, or the home of insect race, Welster Super galaxy clusters are much bigger.

In this super galaxy cluster, there are only 2 level 9 civilizations, and there are 9 level 8 civilizations and countless Level 6-7 civilizations!

What’s even more terrifying is that there is a tenth-level civilization that can enter the ranks of super civilizations in just one step…

It stands to reason that such a complex civilization The composition is in the same super galaxy cluster, it should be the constant conquests and wars of each other all the year round.

But, surprisingly, it is surprisingly peaceful here.

Of course, although it is peace, there will be war!

In the Supercluster of Neilkenia, all civilizations have a common belief, and the only possibility of war is…

Faith, or civilization without faith.

As a heterogeneous civilization, all civilizations here will be conquered together!

Furthermore, under the influence of faith, without the order of God, all civilizations here will not step out of the Nilkenia Supercluster.

Otherwise, the insect race of the Welster supercluster next door is a joke in the eyes of these civilizations, and it can be destroyed at your fingertips!

And their faith, their god, Lin Fan is definitely not unfamiliar!

Creation God, Faen!

The central area of ​​the Neilkenya supercluster, the Holy Land Helavi galaxy.

The Neilkenia Supreme Council is being held.

In the entire great hall, all civilizations that reach level 7 have a seat.

If you want to say why a galaxy is called the Holy Land, rather than a planet in the galaxy, if one day, you can come to the Helavi galaxy in person, you will understand.

I don’t know what method Fan used. In the entire Helavi galaxy, there is no star system, not even a planet.

For galaxies that are exactly one hundred thousand light-years away, some are just the core of a galaxy, and the starry sky continent built around the core, the starry sky continent that is exactly one hundred thousand light-years in diameter!

What a terrible thing this is. If you want to build a man-made continent in the sky, even today’s Federation can do it.

However, transform the entire galaxy into a super continent.

Well, please forgive the lack of human imagination, no one dared to think so.

However, in the Helavi galaxy, this super continent of 100,000 light-years actually exists. As the center of the entire Neilkenia, this place is crowned the Holy Land by all civilizations. name!


In the parliament hall, there was a majestic voice…

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