Strongest Commander of Interstellar Chapter 557

After the majestic voice of Luster resounded, the entire council hall suddenly fell silent.

As the emperor of the tenth-level civilization of the Zilun Empire, he is also the most powerful servant of Faen. He has absolute authority here, and no one dares to provoke him.

Speaking of which, the seating arrangement of this Conference Hall is somewhat similar to the layout of the Federation’s highest trial agency.

Needless to say, the main position is naturally Rasti, and on both sides of it, there is a seat of ninth level of civilization.

The three seats together form the Elder Group of Parliament.

Of course, although they are both members of the Elder group, there are differences.

Among them, the biggest difference is that Rasti has a veto.

Yes, just like the organization of the Federation in the Earth Age, the one-vote veto power can veto any parliamentary bill.

In other words, as long as it doesn’t meet the wishes of Rasti, don’t pass any of the bills.

Facing the seats of the Elder regiment, there is also a clear distinction. The front is a row of nine seats, each with nine eighth-level civilizations.

As for the remaining one hundred seven-level civilizations, they are behind the eighth-level civilization seats.

“Today, we have a very important topic to discuss. I believe everyone here has guessed something.”

Lasty looked around at everyone below, using He said in an extremely majestic tone.

Below, all civilized leaders who are qualified to sit here have a solemn face.

Sure enough, this day is finally coming!

“According to the creation god’s Oracle, if the light of the creation crystal begins to dim, it means that the universe has begun to fall into decline!”

“For this, it must be for the whole All civilizations in the universe bring suffering. Only after experiencing real suffering, will these civilizations that have begun to fall back on the right path!”

“And now…Creation Crystal has lost its Once that bright radiance!”

“Therefore, according to the oracle of the creation god, we will open the purgatory, release the purgatory creatures suppressed by the creation god, and send them to every part of the universe In the corner, to bring the test of suffering for all civilizations!”

As Lasti said, his majestic expression gradually became a little sad.

Of course, don’t think Luster is really sad!

He who can show majesty and domineering in front of a group of civilizations, and at the same time transform into a dog licking in front of Faun, is definitely an existence that can be called a movie king.

How can such a person really be a pitiful existence?

In fact, the creation crystal is just a reflection of the energy of Faen. If one day, Faen dies, or it is drawn into the zero-dimensional space by Lin Hong like this time, It will make the creation crystal no longer be reflected by the energy of Faen and gradually dim.

The so-called purgatory, in fact, is open, it is simply a biological laboratory in Farn.

Of course, this biological laboratory is a small world created by Farn, not in the big universe.

As for the purgatory creatures, they are naturally the powerful lifeforms that Faen until now cultivated, and among them, there is a creature that Lin Fan is very familiar with…


Yes, it is the leader of the Void Dragon clan who once had the title of planet Devourer in the Large Magellanic Cloud!

Listening to Lastina’s speech like a stick, everyone in the parliament hall is nodded and there is no doubt.

Last looked at the reactions of everyone below, Luster was nodded with satisfaction.

“Since everyone has no objections, then I once again announce that in three days, I, Fras, and Ephralt of the Elder regiment will open the gate of purgatory together. May the God of Creation guide us. Yes!”

“May the God of Creation guide us forward…”

“May the God of Creation Guide us forward…”

“May the God of Creation guide us forward…”

This meeting is actually just a cutscene. After all, the Oracle of Farn, all the members here know.

In this supercluster of Neilkenia, which has absolute faith, who dares to object to this faith?

Courting death is not the way to find it.

Therefore, even if he is not a civilized leader who truly believes in Faen in his heart, in this brief moment, he will also look like a devout believer!

This is called faith correctness!

Three days later, the peripheral zone of Holy Land, a huge gate, just stood here abruptly.

This daoist sect is called by all the civilizations of the Neilkenya Supercluster…

The Gate of Purgatory!

In addition to Faen himself, two conditions must be met to open the gate of purgatory.

One is that the creation crystal has lost the energy reflection of the Faen.

The other is the leaders of the three Great Elder nations. Together they use the keys they hold and are granted by Faen to unlock them!

“Are you ready?”

Latis looked towards the two people around him and asked seriously.

Flas and Efraart are nodded confirmations.

“Okay, let’s start!”

Latis said, turning around and walking up the steps to a stone platform.

On this stone platform, there is nothing, only three crystal-shaped recessed areas.

Last did not hesitate and took out a purple crystal-like object directly from his body, while Frass and Evralt also took out a crystal-like object, just , The two of them are not purple, but red and blue!

“I will count to three and insert the keys together!”

Standing in front of the stone, looked at Fras on the left, and then at Evra on the right. Erte, Rasti said solemnly.




When three When the word was yelled from Rasti, the three of them all inserted the crystal in their hands along the depression on the stone platform.

The seams are tight, no gaps can be seen, as if three crystals and the stone platform are completely integrated.

The surface of the stone platform is flat and smooth.

Suddenly, a gap appeared in the middle of the entire Purgatory Gate. From this gap, the dark red light burst out, and then the entire Holy Land began to vibrate!

I have to say that Faun has made this gate of purgatory, which is the entrance to the little world, really styled, full of god-stick aura!

Along with the vibration, the gate of purgatory began to open to both sides at a very slow speed, and with this action, the dark red light in it became more and more dazzling.

Until ten minutes later, the entire gate of purgatory was finally fully opened.

At this time, the dark red’s light has disappeared, and a spiral scarlet space channel appears in the gate of purgatory!


In the channel, a loud roar sound…

Suddenly came out!

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