Strongest Commander of Interstellar Chapter 558

The roar of

have one’s hair stand on end makes everyone’s heart tremble.

In the huge purgatory gate, a thick claw suddenly protruded from the scarlet’s passage and grabbed one side of the purgatory gate.

Even if its body has not yet shown its silhouette, everyone present can feel the powerful power from that paw, making the leaders of many advanced civilizations a little bit afraid.

Perhaps, only Latis, Fras and Ephralt are slightly more calm than others.

As the highest-level civilization under the super civilization, Latis, the leader of the tenth-level civilization of the Zilun Empire, can naturally be judged from its energy intensity. This is definitely a seven-level life civilization. life.

Even, it has evolved to an infinitely close to the eighth level!

Speaking of which, biological civilization is very rare in the universe, and Farn is an extremely paranoid biological scientist, as long as he thinks there is potential for cosmic creatures, they will catch them. experiment.

Therefore, there is no higher biological civilization in the Nilkonia Supercluster.

This kind of civilization, if it were born in the Nilkenia Supercluster, would have been captured by Faun before it had evolved to the seventh or eighth level of biological civilization. .

After all, no civilization that can evolve to level 6 is innate talent.

It is also because of this. The civilizations in the Neilkenia Supercluster, including all civilizations including the tenth-level civilization Zilun Empire, have never seen higher biological civilizations above the seventh level.

However, although Latis was a little surprised by the strength of the individual in front of him, he was not afraid.

Just kidding, I am the leader of a tenth level civilization anyway. I may be surprised and shocked by the seventh level biological civilization, but I will never be afraid.

Not to mention, just the self-defense weapon you carry with you can easily kill the guy in front of you.

As for Frass and Everalt, although they are a bit closer to Latis, they are definitely not afraid of an individual who has not even reached the eighth level of biological civilization!

However, the leaders of other civilizations of seven or eight levels are different. You must know that under civilizations of the same level, biological civilizations are usually fought against technological civilizations.

This is like the insect race one hundred thousand years ago. Even with the sixth-level Peak civilization, it can compete with the seventh-level civilization of the Saint Dimension Empire, even after the Saint Dimension Empire has no zero-point weapons. , Directly press it on the ground and violently beat it.

Because the newly exposed claw in front of him directly made all the eighth-level civilization leaders appear a little bit afraid.

And the leaders of the seventh-level civilization are almost paralyzed by scare!

As time passed by, a huge rare beast revealed its complete silhouette.

It is a huge dragon, which is very similar to the Western giant dragon in human fantasy. It is the Ipnos in the Large Magellanic Cloud…

Void Dragon The leader of the clan!

Well, although it is the leader of the Void Dragon clan, it is now a general without an army, the last member of the entire Void Dragon clan.

After all, Faun only took it back then and didn’t take away the other void giant dragons.

The remaining empty giant dragons were already under the Federation’s final attack on Ipnos, which is the zero bomb carrier…


“Finally I can come out!”


The huge voice came out of Ipnos’s mouth, and even aroused Ripples in the surrounding space.

If Lin Fan is here, he will recognize it, this is the Void Dragon family, and the planet devourer of the Large Magellanic Cloud!

After all, Li Lizi said that when the Federation used a zero bomb carrier to attack Ipnos, Fine appeared.

Therefore, Lin Fan has always wondered whether the planet Devourer did not die, but was taken away by Faun?

It’s just that, although the size of Ipnos today is still huge, it seems to be much smaller than it was in the past.

Otherwise, he would never be able to get out of the gate of purgatory just the size he used to be.

After all…

No matter how big the gate of purgatory is, it will only be so big!

At this moment, Ipnos is so excited.

I think I was deceived by the guy Farn back then…

What did you say to send yourself to a galaxy without advanced civilization, but after passing through that channel? , How can there be any galaxies, simply is a small world made by Faun, okay!

Well, there really is no advanced civilization!

But there are countless powerful creatures, and I’m so weak there, shiver coldly all day long, is there?

Fortunately, the old dragon knows the current affairs. After several decades of licking dogs, he has survived to this day!

Whenever I think of these, Ipnos is full of emotion!

Looking at this giant dragon, which is huge in size and can speak human’s words, a question arises in everyone’s mind.

Is this the purgatory creature suppressed by the God of Creation?

It is really strong!

I just don’t know, is it the most powerful among purgatory creatures?

“Get out of here, don’t get in the way!”

Just when everyone was a little shocked, Ipno, in front of the gate of Purgatory, just appeared in its complete silhouette. As if being kicked from behind, Si flew over a distance of hundreds of kilometers in an instant, and fell to the ground in a very ugly posture…

Fortunately, he used the starry sky continent. The material is very hard and did not cause any damage to the ground.

If this is on an ordinary planet, I am afraid that the ground would have been smashed into a big hole long ago.

However, no one pays attention to Ipnos at this moment, because the next creature has emerged from the gate of Purgatory.

It is a huge creature like a crocodile, but the energy it emits is much stronger than Ipros, at least one hundred times more, and it has completely reached The basic value of level 9 biological civilization.

Even Latis was a little scared.

Nine-level biological civilization, what is this concept?

This is an individual who can become a level ten biological civilization in one breath.

Be aware that biological civilization has a total of ten levels, not like technological civilization, which has Level 11 or even twentieth.

The most important thing is that this level of biological civilization can already threaten the existence of the tenth level of scientific and technological civilization to a certain extent.

In the distance, Ipnos, who was knocked to the ground, was not angry, but stood up and smiled.

“Sorry, big brother Haig, it’s been a long time since I came out, I was a little too excited for a while!”

No kidding, in front of this one, I don’t dare Any dissatisfaction, this is the second powerhouse crocodile god in the entire small world.

In the past few years, I have seen many times, similar or even stronger creatures, with no resistance in front of him, and the picture is directly torn and swallowed.

“Let you be the first to come out and have a look. It’s okay for you to stay there and make me stupid!”

“Shut up now, the boss is coming out!”


Boss, these two…

As if possessing magical powers, Ipnos instantly became obediently and honestly, and never dared to make any more moves!

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