Strongest Commander of Interstellar Chapter 559

Ipnos became quiet, not only did he calm down, but he didn’t even dare to move.

The boss in Haig’s mouth, that makes all creatures in the entire small world be afraid of existence, even Haig, absolutely dare not be impudent in front of him!

Similarly, after hearing what Haig said, the civilizations of the Neilkenya Supercluster were shocked and inexplicable.

Nine-level biological civilization, this powerful individual named Haig, now actually said the word boss?

Is there a more powerful existence in purgatory?

Among this group of people, the most shocking is Latis.

Be aware that even the existence of Haig, a ninth-level biological civilization individual, can pose some threats to the Zilun Empire.

But that’s only, and only limited to some threats…

As a tenth-level technological civilization, the Zilun Empire naturally has the confidence to kill Haig.

However, now Haig is talking about the boss…

Could it be that there are ten levels of biological civilization in Purgatory?

That is the tenth level of biological civilization. You must know that under the same level, biological civilization is much stronger than technological civilization. This is something that all civilizations recognize.

The reason why this universe is now dominated by scientific and technological civilization, not biological civilization, is because of the limitations of biological civilization. Tier 10 is already the strongest, unlike scientific and technological civilization, even if it reaches Tier 10. It still hasn’t reached the end, and there is still a way to continue improving!

This is exactly why Fine is so obsessed with biotechnology.

In his opinion, even if human beings really become the Divine Grade civilization as planned by the Supreme Council, it is still a foolish dream to resist the invasion of the outer universe.

People are the old Divine Grade civilization, and they also occupy that many resources of the universe, where a new Divine Grade civilization can resist.

Therefore, only the development of biotechnology can create a Rank 11 biological civilization that surpasses the tenth bottleneck, and even the 12th Rank biological civilization at the same level as the Divine Grade civilization.

Only in this way, is it really possible to fight the black glow universe!

After all, at the same level, biological civilization is stronger than technological civilization, isn’t it?

Actually, Alphat’s Supreme Council originally approved and supported this idea. After all, there is nothing wrong with this logic.

However, Farn became more and more paranoid in the process, so that in the end, it completely violated the highest accuracy of the Alphat civilization.

That is not to interfere with the development of low-level civilization.

Well, the Supreme Council itself has done things like interfering with the natural process of other civilizations, such as humans, elves, angels, and Three-Eyes Race, etc., all through their interference. It can even be said that what they have created is not an exaggeration.

Fin, for his own research, simply did not treat low-level civilizations as life, and directly or indirectly led to the destruction of hundreds of millions of civilizations.

This makes the Supreme Council look down on it.

In order to resist the upcoming black glow invasion of the universe, it is okay to make a few exceptions, but you can’t go too far.

You have to let it go. Maybe the black glow universe hasn’t invaded, and the civilization in your universe will be almost harmed by Faen.

This is like the emperor. If the people are gone, what is the significance of this emperor?

In the end, the Supreme Council, who really couldn’t stand it, had no choice but to exile him after Lin Hong repeatedly tried to persuade him to no avail.

It’s just that the Supreme Council at the time didn’t expect it. Farn had anticipated this day long ago, and prepared himself a retreat, and successfully escaped…

Go back to the gate of purgatory.

Just when everyone fell silent because of Haig’s words, a voice came from the door again, a voice full of pressure…

If the sound is described by humans, it is somewhat similar to a horse neigh, but with some rumbling sound like an engine.

In the human record, there is indeed a mythical creature with such a voice, that is…

With the sound of this voice, a head is not A huge creature appeared silhouette from the scarlet’s passage.

It combines lion head, antlers, tiger eyes, moose body, dragon scales, and oxtail in one, which resembles human mythology. As auspicious existence, Qilin!

This is the only one in the Farn laboratory that has reached the tenth level of biological civilization, the Qilin beast.

Yes, it is the Qilin beast, which is recorded in human mythology. Not only does it have the same voice, but even the appearance is exactly the same.

However, this is not a coincidence, but…

Qilin was originally the Sacred Beast of the Alphat civilization. Therefore, in the humans who inherited the Ancient Era Alphat, its It is not difficult to understand that Qilin was created in the subconscious mind.

After all, some things are engraved in the genes…

A silhouette of Kanon appeared from the passage, just glanced at the surroundings, and Ignoring Rasti and the others, he walked forward slowly.

Then, if you look carefully, you will find that when Kanon is walking, he is not stepping on the ground, but always keeping a distance between his feet and the ground, and he is walking in the air.

At the same time, every step Kanon steps forward, he will form ripples where he steps on the surface like a drop of water.

Hundred thousand years, right?

Since I was caught by the bastard of Farn and kept experimenting with myself.

Looking at the familiar void, Kanon thought as he walked slowly forward.

Since I can be released, is there something wrong with Faen, or is it…

is dead?

“Where is the bastard of Farn?”

Thinking of this, Kanon turned and looked towards Aris and the others, who had just been ignored by him.

After all, since these people can open the channel to connect the small universe, they should have something to do with Fine.

Although they are all ants, Kanon decided to find out about the situation first.

Suddenly, angry faces appeared on the faces of a group of civilized leaders.

Call the God of Creation directly, and use irreverent vocabulary!

This is the most serious form of disrespect, and it is unbearable!

Even if you are a very powerful creature, I will definitely fight you to the end!

It has to be said that Fine brainwashed this group of civilizations very thoroughly.

However, there is one exception, and that is Latis.

Different from other people, he does not have such faithful beliefs, and his usual appearance is just as necessary, but in his heart he is very clear that the so-called God of Creation is completely nonsense. The power of Farn is only because the civilization it is in is more advanced.

And the creature in front of him is properly a Tier 10 creature. Facing such an existence, he didn’t dare to go up.

“My lord, it’s like this…”

With a respectful look, the leaders of other civilizations on the left and right were stunned…

Speaker, what is going on?

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