Strongest Commander of Interstellar Chapter 561

In front of the gate of Purgatory, Garon looked at Haig and Ipnos with a serious expression.

“As you all know, although the bastard Farn imprisoned us in that little world and continued to use us to conduct various experiments, it is undeniable that our level of evolution is indeed constantly improving. “

After hearing this, Haig and Ipnos were both nodded.

Indeed, they all hate Faun and conduct some messy experiments on themselves all day long.

However, as Garon said, under the various experiments of Fine, he has indeed become stronger.

In the case of Ipnos, he was originally only a level 6 biological civilization. In these short decades, he has evolved into a level 7 biological civilization. This speed is not unpleasant!

Be aware that the evolution of biological civilization is different from technological civilization.

The promotion of every biological civilization has to go through a long period of evolution before it can be done.

And this long period of time is usually measured in ten thousand years.

Therefore, several decades like Ipnos have evolved from the sixth rank biological civilization to the 7th grade biological civilization, which has been regarded as an extremely abnormal and very exaggerated matter.

“But now that the bastard of Farn passed away, it doesn’t matter if he really died, but we also need to think about our future!”

Looking at our own The first brother and the second brother were nodded, and Kanon also continued to speak.

“From today, if we want to continue to evolve to a higher level, we need the support of a lot of resources!”

“Although starting today, the Neilkenia super galaxy The regiment will be ruled by us. We can suppress the civilization here as much as we can and ask them to pay tribute to us on a regular basis.”

“However, relying on them is not enough. We need to fight abroad and grab more. In order to obtain richer resources in the territory of the United States!”

“Although I am very upset by doing this as Faun’s will, but we have to do this!”

As Garon said, the matter of expedition to the outside world gave him the feeling that he was being used by the no longer Faun, but he had to do it!

After all, if this is not the case, just a super galaxy cluster can’t meet your demand for resources at all, let alone have such a large group of younger brothers to raise?

For his group of little brothers, Karon has always been very interesting, and he has the feeling of a big brother.

“Big brother, I understand!”

“Big brother, just tell me what to do, I’ll listen to you!”

Not only Lass The mention of loyalty, Haig and Ipnos will also!

“Okay, Ipnos, you are responsible for picking up all our brothers and getting them settled!”

“And Haig, you, go to Rasti, Nepal I believe he will have the star maps and power intelligence of other super galaxy clusters around the Alkenia super galaxy cluster!”

“After that, we will make specific follow-up arrangements based on the intelligence!”


The loyalty of the two younger brothers, Kanon is obviously very useful, and immediately arranged.

“Yes, big brother!”

“No problem, big brother!”


Three Years later.

The Federation has 145 years.

This year is called the day of calamity by later generations, a large number of high-order biological civilizations have attacked from the Neilkenia super galaxy cluster, and started the conquest of the surrounding super galaxy clusters. .

And all this…

Lin Fan still doesn’t know at all!

At this moment of the Federation, after a long period of peace, the local galaxy group where the Milky Way is located has been completely developed.

It’s not just the Federation itself, but also all the younger brothers of the Federation have the need to expand outward.

As the forefront of the human-insect battlefield, the Myers Galaxy Group has been defined as the headquarters of the Federation interstellar fleet ten years ago and will not conduct any immigration actions.

Therefore, in this situation, a new round of expansion plans have been put on the table!

In the virtual Conference Hall, a group of Federation leaders gathered together.

Today’s topic is very important, about the development direction of the entire Federation, so everyone’s expressions are very serious.

At this moment, it is Lin Fan who is reporting!

“Ten years ago, our interstellar fleet had developed a pioneering plan to explore the surrounding galaxy groups and obtain sufficient information to prepare for the expansion after the Federation!”

“Everyone knows that our Federation is located in the Virgo supercluster in the Rania Kea supercluster, and the current headquarters of the interstellar fleet is located in the Virgo supercluster. The exit of the cosmic ocean currents between the group and the Kempinian supercluster.”

” Therefore, in order to connect the territory of our Federation, the pioneering plan of the 1st Stage of the interstellar fleet focuses on exploring the original The area between the galaxy group and the Myers group of galaxies!”

“According to our exploration, there are 27 galaxy groups in this area, for a total of 985 galaxies!”


“And in these galaxy groups, 7 galaxy groups are already in a unified form, each with a sixth-level civilization, as for the other 20 galaxy groups, the highest is the Fifth Level civilization, which does not form a unity. !”

“Therefore, the Interstellar Fleet Headquarters has formulated a 30-year capture plan for these 27 galaxy groups. Please take a look!”

Speaking of which, Lin Fan is in his own After an operation on the virtual interface in front of him, a detailed plan was immediately transmitted to the terminal of everyone present.

Actually, according to the current strength of the Federation, it does not take as long as 30 years to capture 27 galaxies.

After all, in the vast majority of galaxy groups, only Fifth Level civilizations are pecking at each other. Even the 7 galaxy groups that have formed a unified attitude have only a sixth level civilization. For the current Federation, it no longer poses a threat.

Furthermore, the Federation can divide its own military power into 27 equal parts and capture these 27 galaxy groups at the same time.

But it is actually impossible to do so, and the key to the problem lies in the insect race.

According to an earlier plan, the Federation will deploy 90% of its forces in the Myers Galaxy Group to prevent the insect race from attacking suddenly.

Therefore, at present, the Federation can be used as a battle fleet, and there is only one constellation-class fleet, with a number of 10 billion battleships!

But this is not a big problem.

After all, every time a group of galaxies is hit, the Federation needs a lot of time and energy to develop.

Therefore, even if it has the ability to lay down 27 at the same time, it is not necessary. The Federation is basically impossible to develop 27 galaxy groups at the same time!

Therefore, there is no problem with the 30-year plan formulated by Lin Fan. Other parts of the Federation can also follow the interstellar fleet, and the gradual development of galaxy groups one by one.

“Everyone, our first goal is here!”

With a wave of hands, the star map of the virtual projection was instantly displayed in front of Lin Fan.

Pointing to a red dot in the star chart, Lin Fan said to everyone!

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