Strongest Commander of Interstellar Chapter 565

One hour ago.

The nobles on the Sierra star are enjoying life leisurely as they did in the past, and the fleet stationed on the planet orbit is also a lazy look. It’s time to sleep, it’s time to play Play until…

The fleet of the notorious giant axe pirate group jumped directly to the orbit of the Sierra star!

Yes, originally speaking, this should be an impossible thing. After all, this important planet must have been deployed and activated for many years with a jump disrupting device.

It’s just that, in this eroded empire, this impossible thing actually happened.

Just spend some money to buy some people to turn off the jump interference device when it is critical.

However, the giant axe pirate only has 10,000 battleships, even if the defenders are unbearable, they will not be an opponent.

However, when the defenders were suddenly attacked by the giant axe pirates in a round of sneak attack, they lost more than 30,000 battleships and finally came back to his senses and prepared to fight back.

As the new commander of the fleet, Kelvin issued a very stupid order after coming to the bridge.

It was this order that brought the entire fleet to this field.

“Space weapons are not allowed!”

“Are you pigs? These pirates are so close to the Sierra Star. If you use a gravity cannon, even a small one Mistakes will affect the Serrastar. Can you bear this responsibility?”

“It’s all right, only close defense and non-space weapons are allowed to fight back!”

“We are a hundred times the other party. Even if we suffer a little loss, we can still drive away the pirates!”

At that time, the entire bridge was stunned.

Eldest Young Master, are you serious?

That is an extremely cruel giant axe pirate group, which is equipped with more than 10,000 Empire TLevel 3 general battleships.

You let us fight back with close defense weapons and energy weapons?

Is the other party’s Spatial Shield fake?

So, there was a scene of crushing on the entire battlefield…

Don’t make a mistake, it’s not that the more party crushes the lesser party, but the opposite, the lesser party. The side that has crushed a lot…

The near-beam cannons and energy cannons garrisoned in the fleet are not even a tickle for the Empire T3 general battleship of the giant axe pirates. It poses any threat to its Spatial Shield.

On the contrary…

On the battlefield, the fleet of the Giant Axe Pirates seems to be bullying the Fifth Level civilization.

Now, Kelvin is accusing his soldiers on the bridge of not using gravity guns.

This operation stunned everyone.

“Commander, please order a realignment to reverse the current disadvantage!”

“Why don’t you do it if you know?”

” Isn’t this that you have not given orders?”

“Asshole, you will only execute everything after I order it. What use is it for you? Now this situation is all your responsibility!”

Some remarks made everyone couldn’t believe their ears, so I can’t wait to go up and punch him to vent…

“Also, contact me that idiot Lance, Ask where is this bastard’s fleet?”

“Damn it, it’s been so long before it arrives. Afterwards, he must be cured of the crime of delaying the warplane!”

Okay After dumping the pot of command errors, Kelvin was obviously not satisfied.

As soon as his eyes rolled, he immediately gave Lance, who was desperately rushing back, and put on a hat called a bungled fighter.


At the same time, 7AU away from Sierra Star, the empty in the sky opened countless blue vortex without warning. Shaped hyperspace window.

A huge fleet has left hyperspace and has arrived here. From its fleet array alone, it can be seen that this is an exceptionally elite fleet that has undergone rigorous training!

“Commander, we have arrived in the Cassano galaxy, and no battleship is left behind!”

“Okay, immediately activate the space radar at maximum power, and let me figure out the surrounding situation! “

“Yes, commander!”

Originally, such a large fleet suddenly descended on an important planet not far from the Ming Emperor country, which is a six-level literary. impossible is not found.

After all, even if the empire is now unbearable, it is still a level six technological civilization, and this ability is still there.

However, because of the Sierra Star incident, the giant axe pirate group should not only shut down the jump blocking device, but even the radar device deployed in the orbit.

In addition to the current empire, space radar has just been researched, and it hasn’t had time to install the main fleet, let alone the security fleet in such places.

Therefore, Kelvin was completely unaware that the most terrifying enemy was already not far away from him…

“Commander, detected the A battle is going on on a planet orbit!”

“en? Take a long-distance observation and display the image!”

“Yes, commander!”

Under the operation of the command team to find the enemy officer, soon, an image was projected into the bridge. At the same time, various analysis data were displayed beside the image.

However, these data are already live in the video, so Chris is really bewildered, right?

According to the analysis of the battleships of both sides in the battlefield and the surrounding debris, the battle should start with 10,000 battleships against 1 million battleships.

Moreover, through analysis of the battleship of both parties, it should belong to another battleship of the same Level 1.

This should be a crushing battle with an absolute majority against a minority under the same technological level.


In the video, it is indeed a crushing battle, but why is the minority crushing the majority?

How did this battle be fought to make it look like this?

Just when Chris was confused, thousands of imperial battleships were destroyed by the giant axe pirates, and Chris who watched this scene finally found some problems.

It turned out to be a battleship of the same level, so why is one of them only resisting with close defense weapons and energy weapons?

This is not a fool!

“Commander, we intercepted a wide-area broadcast, and it was sent out in this battlefield.”

“Read it out!”

“Yes…this is the Sierra Star. We are being attacked by the giant axe pirate group. We are asking for support, asking for support!”

The pirate group?

Chris was taken aback.

Speaking of which, in the earliest days when the galaxy was still under the rule of the Big Four, there was indeed such a profession.

However, after the Federation unified the galaxy, this profession has disappeared.

After all, in front of the Federation, no pirate group can escape or resist. The pirates have no soil for survival, and naturally they gradually disappeared in the long river of history.

“Interesting, do you want to help and get some information?”

touched the chin, Chris said to himself.

“Order the first group to send a squadron to clear the pirates and block the entire Sierra Star!”

“Yes, Commander!”

Without consideration for too long, Chris made a decision.

After all, although there was a pioneering fleet to get the bottom line before, but only some simple basic information, more detailed content, can only be obtained after contact with the locals.

Soon, a squadron sailed out of the first cluster and swiftly moved in the direction of Sierra Star…

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