Strongest Commander of Interstellar Chapter 566

In the flagship of the Great Axe, Dantes held a huge axe on the ground, laughing coldly while watching the battle through tactical images.

In his original plan, his own fleet was inserted directly into the orbit of the Sierra star through the inner should, and then used the Sierra star to force the garrison fleet not to use powerful weapons to counterattack.

After that, while entangled with the garrisoned fleet, he began an orbital parachute, looted the entire Sierra Star and retreated.

According to Dantes’ estimation, the giant axe pirate group may lose 20 to 30% of the battleship in this operation.

After all, even if you have internal responses, you can complete this raid, but the number of battleships on the other side is still more than a hundred times that of yourself.

But compared to the wealth on the Serra star, Dantes still believes that this trade is profitable.

Originally, it should be like this…

However, after the fight really started, the incompetence of the noble commander once again refreshed Dantes’ understanding of the imperial nobles. .

This doesn’t require a huge might to fight back. He can understand, but all space weapons are not used. What the hell is to use close defense weapons and some plasma cannons to fight back?

As a result, within two hours of the war, the garrisoned fleet was directly reimbursed for nearly 40% of the battleship.

This is still under the premise that Dantes was afraid that the huge might range-type space weapon would kill the Sierra star together, and only used a small-range precision-type space weapon.

The most important thing is that the entire giant axe pirate group has not lost even a battleship!

This plasma cannon doesn’t even have the qualifications to tickle the Spatial Shield, let alone the small formidable power near defense weapons!

Looking at this scene, Dantes’ thoughts began to change…

Rather than quickly grabbing a wave and leaving according to the original plan, it is better to wipe out the plug. Wouldn’t it be more fragrant to garrison the fleet of Pullstar, and then completely rob the entire Serrastar?

More importantly, if you use 10,000 battleships to wipe out the entire one million battleship’s garrison fleet, the reputation of the Giant Axe Pirates in the Pirate Alliance is definitely like the sun. at high noon.

At that time, with such a prestigious self, coupled with the wealth of holding the entire Serra Star, it is probably not a problem to expand the pirate group by a hundredfold!

If all goes well, the Giant Axe Pirate Group will be promoted directly from the second-rate pirate group to the first-class pirate group!

Thinking of this, Dantes’ eyes brightened.

“We will attack with all our strength and wipe out the garrisoned fleet of Sierra Star to Lao Tzu!”

“Yes, commander!”

Pirates… Unlike the imperial fleet, which has been eroded by nobles for many years and has become bloodless, they were originally a profession that licked blood with a knife.

The entire giant axe pirate group, under the command of the group leader Dantes, the style of play instantly became more fierce.

Every pirate battleship rushed forward as if it was a step slower.

The opposite is the garrisoned fleet of Sierra Star.

They were originally at an absolute disadvantage because of Kelvin’s random command, but now they were pressured by the imposing manner of the pirate fleet, and they immediately began to collapse.

A large number of fleets began to flee regardless of their formation, and this… is definitely a taboo for interstellar fleet battles!

A lot of fleet arrays have been broken up before, and now they are even more collapsed. Anyone can judge that the garrisoned fleet of Serra is gone!

For a fleet that has collapsed, it’s useless for anyone to take command.

“Damn, damn, don’t run!”

In the flagship’s bridge, Kelvin is roaring incompetently, but it doesn’t make any sense…

No battleship turned around again to resist the pirates because of his orders.

“Commander, the fleet array has collapsed. If we do not retreat, our flagship will be exposed to enemy fire!”


It wasn’t until this time that Kelvin realized that there were not many battleships around him, who was originally in the center of the fleet array.

“Hurry up and retreat to me, if the action is slow, it will all be your responsibility!”

Finally, he found something wrong and yelled at his deputy With.

“No good, many battleships of the opponent have locked this ship!”

At this time, the bridge command team sent news of Kelvin’s collapse again!

What is the concept of being locked in the battle of level 6 civilization?

This means that you can no longer escape!

Be aware that the biggest difference between space weapons and energy weapons is that it takes time from firing to hitting an energy weapon, and you can use this time to evade.

However, space weapons are different. As long as they fire, they will directly act on the target. There is simply no possibility that they can be circumvented.

If the fleet array has not collapsed, there are countless battleships in front of me to open up the Spatial Shield, so that the enemy cannot directly attack where I am.

But now it’s different. Your flagship has been completely exposed in front of the pirate’s muzzle, without any obstruction…


With the muzzles of several pirate battleships, the white energy flickered.

Kelvin just had time to shout out such a word, and several spatial attacks directly acted on the battleship. After breaking the Spatial Shield, the battleship was directly torn to pieces.

“Team commander, the opponent’s flagship has been confirmed to have been destroyed!”

“Okay, let the brothers pursue a full chase, and be sure to wipe them all out, and none of them are allowed to be let go!”

“Yes, captain!”

Dantès’s eyes gleamed, terrifying.

That’s it. In today’s battle, I fought a lossless annihilation battle with 10,000 to 1 million. If this were to be said, who would dare to believe it?

I just asked here, who else?

“Leader, found that the fleet has been approaching, the number…”

“What’s the matter? Where is the fleet? How many?”

When Tang Taisi was passionate about ten thousand zhang, his subordinates reported untimely, but when he talked about the quantity, his eyes widened, but he got stuck when he reached his mouth.

“The regiment…the commander, the opposing fleet has a full 100 million ships!”

“What? Is the imperial fleet’s reinforcements? Damn, how can there be a star here? The imperial fleet is in the attachment?”

Dantès did not calm down.

What a joke, 100 million battleships!

This scale is a complete Imperial Star-class fleet, and the surroundings of Serra Star have long been found out. There is no fleet of this size at all!

“No, commander, the opponent is not the Imperial fleet!”

“No? Is it the top pirate group?”

As long as it is not the Imperial fleet .

Although the top pirate group is terrifying, the pirate league also has iron rules. Even if the opponent is a top pirate group, they cannot interfere, otherwise they will be The entire pirate alliance is wanted and exterminated together!

Therefore, Dantes was sighed in relief after hearing his report.

“The captain, the opponent is not a fleet of other pirate groups. There is no matching object in our database for this kind of battleship…”

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