Strongest Commander of Interstellar Chapter 567

“Corps Head, send us a targeted message asking which pirate group we are from?”

Pirate group…

Inside the flagship bridge of the First Squadron, the corner of Commander Lane’s mouth twitched.

Is the pirate business in the Weiss galaxy group already so prosperous?

I just came across a fleet that is not an empire, and I just ask if it is a pirate group…

We don’t have any pirate group logo on our battleship, right?

Lynte’s eyes were strange.

Speaking of which, Lion is also considered good luck. After graduating from Interstellar Military Academy that year, he happened to catch up with the last battle in the galaxy, the battle of the Big Three!

Because of his many achievements, he was promoted to the adjutant of a small fleet commander.

This will be very different from soldiers.

Soldiers, no matter how qualified you are, they are still soldiers. They are just more advanced soldiers, such as the sergeant…

But the general is different, even if it’s just a lieutenant officer, then You too will, after several decades of experience, finally let Lion slowly climb up to the squadron commander of a galaxy cluster, that is, the Corps Head of a galaxy-class Legion!

Of course, Lion’s own innate talent is also very good. Otherwise, even if several decades have passed, it will not reach this step. After all, Lin Fan is there, and it is impossible to approve one who only has qualifications. People with real abilities sit in this position.

“Don’t worry about them, the commander’s order is to destroy the pirates and completely blockade the Sierra Star. No battleship is allowed to escape!”

“Order the first fleet to clean up immediately All pirate battleships, and implement orbital airborne landing on the Sierra Star, and completely control it!”

“Order the Second Fleet to the Fifth Fleet, and give me all those battleships that fled around and capture them without surrendering. Destroy all of them!”

“Order the sixth to tenth fleets to take the Sierra Star as the center point and conduct a complete blockade within 5AU!”


Standing up, Liont issued a series of orders.

He is a little excited at this moment.

Real combat, this is real combat!

Even if the opponents are just a group of enemies who are so weak that anyone can easily defeat them, they can’t stand the fact that this is actual combat!

What does actual combat mean?

Represents military exploits!

And what Lione lacks most now is combat merit.

He knows very well that if he doesn’t have any military exploits, no matter how hard he can endure, even if the innate talent is superb, he will be the leader of a galaxy-level Legion.

If you want to be promoted, it is not a simple innate talent and qualification that can be determined. It must be endorsed by actual combat examples, and it is possible to have a huge military exploit as a medium!

Nowadays, all galaxy-class clusters or constellation fleet commanders in the Federation, which one is not a famous general who has completely experienced the last galaxy war, otherwise it is impossible to sit in that position.


“How is it, did the other party respond?”

Dantès asked anxiously to his subordinates .

If this is a new top-level pirate group, it’s okay, at least it can be said by the rules of the pirate league.

But if the empire consists of a fleet of new battleships that have not yet been exposed, then you will be dead.

After all, just now, in order to guard against the unexpected, Dantes had ordered the flagship and half of the fleet to jump and evacuate first just in case.

But it didn’t work!

When the Federation fleet attacked before, the jump blocking device was already deployed.

Although Level 6 civilization has Space Teleportation technology, pirates don’t!

Maybe looking for rotten nobles and imperial armies, you can trade some weapons and equipment, and even battleship.

But Star Sect this thing is too expensive. It is not a top-notch or top-notch pirate group and it really can’t be played, and there is no technical team under his staff to support them in playing this kind of advanced toy.

So Dantes found sadly that he was trapped.

Even, he suspected that the Serra star itself was a trap designed by the empire, and the garrisoned fleet of the Serra star was the decoy.

No wonder this garrisoned fleet is so rubbish, it turned out to be bait, damn it!

At this moment, Dantes has almost confirmed his guess…

“Head, there is no reaction from the other side, wait…”

“Leader, the opponent’s fleet has changed. They are divided into three parts. One part continues to approach us. The other two parts are part of the battleship chasing and fleeing the empire. The other part seems to be setting up a blockade line of defense? “

Looking at the situation detected by the battleship, Dantes’ deputy said with some uncertainty.

Well, I didn’t guess wrong!

Part to destroy us, part to execute deserters, and the last part to deploy a blockade around the Sierra to prevent us from escaping!

Damn it, this is indeed the new fleet of the empire!

With his own report, Dantes once again confirmed his guess…

“Head, the opponent is close to 5AU from us…not good. .. It is detected that the battleship in the opponent’s fleet is already locking us!”

“What’s the kidding, 5AU will lock us?”

Dantès looked dumbfounded, You know, the maximum attack distance of the Empire’s standard general battleship is 1AU.

5AU will be locked, this is not a fantasy story!

Lock in advance for deterrence?

Yes, it must be like this!

Looking at the action of the opponent’s 100 million battleship in the tactical video, Dantes quickly flashed countless plans in his mind.

However, no matter which one it is, it seems that he has no chance of escape.

How about surrendering yourself?

Anyway, as long as you surrender all the property of your pirate group, even if you are a pirate, you can still be acquitted!

At worst is to start all over again, it is better than losing your life!

“Leader, what should I do?”

“Look at the opponent’s posture, and be ready to fire at any time!”

Dantès’s deputy, his face at this moment Written anxiously.

The fierce and unafraid of death are true, but it also refers to the process of looting.

To put it bluntly, pirates are very vicious in a tailwind, and they are not even afraid of death.

But when heading against the wind, it’s a different matter altogether.

When you don’t see any hope, even if you are a pirate, you will still be afraid and afraid of death!

“To the other side…”

Just when Dantes was about to order a surrender signal, a large number of attacks had been directly effected on the fleet.

In order to avoid damaging the planet nearby, the Federation fleet still uses a space-based attack mode with ultra-long-range penetration.

When these attacks are applied to the pirate’s battleship, the Spatial Shield is just like a piece of paper. It has no effect, and it breaks with a poke… even with the battleship.

This is not over yet. After passing through a battleship, the attack was not weakened much, so that it continued to penetrate the rear battleship… After passing through nine battleships in a row, no more. There is no other battleship, it is over.

In just one wave of attacks, 10,000 pirate battleships were destroyed, and no one was left.

After all, they were attacked by a total of 10 million battleships, using space-based attack methods that were simply inevitable.

Pirate battleship …

There is no chance of survival at all!

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