Strongest Commander of Interstellar Chapter 568

“This is the Sierra 017 patrol squad, please answer if you hear it, Sierra, please answer if you hear it…”

A light-year away, Lance, who was unable to move on due to the interference of the Federation’s jump blocking device, had to stop, and kept calling Sierra through communication.

However, no matter how he called, Serrastar did not respond.

“Commander, I tried many times, but I still can’t get in touch with Serrastar!”

In the bridge command group, the communications officer tried more than ten times , Turned and reported to Lancehui.

“Serrastar shouldn’t have fallen, right?”

“But, how is this possible, even if the Kelvin bastard is useless anymore, but the garrisoned fleet has one Millions of battleships, and the giant axe pirate group has only 10,000 battleships as far as I know!”

No matter how you think about it, Lance can’t believe the fact that the Star of Sierra has fallen.

It’s not that he looks at Kelvin highly, but that the battle strength is too great. Normally, this is basically impossible.

At the same time, the Sierra star was in orbit.

“Commander, the third batch of orbital airborne troops has set off, but…”

“But what?”

In the bridge, Liont Seeing the adjutant’s weird expression and asked.

“In our original plan, five batches of orbital space operations were arranged, but now the third batch has just started, and the first batch of mecha battallions have been reported to be completed. All the suppression tasks…”

“The fourth and fifth batch of orbital airborne will continue?”

Speaking of which, Sierra Star is not A small planet is even more than double the size of the earth.

As long as there is some resistance, it will definitely not be suppressed so quickly.

And this is why the adjutant’s expression is strange.

Are you sure this is the sixth level civilization that unifies the entire galaxy group?

It’s really…it’s too much to fight!

There was hardly any resistance, and the mecha group was watching the wind wherever they went.

We got a few mecha battallions that landed in the second batch of orbits. They simply have no battles and can only follow the first batch to clean up the mess…

” Continue, of course you must continue!”

“There is a rare opportunity to go to the battlefield, even if you just follow behind to clean up the mess, you can’t deprive the soldiers of the opportunity!”

Know the battlefield well! What a rare opportunity Lionte decided to continue airborne!

Furthermore, although the following is advancing fast, but for the entire planet, if you push forward, you must always have enough troops to guard the occupied areas, right?

“Yes, commander!”

“Reported that a planet-class fleet was detected outside the blockade of our jump The jump blocking device was blocked.”

Just after the two batches of orbital space problems were completed by Liont to the adjutant, the voice of the radar officer on the command team rang.

planet-class fleet…

According to the current Federation’s organization, that is, the smallest fleet, usually 10,000 battleships.

Although there are only 10,000 battleships, Lion is not going to let it go.

After all, the reason for blocking Sierra Star is to prevent news from spreading so quickly.

“It just so happens that the first fleet has completed the task of cleaning up the pirates, let them pass immediately, capture this fleet, and if the other party has any irrational behavior, it will be wiped out on the spot!”

“Yes, commander!”

In terms of the hyperspace technology of the current Federation battleship, it doesn’t even take one minute to span a distance of one light-year.

The first fleet that received the order immediately took action, locked and activated the hyperspace engine according to the coordinates uploaded from the data link.

And next moment, the entire ten million battleships have disappeared in place.


One light-year away from Sierra.

At the edge of the Federation’s transition blocking area, a fleet of 10,000 battleships forms a neat array, staying in the void.

In the bridge of the fleet’s flagship, Lance is thinking about how to deal with the situation in front of him.

There is something wrong with the Sierra Star. This is for sure. As for whether it has fallen, I will talk about it later.

But the problem now is that communication is blocked, and the jump navigation is also blocked. I can neither understand the specific situation of Serrastar, nor can I rush to support it quickly.

This is a whole light-year distance, maybe it’s not a big deal at ordinary times, whether it’s a jump or Space Teleportation, it can be crossed very quickly.

But now the transition is blocked, and my own small fleet does not have the components of the Star Sect device. In this case, if you want to reach the Serra, you can only travel at sub-light speed.

Don’t be kidding, even if the speed of sub-light sailing is increased to the maximum value of the Safety Sector domain, which is 0.3 times the speed of light, it will take more than three years to cross this light-year?

Report to Star Domain headquarters?

It seems…

There is only one way left.

Just, I hope that the aristocratic grandfathers at the headquarters of Star Domain, don’t think that Kelvin is so unreliable!

“Connect me to the Governor’s Mansion of Kepler Star Domain…”

“Commander, a large number of unknown space phenomena are being generated, the number…the number is as high as Ten million!”

“What, bring me up the screen!”

“Yes, commander!”

Just in Lance ready to contact In the Governor’s Mansion of the Star Domain in Presley, the order was interrupted only halfway through.

Soon, a group of detected images were displayed in front of Lance.

It was a very shocking picture, dark in the sky, and countless blue vortex-like space channels were opening.

“What is this…”

As a fleet commander with a level 6 civilization and never encountered an advanced civilization, Lance naturally has never seen a super space channel. Opening the scene, I don’t know what I’m going to face.

Of course, he didn’t let him wait too long. A total of 10 million battleships withdrew from the super space channel and immediately surrounded Lance’s fleet.

What kind of power is this?

Speaking of pirates, but from the opponent’s fleet array, Lance can see that this is a well-trained and extremely elite fleet.

But if it is an imperial fleet, there is no record in the database.

And the most important thing is that the battleship in this fleet is completely different from the fleet style of the noble grandfathers of the Empire?

The appearance of the battleship produced by the empire’s fleet since the nobility has fully controlled the military power is based on the first criterion of nobility and luxury.

The fleet in front of me does not have the style of the noble fleet at all.

Neither a pirate nor an imperial fleet, who is it?

“Commander, sent us a video communication, do you want to connect?”

“Come here!”

“Yes, commander! “

Soon, the communication was connected, and a silhouette appeared in the bridge of Reims.

Like the Langton Empire, they are all humanoid creatures, but their appearance is quite different.

But Lance immediately crossed out the option of Imperial Fleet in his mind…

And the option of pirates…

Good Right, look at the straight military uniform on the opponent, and cross it out!

Just this time, Lance became even more confused…

“Are you who?”

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